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Decoration of cakes is as important as their taste, especially when it comes to dessert prepared on the occasion of the New Year. This article covers the most popular sweet decorating techniques, as well as ideas that you can replicate in your own kitchen.


  • Cream New Year cake decoration
  • Secrets for decorating baking with fondant
  • How to use fruit for decoration?
  • Baking with chocolate decor

Cream New Year cake decoration

Absolutely any butter, protein, cottage cheese, chocolate or custard will do to decorate New Year's baking. It all depends on the taste preferences and skills of the hostess. As a rule, cream is used not only for layering cakes, but also for leveling the surface of the dessert and creating decorative elements.

Usually, the sidewalls and the surface of the product are leveled with cream in two stages. On the first (rough coating), baking is covered with a thin layer of cream, collecting all the crumbs from the sides,which can show through the cream. Then they send the dessert to the refrigerator to stand a little so that the cream grabs, and cover with another layer.

It is not always possible to accurately align the sides and top, but it does not matter, because textured surfaces are in fashion now. It is very easy to create it with your own hands using a regular fork or knife. "Naked" desserts with a rough coating also continue to be popular.

To create a creamy decoration for baking for the New Year, you cannot do without special nozzles. Of course, you can try to replace them with improvised tools, but even without this, you can create a beautiful dessert by decorating it with gingerbread, berries, fruits, meringues and other sweets.

Gingerbread sticks perfectly to the surface with a small amount of cream, or you can set them on baking using bamboo skewers, just insert them into the still hot gingerbread.

When laying sweets on the cream, it should be remembered that the meringue can simply melt from a wet coating, so it is better to insulate it by dipping the place of contact in melted chocolate.

Cream dessert should be stored in the refrigerator until the celebration, but half an hour - an hour before serving it should be allowed to warm at room temperature.

Tips for Decorating Baking with Fondant

Mastic is loved by many housewives due to its availability and ease of use. She can cover (fit) pastries from above, sculpt various figures or create sweet appliqué pictures. Food coloring or fruit and vegetable juices (beets, carrots, blueberries, spinach, etc.) are used to color sweet paste.

New Year's cake can be covered with white or blue fondant. This will fully match the color scheme of the event, but it must be leveled before tightening. On an uneven surface, the mastic will begin to gather in waves or folds, which will not look appetizing.

More often, pastries are leveled with chocolate ganache for mastic. This is a mass, which includes heavy cream and chocolate. The leveled product is allowed to cool well, and then covered with a layer of thinly rolled mastic. The coating is leveled on the cream, and the excess is cut off.

Making a Christmas decoration from mastic in the form of openwork snowflakes will not work without special cuttings of plungers, which can be purchased in specialized stores. But you can make snowmen, cut a Christmas tree or make an application in the form of bullfinches using an ordinary knife and your own hands. Children can be involved in the decor modeling process, they will love it.

How to use fruit for decoration

At home, you can beautifully decorate a cake using fruits, which you can now buy in the store even in winter. You can use both seasonal citrus fruits or cranberries, as well as more summer cherries, strawberries, raspberries and others. From above they can be powdered with powdered sugar, which will imitate snow.

It is not recommended to take frozen fruits and berries, because after thawing they can lose their attractive appearance, and the liquid that is released at the same time spoil the look of the whole dessert.

You need to lay out New Year's fruit and berry decor for dessert immediately before serving, and if you do it in advance, then they must be covered with decor gel or jelly for cakes. So they get a beautiful glossy sheen and retain their appearance.

Thin slices of oranges, pears or apples can be caramelized. This will make the decoration of cakes less "capricious" than from fresh ones.fruit.

Baking with chocolate decor

Decor lovers without mastic can decorate their New Year's cake with chocolate. This product was also used by our mothers. If earlier at home they only covered the finished product with a layer of chocolate icing, now they create more complex compositions with smudges, chocolates, flowers and figurines of people, animals and trees.

In order for the icing to lay on the sides of the cake with beautiful smudges, the cream with which the dessert is lined must be well chilled. Pour the glaze from a pastry bag with the tip cut off from the top, moving along the edge.

For example, you can make a Christmas tree out of chocolate by drawing a stencil on parchment and then covering it with melted chocolate. After hardening, carefully remove the Christmas tree from the paper and place on baking.

Cake decoration is almost never just cream, mastic, chocolate or fruit. More often, different techniques and types of decor are combined in one dessert, and the appearance of the treat only benefits from this. How to harmoniously combine cream with each other,buttercream, fruit and chocolate are some of the cake photos that you can use for inspiration.

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