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On the New Year, all the closest people are always there, because this is the most family holiday. And at this wonderful time, it is customary to say the warmest words to your loved ones. Therefore, it is worthwhile to prepare New Year's greetings to your grandmother in prose or poetry in advance, make an unusual postcard for your grandfather with your own hands, and compose a song or poem for mom and dad.

In any case, it is better to prepare in advance, because there will be a lot of trouble before the holiday, and preparation takes a lot of time. Of course, it is easier to prepare congratulations in prose, because not everyone has the gift of writing poetry, and congratulations in their own words sound more sincere.


  • Beautiful congratulations from granddaughter
  • Happy New Year greetings from grandson
  • Short congratulations from baby
  • Video greetings

New Year's greetings from granddaughter

Granny, I have always admired your kindness, affection and warmth. Therefore, for you, the coming year will bring only joy, smiles, excellent he alth and abundance. Grandma, Happy New Year 2023!

Dear, adorable grandmother! Thank you very much for your concern, delicious pies are warmhugs, interesting tales and kind words! I am sure that in the coming year there will be no place for despondency, disappointment, the year will be filled with fun, vigor, he alth and joy. Happy new year, granny!

My dear, dear granny! Another year has passed, and you still do not age. I want you to have more he alth, laughter, smiles, bright moments and even more delicious recipes in 2023! Granny, you are an infinitely dear and dear person to me!

Grandma! I thank you for the joy, comfort, warmth, happiness that come with you. I never cease to admire your boundless energy and charm. May 2023 bring even more he alth, energy, smiles, new and exciting stories!

Dear grandma! You are like the sun shining on us every day! Thanks to you, I learned how to bake extraordinary pies! The coming year will bring he alth, energy, a good pension, and the outgoing year will take away hardships, unnecessary troubles and sorrows. Be happy in the coming year, my dear!

My own grandmother! Thank you for your advice, kind words and patience. Forgive me for being insufferable and capricious. In the coming year, I promise to visit you more often, call more often and stay longer. May the coming year bring always a delicious table, a full house of guests and good he alth!

My grandma! There is no better and more reliable friend in the world than you. It is very easy with you, you will always give useful advice and find a solution to any issue. I sincerely wish that you have even more strength, more advice and morewarm smiles in this wonderful coming year!

Grandma! On this night, it is customary to wish for what you would like for yourself. Therefore, I wish myself that such a wonderful, kind, dear and beautiful grandmother would be next to me for a very long time! And to you, my dear, I wish that such a good granddaughter like me will always be with you. Happy new year!

Grandma! You, like a ray of sunshine, warm me with warmth and brightly illuminate my path. You can always talk heart to heart and get invaluable advice. My grandmother, the year 2023 is already knocking, may it have a sea of \u200b\u200blaughter, joy, satisfied smiles and well-being for you. And I will try to make sure that in the coming year happiness is nearby, and experiences as far as possible.

Dear grandma! Your warm hands and warm heart always warm me, even if you are not around. You are my beacon that guides me even when it seems that everything is pitch dark. May the coming year give you great happiness, good he alth and joyful moments nearby! Happy New Year!

Darling granny! You are a storehouse of wisdom, understanding, good advice and patience. Thank you very much for always being with me. I really want the coming year to bring you joy, warmth, well-being and excellent he alth. Let the elusive year take away empty chores, hardships, difficulties and illnesses. Happy 2023!

Congratulations in prose from the grandson

My dear grandmother! Forgive me, this year I was not the most exemplary grandson. I asksorry for all your antics. Grandma, you are an excellent cook and a wonderful friend! In the coming year, I promise to behave better, come to you more often and help around the house.

Grandma! Another year has passed, and you are still young and cheerful! May your wrinkles not increase next year, your he alth becomes stronger, and more delicious pies are baked! Happy New Year, grandma!

My beloved grandmother! I want to thank you very much for being there and warming me with your warmth. Without you, I would never have known that breakfast in the morning is so delicious. My grandfather and I promise that next year we will help you in everything and be your most reliable men and protectors! He alth to you, granny, happy new year!

Grandma, I ask you from the bottom of my heart that you never grow old, be young at heart and always have fun with us. I also really want your excellent he alth to not let you down, and you have full pockets of sweets! Happy new year!

My grandma! Staying with you is a great pleasure and joy! Thank you very much, you love me so much, pamper me and wait. May your eyes always shine with happiness in the coming year, your smile never leaves your lips, and your he alth never fails. I promise you that household chores will not affect you next year, because I, your grandson, will deal with them.

My grandmother! I thought for a long time what words to say to you in congratulations. And I decided that the best congratulations are from the heart. Therefore, I sincerely wish you a good pension, excellent he alth, and that we visit you more often.Grandma, we love you very much! Happy new year!

Darling grandmother! In the coming year, I want you not to be sad, to be cheerful and joyful, smiling and he althy! And in order for the wish to come true, I will come to you very often and make you happy! Granny, have a wonderful new year!

Our dear! Thank you for your warmth and kindness that you give us. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you send me. Grandma, I want you not to be upset and sick next year, smile and laugh more often, and all sorrows and illnesses pass by. Thank you for having me!

Granny! I want to give you bright smiles, a lot of laughter, great joy and pleasant chores in the coming year. Let the next year be light, colorful and full of happy moments! He alth to you, my dear, in the new year!

My grandma! I have been a good boy all year, so Santa Claus will come to me. But I want to ask him for a gift not for myself. May Grandfather Frost give you a lot of he alth, happiness, and take with him illnesses and sorrows, bad weather and tasteless sweets. Happy New Year, grandma!

Dear grandma! I want to confess to you that for me you are a model of wisdom and patience, kindness and mercy. May this coming year bring you as much joy and laughter as there are wrinkles on your kind and gentle hands. Grandma, good he alth and great happiness, he alth and happiness in 2023!

Congratulations for grandma frombaby

Granny! I want Grandfather Frost to give you excellent he alth, a lot of joy, a good pension and delicious pies!

Granny, in the new year you will definitely have a lot of he alth, joy, happiness and me!

Let a smile warm you all year long, my granny, and good he alth never leaves you! Wishes will definitely come true in the coming year! Happy 2023!

Granny, I wish you that this year you have everything you dream of: good he alth and new recipes!

Grandma, may next year you have a great state of he alth, great joys and not a bit of sadness and sadness. Happy New Year 2023!

To you, grandma, I want to say that next year will be fun, full of he alth, joy and happy moments! The outgoing year will take all the sadness and sadness with it, and the coming year will bring smiles and joy! Happy new year!

Granny, your kind and warm hands are the most wonderful! You are the best grandmother. Feeling great, good mood, excellent he alth and great joy will not leave you all next year!

Dear mother of my mother! I, as your grandson, promise that next year you will have as many joyful moments as there are stars in the sky! Happy New Year 2023!

Granny, thank you for your big and kind heart! Happy New Year to you!

I want to wish you great happiness and excellent he alth, grannies, in the year that is on the threshold. Always smile and enjoy every beautiful day next year! And I will come to visit you and have fun!

Grandma, you are my goodfriend, and I say thank you very much for the gifts and goodies. I promise that in the coming year I will come to you more often and cook pies with you! May you have the best he alth in 2023!

Grandma, 2023 is ending. Let him take with him all the bad things, leave a festive mood, good he alth and pleasant memories. Happy new year!

In fact, for a loved one, it doesn’t matter what kind of New Year’s greeting it will be (happy New Year greetings to your grandmother, written in prose or poetry, or a drawn postcard). The main thing is that the wish should be from the heart, in your own words, and then it will move your beloved addressee to tears.

Video greeting for Granny

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