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3D snowflake looks more impressive than its two-dimensional relative, made by hand. It is not difficult to create such beauty.

This is proved by our detailed master classes. For work, you can use white or colored paper, and with ready-made crafts you can decorate both the room and the Christmas tree.

In this article:

  • Snowy 3D paper decor:
    • Simple volumetric crafts;
    • Volumetric snowflakes: more complex workshops;
    • Large decorations for room decor;
    • Frosty paper strip patterns;
    • Work without scissors;
    • Paper lamps.
  • What else can you make voluminous snowflakes from:
    • Openwork beauty from glue and sealant;
    • Large foam and isolon snowflakes;
    • Snow-covered tree made from plastic bottles and cardboard.

Snowy 3D paper decor

Snow is what children and adults are waiting for most of all in winter, especially on the eve of the New Year. Children love to cut paper snowflakes and decorate windows with them. Below are various options for such crafts that will be affordable for both adults and children.

Simple voluminousdiy

There are simple techniques that allow you to get beautiful results.

1. For the first work, cut 4 identical blanks from large sheets of white paper (A3 format) (you can use the suggested template), fold each of them in half and glue all the blanks along the fold line. Spread the rays and a simple voluminous paper snowflake is ready. See more snowflake stencils here.

2. For such a decor, you need to fold a sheet of A3 paper into an accordion. Cut out the same pattern on each half of the accordion. In the middle, tie the blank with a thread and unfold the rays of the snowflake. For reliability, the free edges can be glued together.

3. From round blanks of white and blue colors, make cones of different sizes. Then glue them onto the cardboard blank. Center decorate with sparkles.

4. This snowflake is made in the same technique as the second example, but the "accordion" for it is made much wider, which allows you to get more volume.

5. A simple snowflake made from cones.

6. Another version of the accordion.

7. Circles are used as blanks for work, the diameter of the largest of them is equal to the size of the finished snowflake. Each circle is divided into 8 sectors, which are then folded into cones. Several such details from circlesdifferent diameters are connected together with a needle and thread or glue.

8. From white and blue paper, you need to cut thin strips of different lengths. Glue their ends together to make loops that look like droplets. Then use glue to collect a snowflake from these droplets, as shown in the photo.

9. For voluminous decorations, you can use not only paper, but also thick cardboard. Several snowflakes of different diameters are made from it and glued together with thick double-sided tape for volume. To cut patterns, you can use a figured hole punch.

3D snowflakes are more difficult

The following snowflakes are a little more difficult to make, but the step by step instructions in the photos and their descriptions will help to cope with this work.

1. This decor is assembled from weaving thin stripes. The size of the finished craft will depend on their size. You can make blanks from paper folded in several layers or thick cardboard that holds its shape well. How to intertwine the stripes with each other is clear from the step-by-step photos.

2. For the product, you need to cut out two blanks with four rays, on which three notches are made. The middle petal is bent to the center, giving the work volume. Then you should combine the workpieces with curved notches.

3. This craft is made from strips of paper 2 cm wide and of different lengths. Like themglue together is clear from the step-by-step photos. Wrap the strip around the nail polish bottle to make the center circle.

4. For a fluffy snowflake, I fold a rectangular sheet of paper in half 4 times to make a triangular blank. The edges of the resulting figure are cut at an angle of 45 degrees, and then I make frequent notches along the edge. The workpiece is unfolded, fluffed up a little and connected with the same parts, but smaller.

5. This craft is made up of 6 pieces. For each of them, a square of paper must be folded diagonally twice. Then, on the resulting triangle, from the sides along the folds, make cuts alternately on one and the other side, not reaching the edge. Expand the workpiece and glue the petals in pairs, starting from the middle and placing them in different planes. Make 5 more of these blanks and glue them together.

6. This snowflake also has 6 petals, but they are not cut out, but folded from square sheets of paper according to the above pattern.

.7. This is a more simplified version of the above craft. If each detail of the previous product had 7 petals, then this one has only 2. The sequence of work is the same.

8. The volume of this work is given by cuts, which are then wrapped towards the center, making the craft three-dimensional.

9. Beautiful curls on an accordion blank are obtained from thin cuts that are made along the edge and folded in different directions.

10, 12, 13. New snowflakes can be obtained by applying the techniques already described, but by interlacing the paper strips in a different way or by making a different number of cuts for the petals.

Large room decorations

Do-it-yourself voluminous snowflakes are one of the ways to decorate rooms: they can decorate a school, decorate a kindergarten or a photo studio.

So, an openwork accordion (No. 1) from A4 sheets can be hung from the ceiling or used as a garland. Step-by-step photographs illustrate how to assemble it.

2. A craft made from paper cones glued to the base, if it is large, can even replace a Christmas wreath on the door and will also look like a New Year.

3. This craft is made according to the step-by-step photo instructions below, but is assembled from two parts of different diameters, which adds volume to the work.

Frost paper strip patterns

Quilling is a technique for working with paper, in which rollers of paper strips are used to create various compositions. These strips can be bought ready-made at craft supply stores, or you can cut your own from white or colored paper.

To roll a spiral from a paper blank, use a special device, but it can easily be replaced by an ordinary toothpick or a needle with a large eye. Paper rollers are given a different shape (droplet, leaf, arrow, eye, month, and others). The end of the spiral must be fixed with glue. PVA or glue stick will do.

Creating volumetric snowflakes using the quilling technique is a fascinating activity, to cope with it, just watch the video master class and be inspired by photo examples of finished works.

Work without scissors or Origami technique

Origami is the Japanese art of folding figurines without scissors. From a white square sheet of paper, you can fold not only cranes, but also beautiful snowflakes. As a rule, they consist of separate modules that are glued together. How to make individual paper modules is difficult to understand using the usual origamist schemes, but the process becomes extremely clear and simple after watching the video with the master class.

Paper lamps

A large voluminous snowflake made of paper looks very impressive as a New Year's garland or a night light. At first glance, it seems impossible to create such beauty on your own, but in fact there is nothing difficult, you just need to buy a small battery-powered LED garland.

Next, a large two-layer snowflake is cut out, and a garland is attached between its layers, a beautiful New Year's night light is ready.

You can decorate with large paper crafts and the lighting fixture in the interior (chandelier, floor lamp, night lamp), but in this case you cannot use incandescent lamps. They may ignite the paper and cause a fire.

What else can you make voluminous snowflakes from?

Paper is the material most often used to create Christmas decorations in different sizes, but it is not the only paper that can be used to make beautiful home decor for the New Year. Do-it-yourself voluminous snowflake can be crocheted, woven from beads, cut and sewn from felt. To create such crafts, you can use completely unexpected materials, such as building sealant, foam plastic, and even plastic bottles.

Openwork beauty from glue and sealant

Silicon caulk or hot glue from a gun allows you to create unusual openwork patterns that can be hung on a Christmas tree like a toy or used as decor in the interior. Such embellishments canbuy in the store, but they are easy to make yourself.

For work you will need:

  • paper-printed snowflake patterns;
  • glass;
  • hot glue or silicone sealant;
  • PVA glue or white decoupage paint;
  • glitters or large s alt crystals.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Put the glass on top of the paper template. Then degrease it by wiping it with a cotton pad dipped in any alcohol-containing solution.
  2. Draw a winter pattern with glue or sealant and let it dry. Then carefully remove from the glass.
  3. Grease the almost finished craft with PVA glue or white decoupage paint and sprinkle with sparkles (coarse s alt). But even if you leave the products transparent, they will look good.

Large foam and isolon snowflakes

For decorating a school hall, a room in a kindergarten, or creating a fabulous winter atmosphere at a New Year's photo session in a studio, large foam or isolon snowflakes are ideal. In the process of working with these materials, you will need a minimum of tools and skills.

So, to make a foam decor, you only need:

  • 4mm foam sheet;
  • snowflake stencil;
  • pencil;
  • construction or stationery knife.

How to:

  1. Kattach the stencil of the future snowflake to the foam. It can be drawn or printed on paper and then cut out. Circle the stencil along the contour with a pencil.
  2. After that, with a sharp construction knife, cut along the marked lines. You need to work carefully and slowly so that the foam does not crumble. Irregularities can then be sanded with fine sandpaper.
  3. The finished work can be covered with sparkles, and if it is suspended, then glue a loop.

Sometimes a wood burning tool is used to cut foam, but not everyone can use it, so it's best to slowly cut with a sharp knife.

New Year's crafts from isolon are collected from separately cut petals, which are glued together with hot glue. To give the desired volume and bend to the rays of the petals, they can be heated with a hairdryer or ironed. Additionally, such beautiful winter flowers are decorated with beads and tinted with blue paint along the contour.

Snow-covered tree made of plastic bottles and cardboard

The shapely bottom of plastic bottles is ideal as a base for a voluminous snowflake that can be used to create Christmas crafts.

To make a beautiful snowy tree, you will need:

  • plastic bottles (better to take colorless orblue);
  • white acrylic paint;
  • thin brush;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • thin satin ribbon (jute or thick thread);
  • awl;
  • stationary knife.

Steps of work:

  1. Cut out and assemble a three-dimensional tree model from cardboard. The location of the branches can be made as in the photo or come up with your own.
  2. Cut off the bottom of the bottles with a clerical knife. With a hot awl, make a hole in it for a loop.
  3. Apply frost patterns to plastic blanks with a thin brush. You can draw not only with white paint, but, for example, on blue blanks with white paint, and on transparent blanks with blue.
  4. After the paint dries, make loops and hang them on a tree or use for decoration.

Volumetric paper snowflakes delight and give a good mood. They can be presented as a gift by frying a piece of a winter fairy tale and the warmth of your heart to your loved one.

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