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Sister is the closest person in the world, so it is very important to say warm and sincere words to her in the new year. Congratulations to your sister on the New Year can be funny, touching, in prose or in verse, written in your own words or taken from the Internet. The origin of New Year's greetings is not important, the main thing is that it be from the heart.


  • Congratulations from sister;
  • Congratulations from brother;
  • Funny congratulations.

Congratulations from sister

Sister! You and I are like best friends: we experience everything together, share secrets and wardrobe. It's good that we have different tastes in guys. My dear, in the coming year, may you have a joyful smile on your lips, peace and tranquility in your soul, success in work, good luck in business and love in your heart! Happy New Year 2023!

My dear! You are my senior mentor, friend and closest person! May the coming year bring you extraordinary adventures, fulfillment of your most cherished desires, amazing discoveries, beautiful victories and great he alth! Happy new year!

My dear sister! You have been by my side for so many years, why do I tell youimmensely grateful! Thanks for your patience and love! Let the coming year be easy, successful, fun, full of new adventures, unforgettable meetings, amazing discoveries and amazing moments for you! Happy New Year!

My closest person! You are so cheerful, you will always support and cheer when you need it, thank you for your wonderful character! May you not have a single reason to be upset and upset in 2023, may there be only happy, joyful, unforgettable and wonderful moments! Happy New Year!

My little sister! I thank you for the joy, comfort, warmth, happiness that come with you. I never cease to admire your boundless energy and charm. May 2023 bring even more well-being, energy, smiles, new and exciting adventures! Happy New Year!

My dear little sister! Without you, my life would be boring and incomplete, but with you I have no time to be bored! Dear, may 2023 bring you even more energy, humor, laughter, long-awaited meetings, kind smiles and dizzying success at work!

My dear! I'm so glad that I have you! May my little nieces only make you happy in 2023, grow up he althy and smart. And for you, may the coming year bring beauty, charm, peace, contentment, family warmth and well-being! Happy New Year!

My dear sister! Although we often quarreled with you, you are still the closest and dearest person to me! Let in the futureyear you will always have a smile on your face, joy and peace in your soul, love in your heart and great well-being! Happy new year!

My dear little sister! It's always good, fun and cozy with you. May the coming year reward you with patience, joy, new acquaintances, fateful meetings, amazing discoveries, pleasant events, extraordinary travels and amazing impressions!

Congratulations from brother

My good! Thank you for being a reliable friend and such a wonderful sister! May you have everything that you have always dreamed of in the coming year, all your plans come true, and he alth never fails! And for your family I want to wish warmth, well-being and prosperity! Happy new year!

My dear sister, you are always there, support me in the most difficult moments and give me fun and positive! My dear, may the coming year give you untold we alth, dizzying success, great luck, endless happiness and true love! Happy New Year!

My dear sister! Although I am an older brother, you always knew how to do it better, and your advice helped me out more than once. May you have a great mood, extraordinary trips, pleasant surprises, long-awaited meetings, happy moments and true love in 2023! Happy New Year!

My dear, dear, dear sister! You are always there when I need you, with your care and kindness you help me cope with troubles and sadness. And in the coming year, mydear, I want to wish you as much joy and happiness as there are seconds in a year, sincere love and the implementation of your plans! Happy new year!

My sweet sister! I will always protect and protect you from sadness, sadness and despair! Let 2023 become for you the year of fulfillment of your plans, pleasant travels, new acquaintances, long-awaited meetings, sincere love, successful promotion at work and excellent well-being! Happy New Year!

My dear and little friend! You are my joy and my little adviser, and it doesn't matter that you are already twenty years old. My sister, may you be truly happy, loved, fulfill all your plans in the coming year, go traveling, learn to do what has not worked for a long time, and always be my little adviser! Happy new year!

My dear sister! You do not look that I am younger than you, I will always be your protector and friend. May you have a family and small children in 2023, joy and peace will always be in your home, and positive, love and humor go with you through life! Happy New Year!

My dear! As your little brother, I promise only to please and amuse you and never upset you. Let in 2023 you succeed in everything that you have planned, your wishes come true, and you will go to new countries, find your prince and be very happy! And I will protect you and help you in everything! Happy New Year!

Funny congratulations (from brother and sister)

Sister, we promise you that inIn 2023, we will behave well and obey in everything. May you not have sorrows, sorrows and illnesses in the coming year. We wish you to always have a smile on your face, joy and excellent he alth! Happy new year!

Our little sister! We sincerely promise you that in the new year we will help you and make you happy. May the coming year bring you new meetings, exciting journeys, pleasant meetings, amazing adventures and the implementation of your plans! Happy New Year!

Cute little sister! Thank you for covering for me (us) in front of my mother, I promise that I will not be so naughty again. I want 2023 to bring you a lot of joy, success, adventure, joyful meetings, excellent he alth, long-awaited surprises, wonderful people and pleasant impressions! Happy New Year!

Darling little sister! I am very glad that you are my sister, you understand me so well, cover me when I am naughty, read books and take me to cafes. My dear, in 2023, may you get a great mood for the whole year, impressive adventures, welcome gifts, pleasant surprises and true love!

My dear! Thank you for loving me so much and letting me eat a lot of ice cream, I won't tell my mom about it. I want you to get a promotion at work, a high salary, pleasant emotions, long-awaited gifts, tickets to places you have never been before, and a reason to always smile in 2023! Happy new year!

My dear sister! You are a small flower for me, which must always be protected and protected.May you be immensely happy, successful, he althy, full of inexhaustible energy and excellent he alth in the coming year! Happy new year!

My good sister! Although I often bother you, but know that you are the coolest sister in the world! The coming year has prepared for you a dizzying success, great he alth, fulfillment of desires, unforgettable travels and vivid emotions! Greet 2023 with a smile! Happy new year!

My dear! Thank you for teaching me how to do makeup, dress beautifully and weave braids. I would be very sad without you! May the coming year have everything that you have wanted for so long, many pleasant surprises, interesting and amazing discoveries, long-awaited travels and a sea of happy moments! Happy New Year!

It is better to prepare New Year's greetings to your sister in advance, because New Year's fuss takes a lot of time and effort. A more advantageous version of New Year's greetings is in prose: you don’t need to memorize anything, and if you forget, you can add it in your own words. The ideal option is a discreet postcard on which the chosen wish is written. You can just read from it, and give it as a keepsake.

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