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New Year is a wonderful holiday. It is at this time that you want to say kind words, wish something special and give gifts. The main thing is not to forget what exactly and to whom to wish and give. But sometimes, in the turmoil, you don’t always have time to prepare happy new year greetings for your beloved woman, warm words for a friend or beautiful congratulations for your mother. Therefore, you should always prepare in advance.


  • Touching congratulations to your beloved woman
  • Beautiful congratulations for a female friend or colleague
  • Short wishes in prose

Touching congratulations to your beloved woman

My dear half! We have been together for so many years, and you are getting prettier and prettier. May you, my love, have everything you wish for in the coming year. And I, as your faithful slave, will gladly fulfill your every whim and delight you every moment! Happy New Year 2023!

My unearthly happiness! Without you, my life would seem like an empty pastime, but with you it is full of light, happiness and meaning! Thank you, my love, for inspiring me every day and making me a better person. Darling, may 2023 bring you bright emotions, great he alth, joy and fulfillment of your plans.plans! Happy New Year!

Sweet mistress of my heart! Only with you I feel like a real man! Only you give me strength and inspire me every day! Dear, in the coming year, remain the same extraordinary, wonderful, cheerful and beloved woman! Happy new year!

My sunshine! Every morning your beautiful smile gives me happiness for the whole day! Your gentle hands warm me in the evenings. Beloved, may the coming year fulfill all your dreams, give you unforgettable impressions and make you feel even happier. I'll take care of the rest myself! Happy New Year 2023!

My charm! You, like a morning dawn, delight and enchant me every day! You are so extraordinary that all the wonders of the world simply fade away next to you. Dear, I will try so that in the coming year you do not get upset and sad, do not worry about trifles, do not know what illness and sadness are. I will be next to you and, like a genie, fulfill any of your desires! Happy new year dear!

My dear and beloved! Another year in our piggy bank of happy years. Thank you for accepting me the way I am. Beloved, may there not be a single obstacle for you in the coming year, all goals will be easy to give in, he alth does not fail, and joy and happiness always go with you! Happy New Year!

Beautiful guardian of my heart! You are like an angel giving me peace, tranquility and warmth. For you, I want to ask the old year to take all the sadness, sadness and illness with him, and the newlet it bring you many flowers, laughter, joy, the fulfillment of your plans and the most beautiful and unforgettable emotions! Happy New Year!

My beautiful queen! Only you alone command me and my heart. So let in the coming year you do not know any grief or sadness, you will always be happy, he althy and infinitely loved by me! Happy New Year, my dear!

The light of my eyes! It is easy, comfortable, reliable and good with you. Beloved, may the coming year be happy, successful, light, full of new experiences, travels and pleasant surprises for you! Happy new year!

My sweet little sunshine! Thanks to you, I have such a wonderful family, thank you for being there, supporting me and helping me in everything. You are my reliable rear, which in the coming year I promise to love, cherish, appreciate and please more than ever! Happy New Year, dear!

My charm! Every day I become happier, because you are next to me. You give me joy, affection, peace and tranquility. Dear, may the coming year bring you the fulfillment of your most cherished dream, allow you to fulfill all your plans, give you the opportunity to travel and reward you for your efforts at home! Happy New Year!

My dear and infinitely beloved! Let's wish that the outgoing year takes away all the bad things that were in it, leaving only our beautiful moments together. In the coming year, we will ask for good he alth, more calm, cozy evenings, a full house of children and abundance! Happy New Year, my dear!

Beautiful New Year's prose for a female friend

My dear friend! Although many do not believe that there can be friendship between us, but for me you are the most reliable friend. May the coming year be another wonderful year in our treasury of friendship, bring you and your loved ones a sea of joy, laughter, love and well-being! Happy New Year!

Dear ___ (name)! For all the time we have been friends, you have always helped and been there in difficult times. Thank you very much for your wonderful friendship! May your plans come true in 2023, your dreams come true, and may your he alth allow you to do crazy and courageous deeds! Happy New Year!

Dear ____ (name)! It is very pleasant and easy to work with you, you are a first-class specialist! May the coming year be the year of your victories at work, in your personal life, over yourself, and your wallet, refrigerator and heart will always be full! Happy New Year 2023!

Dear ____ (name)! Thank you for your help, support and friendship! For me, you are not just a good colleague, but also a great friend, able to help at any time. I will be happy for you from the bottom of my heart if in 2023 you get a raise, your income will grow, and there will be an addition to the family! Happy new year!

My dear! Friendship is work, thank you for working side by side, tirelessly. May the coming year give you happiness, fulfill all your dreams, give you the opportunity to travel, allow you to enjoy new, unforgettable experiences and give you great he alth! Happy New Year!

My dear friend! Thanks for alwaysfind the right words when you need them! You are like a lifesaver to me, I am very grateful to you. May the coming year allow you to be happier than ever, give you a sea of fabulous, unforgettable and amazing experiences, give you the opportunity to see the world and enjoy life! Happy new year!

My dear friend! You are there every day and make me happy with your smile! May the coming year bring you even more reasons to smile, enjoy life, laugh and look great! Be happy, dear!

My closest friend! You are so cheerful, you will always support and cheer when you need it, thank you for your wonderful character! May you not have a single reason to be upset and upset in 2023, may there be only happy, joyful, unforgettable and wonderful moments! Happy New Year!

My dear! Thank you for your tireless help and shoulder in difficult working moments! With all my heart I wish you a speedy promotion, the realization of your plans, the achievement of your goals and the fulfillment of your most cherished desires in this beautiful 2023! Happy new year!

Dear ___ (name)! Although we are colleagues, for me your advice, help and support is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your kind and sensitive heart! In the coming year, may you always have joy in your eyes, happiness in your soul, love in your heart and money in your wallet! Happy new year!

Short New Year greetings

To remain unusually beautiful, cheerful, mysterious and wonderful - that'swhat I wish you in 2023, ___ (name)! Happy new year!

Dear ___ (name)! May this year keep this beautiful smile on your face, happiness in your eyes, and the new year will give as much love and happiness as there are seconds in it! Happy new year!

Honey! The holiday comes to us, and brings you love, travel, vivid impressions, fulfillment of desires and great love! Happy new year!

May in the coming year you be truly happy, loved, get a lot of joy and delight, unforgettable emotions and the most cherished dreams!

Be loved, enjoy life, fulfill your desires, reach new heights in the coming year 2023! Happy new year!

For such a beautiful woman, the coming year is preparing a sea of gifts, laughter, joy, love, fulfillment of desires, pleasant and unforgettable surprises! Happy new year!

The coming year for such a charming woman has prepared a bag of happiness, a large basket of abundance, a reliable safe with money and deep respect from the boss, colleagues and friends! Happy new year!

Dear ____ (name)! Let there be snow only on the street in 2023, wrinkles will appear only from laughter, eyes cry with happiness, and the soul screams with delight and joy! Happy new year!

Name___! The year 2023 has prepared an unusual gift for you - this is a bag in which joy, love, well-being, fulfillment of your plans, inexhaustible energy and amazing new experiences! Happy new year!

Honey! In the coming year, may you have a sea of pleasant meetings, sincere laughter to tears, joyful memories, new travels,amazing discoveries, fulfilling wishes and incredibly beautiful surprises! Happy new year!

Darling! Even if the outgoing year was not easy, but the coming year will be joyful, cheerful, full of life and amazing discoveries, great love and endless happiness! Happy new year!

Darling, you are a charm! May the coming year bring you even more smiles, delight, pleasant meetings and amazing impressions! Happy new year!

Choosing congratulations for your beloved woman is not so easy. In a few lines I want to contain everything that you feel for her. The main thing is that New Year's greetings come from the heart and be said in your own words, and then your beloved will melt, be moved to tears and be the happiest woman in the new year.

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