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Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays for both children and most adults. After all, it is at this time that the most incredible miracles can happen. Holiday preparations begin in December. City streets are adorned with sparkling lights and a Christmas tree appears in every home.

Celebration is everywhere in restaurants, shops, homes. Everyone is in a fuss, people are starting to choose gifts for their family and friends. Pictures with Christmas wishes come from afar, women think over the festive menu and choose outfits. Orthodox celebrate Christmas on the night of the sixth to the seventh of January.

The story of the appearance of the holiday is described in the Gospel, it was on this day that the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. This important event passed quietly and imperceptibly. Arriving in Bethlehem, where the census was being conducted, Mary and her husband Joseph did not find a place in the inn and were forced to stay in the den, where the baby was born. The custom of celebrating Christmas has now been preserved. The day before the holiday is usually called Christmas Eve.

They keep the Christmas fast, and food can only be eaten in the evening, it is also called "holy". By tradition, it is held in the circle of relatives and friends. As soon as the first star appears in the sky, they sit down at the table. This is a kind of symbol of the star in Bethlehem, which led the Magi who came to worship Jesus.

For children in schools, kindergartens, performances, concerts, various matinees are held. Costumed festivities are taking place on the streets in which adults take part.

During Christmas time, Christians visit each other with congratulations, visit those who are lonely and feel bad. After all, Christmas is a bright holiday of kindness and love. Merry Christmas pictures that we have prepared for you can truly bring joy to those who are far away on this day. Soulful poems are written on them, and you can download them completely free of charge. Just click on the picture you like to enlarge it.

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