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Due to the fact that more and more technologies surround people every day, handmade gifts are of particular value. Such gifts are usually given by children or teenagers who cannot buy something ready-made in the store, because they still do not earn money on their own. Below are inexpensive and creative ideas for making a gift for mom for the New Year 2023.

In this article:

  • Handmade soap
  • DIY aromatic sachet
  • Apron for the kitchen as a gift
  • Photo frame
  • A bracelet as a gift to mom
  • Bookmark for a book
  • DIY keychain
  • Pencil as a gift to mom
  • Decorative candle holder
  • Box with predictions for the New Year
  • Christmas trees and snowflakes in quilling technique
  • Chalkboard
  • S alt dough napkin rings
  • Felt pin cushion for mom
  • Crepe paper flowers
  • Christmas gingerbread cookies
  • Vase for flowers from a bottle

Handmade Christmas soap

What could be better than natural cosmetics? Only cosmetics made as a gift by the hands of a loverchild. Such a gift is always unique and inimitable, besides, it will be a manifestation of care for the beauty of the mother.

All the necessary tools and materials for making soap, if not found on the farm, then it will be easy to buy them in shops for creativity:

  • soap base transparent or white;
  • perfumes or food essences;
  • food coloring;
  • fine sprayer with vodka or alcohol;
  • silicone or plastic molds.

How to:

  1. Melt the soap base in a steam bath or microwave.
  2. Add fragrance, dye to it. In addition to these ingredients, you can additionally add essential oils, coffee grounds for a scrub effect, cosmetic clay and more.
  3. After cooling down to 45-50 degrees, pour the resulting mixture into a mold, previously sprinkled with alcohol. Curly silicone baking molds can be used for pouring.
  4. Sprinkle liquid soap in the mold to remove the foam from the bubbles on top.
  5. After hardening, carefully remove the soap from the mold. You can pack a ready-made gift in paper, transparent film, a box in a New Year's theme, or wrap it with a thin burlap to tie dried flowers to.

DIY aromatic sachet

Nothing difficult to makethere is no small fragrance pouch. Even a child with a little sewing needle will cope with this task.

You can fill the closet sachet with lavender (you can buy it at a pharmacy), which will scare away moths. The aromatic bag, which will be located in the kitchen, can be filled with aromatic herbs (lavender, mint), spices (cloves, cinnamon, vanilla) or coffee beans. In the bathroom, due to high humidity, dry herbs will quickly become damp, so it is better to fill the sachet with sea s alt and essential oils.

To make such a souvenir, you will need:

  • a small piece of natural fabric (linen, cotton, chintz);
  • ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • thread and needle (sewing machine;
  • filler (herbs, s alt, coffee, spices and essential oils);
  • decoration elements.

Work sequence:

  1. Cut out two identical parts from the fabric (rectangle, square or other shape), leaving 1 cm for allowances.
  2. Sew pieces together leaving a hole for stuffing. You can immediately sew or embroider decorative elements and a loop of ribbons.
  3. Fill the sachet with herbs or other filling. Sew up the remaining hole, and the gift for mom is ready.

Apron for the kitchen as a gift

Many housewives prefer to have at least two kitchen aprons - everyday and beautiful festive, which will create a festive mood. Mom will be pleased ifone of the aprons will be hand-sewn by her child, especially since this is not difficult to do.

It is better to sew an apron from a dense and natural fabric: linen, cotton, denim or teflon. The style of the product can be one-piece, with a bib or on a belt. The last one is the easiest to make. For work you will need:

  • fabric and bias binding;
  • thread, scissors, pins and a sewing machine;
  • chalk or bar of soap for cutting.

How to cut and sew an apron on the belt:

  1. Cut out a rectangle from the fabric, the length of which is equal to the half circumference of the waist plus 10 cm, and the width is the length of the apron. Another rectangle of the same length and slightly less width will become a pocket. For the belt, cut out a rectangle 10 cm wide and long equal to the waist circumference plus the length of the ties. Seam allowances for all parts - 1 cm.
  2. Sew the upper part of the pocket with an oblique trim. Place a pocket on the apron, chip the parts with pins, and sheathe the side and bottom of the product with an oblique trim. Sew a belt on top.

Additionally, you can decorate the apron with embroidery, appliqué, lace in the New Year theme.

Photo frame

This is an inexpensive gift in terms of its material value, but very valuable if presented with a photo that captures pleasant moments together.

To make a frame with your own hands, you will need:

  • store photo frame made of wood without decor;
  • fine sandpaper and degreaser (anyalcohol solution);
  • glue and decorations.

Sequence of actions:

  1. Sand the purchased frame a little with fine sandpaper and degrease.
  2. Then use a glue gun to decorate it with various decorative elements.

As a decor, you can use natural materials (twigs, pebbles, shells, cones, tree cuts), threads, beads, felt flowers, tubes from glossy magazines and more.

A bracelet as a gift to mom

Children often make various decorations with their own hands. Girls wear them themselves, while boys prefer to give them to their mothers. But not every mother decides to wear exclusive beads made of paper and paper clips. But there is a variant of inexpensive jewelry that will make the image of a woman youthful and fashionable - this is a bracelet made of laces. To make it you will need:

  • laces;
  • limit switches;
  • carabiners;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • pliers.

Step by step:

  1. Knot the laces as shown.
  2. Glue the ends of the laces to the ends, and then clamp with pliers.
  3. Attach a carabiner for fastening.

Bookmark for a book

A book is the best gift, but to make it last longer, you needbeautiful bookmark. This is where the idea of a good New Year's gift comes from: dad buys a book, and a child makes a bookmark for it.

You can bookmark:

  • from paper in the form of a rectangular ribbon or corner;
  • from a felt figurine, which is attached to a rubber band ring or a paper clip.

DIY keychain

Not only as a bookmark, you can use crafts made of felt. If you make a voluminous toy and sew a ring or a carbine to it, you will get an original keychain. In addition to felt, a New Year's gift in the form of a keychain can be made from beads, buttons, leather, wood, polymer clay or natural materials (shells, cones, feathers).

Pencil as a gift to mom

If a mother often has to use ballpoint pens and pencils at work, or she is just a creative person, then she will be pleased with a beautiful stand for stationery. To craft it, you will need the following inexpensive materials:

  • cardboard rolls from paper towels;
  • canned food cans;
  • plastic bottles from household chemicals;
  • paints, twine, glue, bright colored paper;
  • satinribbons, beads, eyes and other decorative elements.

The process of making such a gift is not complicated and it is easy to reproduce it from the picture of the finished stand. Or you can use the work of other artists for inspiration.

Decorative candle holder

Decorative Christmas candles make any room much more comfortable. They are especially relevant during the holiday season. Beautiful large candles are expensive, but a regular pill-shaped candle can look spectacular in a decorative candle holder made from a regular glass jar.

You can transform a jar into a beautiful candlestick for the New Year 2023 like this:

  1. Decorate the neck of the jar with spruce branches, cones, cinnamon sticks, rowan or viburnum berries. When heated by the heat of the fire, spices and pine needles will give off their fragrance, and an ordinary candle will become aromatic.
  2. Decorate the glass of the jar on the outside with small white sequins, lace, thin knitted fabric with an openwork pattern, burlap or paper poultice, an intricate pattern of waxed cord or knitting threads.
  3. Spread the jar with PVA glue, and then sprinkle it with microbeads or sugar.

Box with predictions for the new year

It's nice to get a sweet (candy or cookie) out of the box for morning tea with a good prediction or a good wish. The photos from the selection show purchased options for such boxes, but they can be easily made by hand:

  1. Print and fold the box according to the pattern.
  2. Come up with and write or print wishes (predictions) for mom on small pieces of paper.
  3. Attach predictions to candy or cookies. Put everything in a box.

Instead of a box, you can sew a beautiful bag, which you can decorate with the inscription "A bag of happiness." The essence of this gift will be the same, but a slightly different execution.

And here are other options for Christmas boxes.

Christmas trees and quilling snowflakes

From thin strips of colored paper, you can assemble a beautiful Christmas tree or a quilling snowflake, which can be used to decorate a New Year's card or give it separately as a pendant or Christmas tree decoration.

To make you will need:

  • paper strips of different colors 5-3 mm wide and 27 cm long;
  • scissors and stationery glue;
  • split-end orange stick;
  • lumograph for giving blanks the desired shape.


  1. Pinch the edge of the paper strip into the crevice on the orange stick. Next, do not wrap the strip too tightly on the stick. Make as many of these blanks as you need for a Christmas tree or snowflake.
  2. Gently squeeze the round blank with your fingers, giving it the desired shape. Using glue, connect the workpiece together, forming a Christmas tree (snowflake).
  3. After the work dries, it can decorate a card made for mom, or attach a loop to get a pendant.


Slate or chalkboard will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. It will be convenient to leave messages for household members, write a shopping list, make a menu for the family or write down a recipe for a dish.

To make such a board with your own hands, you will need:

  • base, a tree saw cut is perfect for it;
  • black gloss acrylic latex paint;
  • fine bulk component (baking soda, chalk, alabaster, starch or tile grout);
  • capacity and stick for making coloring mix;
  • medium hard brush or roller.

How to make a slate board:

  1. If necessary, grind the base for the boardsandpaper.
  2. Mix paint and plaster (or other component) in a ratio of ¾ to ¼.
  3. Apply the resulting mixture immediately onto the prepared base. After drying, the board is ready.

Before you give the board, you can write a New Year's greeting for mom with bright crayons on it.

S alt dough napkin rings

Not only kids can sculpt crafts from s alt dough, but you can make original decor elements from it, which will be a wonderful gift for mom, for example, personalized napkin rings.

To knead the s alty dough, you need to prepare:

  • 1 cup Extra fine s alt;
  • 2 cups flour;
  • ½ glass of water;
  • 5 tablespoons vegetable oil;
  • dyes.

How to make napkin rings:

  1. Prepare the s alt dough, divide it into pieces and color it in different colors.
  2. Roll out the dough into a 4-6 mm layer and cut out hearts with a cookie cutter.
  3. Poke a hole in each with a cocktail straw, and use the stencil with letters to squeeze out the names.
  4. Dry the blanks in the oven or at room temperature. Put a heart on a twine ring and use it for its intended purpose.

Felt pin cushion for mom

Other types of fabric can be used to make a needle bar, but fromsewing felt will be faster and easier, because you don’t have to spend time overcasting the edges and worry that the fabric will crumble. The sewing process will be extremely simple:

  1. Cut out the details of the needle bed you like, first from paper, and then from felt.
  2. Sew them together by hand with a needle using buttonhole stitch.
  3. Fill with padding polyester, decorate with beads or other decorative elements.

You can sew a wide satin ribbon to the finished needle bar, then you can wear it on your wrist while sewing, which is very convenient.

Crepe paper flowers

Mom, like any woman, will always be happy with a bouquet of flowers, but in the New Year fresh flowers are not a cheap pleasure. In this case, you can give flowers made with your own hands from crepe paper.

For such New Year's floristry you will need:

  • crepe paper in different colors;
  • bamboo stem skewer or wire;
  • stamens;
  • scissors, thread and glue.

For different colors, the sequence of their manufacture is the same:

  1. The core of the flower is formed on a skewer or wire;
  2. Petals are cut out of paper of the corresponding color and fastened around the core with glue and thread.
  3. The skewer-stalk is wrapped with green paper. The petals are given a more natural, natural shape by hand.

Christmas gingerbread cookies

You can bake delicious Christmas cookies with fragrant spices (cinnamon and ginger) for Mom for the New Year.

For the test you will need:

  • 100g soft butter;
  • 100g sugar;
  • 100 g honey;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 5g ground ginger;
  • 5g ground cinnamon;
  • 12g baking powder;
  • 350-400g flour.

Dough kneading and cookie baking process:

  1. Grate butter with sugar and honey. Then add eggs, spices, baking powder and flour one by one.
  2. Roll out the finished dough directly on parchment and cut out cookies in the form of Christmas trees, snowflakes and other New Year's attributes with the help of cuttings.
  3. Transfer the parchment to a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Cold cookies can be painted with colored icing of powdered sugar and protein or food markers.

Ready-made pastries can be packed in a beautiful New Year's box. For example, in the one that was proposed for predictions.

Vase for flowers from a bottle

Another option for an inexpensive DIY gift is a vase from a bottle. A glass bottle with a wider neck is suitable for her. The sequence of actions in its manufacture will be as follows:

  1. From the bottleremove the label, wash it well and dry it.
  2. Next, using hot glue, wrap the bottle tightly on the outside with thick knitting threads.
  3. If desired, the neck can be additionally decorated, for example, with a bow of satin ribbons, as in the photo, or with natural materials, as in the manufacture of candlesticks.

We have given enough options. For the New Year, it remains only to decide which of them will be easy to make. Another important point: be sure to take care of the beautiful packaging for your present before putting it under the Christmas tree for mom.

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