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Christmas is a time of magic, wish fulfillment, miracles and magic. This time is saturated with love and kindness. Surprisingly, on this day, all negativity disappears by itself, people become more tolerant of each other. They say that on the most magical night, angels descend to earth and try to invisibly help everyone, so if you make a wish on Christmas, it will surely come true.

In general, the Universe does not have a schedule for receiving personal appeals from citizens. She is ready to listen to everyone at any moment. But Christmas is such a day when the chances of the one who asks are increased a hundredfold. And this does not happen by chance. The laws, which are impossible to comprehend completely, are arranged in such a way that a person can turn to them when there is a need for it. Time runs differently there. And sometimes it seems that heaven is deaf to requests. But this is far from true. Christmas is the day when something long requested is fulfilled and what is needed now is queued.

Table of contents:

  • Important rules
  • Christmas Rites
  • Wishlist
  • Talking to the Universe
  • Angel pattern
  • Candle flame
  • Force of nature
  • And if it didn't come true

Important rules

The universe has its own laws and orders. Therefore, the rules for appeals are strictly regulated. The universe is not a reference window that you can go to and ask something. Ways to get what you want for Christmas have been around for a long time. In order for Christmas wishes to come true, you need to follow a certain order.

  1. Negative is forbidden. Negative desires also have their weight. They also come true, but work against a person. Therefore, no evil thoughts should not be in sight. You can't wish evil on someone. God will figure out how to punish the offender. It is important to forgive and let go, and karma will overtake the one who needs it and without the participation of the victim. If you wish dirty tricks on a person out of a feeling of envy, then it will be doubly worse for the person who asks. Christmas is a holiday of kindness and love. Evil has no place in it.
  2. Happiness is not in money. Of course, crying in a Mercedes is much more pleasant than in a tram. And in the modern world, material we alth is a philosophical question. But asking for a new car or winning the lottery is useless. After all, the only thing that cannot be bought for money is the light of the soul and a place in paradise. But, nevertheless, if the financial situation is terrible, and there is simply nothing to feed the family, then it should not be about money, but about the opportunity to earn money. It's better to get a raise than a million dollar lottery ticket.
  3. Free will. It implies the moment of imposing one's will on a stranger. In simple terms: if there are feelings for a person, but he does not reciprocate, thenYou can't ask him to love you. Everyone has free will and choice. It is better to ask for happiness and he alth for your loved one, even if he is with someone else.
  4. Precision wording. You need to be specific about your request. The Universe is finite, wise and will easily understand what they want from it. But everything is built on vibrations: thoughts, words, movements. Therefore, when compiling a wish, you need to avoid the “not” particle. For example: “I don’t want to get sick” and “I am a he althy person” sound differently. In the first case, the denial is imbued with caprice and uncertainty, while in the second case it is a direct affirmation. So, it's better to directly wish, and not to set conditions.
  5. Christmas is a day of gratitude to the universe for everything it has done for a single person. It is necessary to begin and end petitions with the words of thanksgiving. Thank you for what was, thank you for what will be!

Christmas Rites

There are not so many ways to correctly make a wish for Christmas, they can be easily remembered, guided by the rules and algorithm of actions. To make it come true, various rituals are performed. Here are the most proven ones.

1. Wishlist

This rite is for those who have many desires, and all of them are important. Don't be greedy: 12 wishes is a good number. You will need:

  1. Candle;
  2. Pen;
  3. Clean slate;
  4. Angel figurine. You can make your own, it will only get better.

Privacy is important. Focusing on your thoughts will allow you to correctly formulate requests. Silenceand loneliness will help you tune in to the right wave. A little meditation is welcome. After all, sometimes it happens that, after sitting in silence and talking with the Universe, a person suddenly understands all the pettiness of his “wishlist”.

When thoughts stop jumping like frantic and are clearly articulated, you can start writing. All requests must be written in the present tense, as if it is already available. For example, not “I want a car”, but “I have a car”. The finished list is placed under the candlestick, the candle is lit. An angel figurine is placed behind the light. Mentally animate the figurine, endow it with life. As soon as the imagination plays out, you can start voicing the list.

First say "thank you". It is necessary. It is necessary to thank absolutely everything: both for the good, because it is a reward, and for the bad, because it is a lesson.

After the words of gratitude, you can ask. Again, without using the particle “not” and the word “I want”. It's better to say "dream". A conversation with an angel should resemble a normal conversation about dreams and goals, not a demand. When you're done, it's worth giving thanks again for listening.

The candle must be extinguished and put away together with the list in a secluded place. An angel figurine can be hung on a Christmas tree as a toy, and after the holidays it can be used as a talisman, for example, hung on a headboard. After a year, on the day of the new Christmas, the list can be obtained. That's when the time of magic will come, because most of the desires will already come true.

2. Talking to the Universe

This rite is suitable for those who do not have clear ideas about what they want. For those who do not have special specifics, but have cherished desires: one or two. All you will need to do is go outside at midnight and walk around until 3 am. Of course, no companions are needed for this trip.

When you go outside, you need to try to tune in to the wave of heaven, to feel the spirit of Christmas. It all starts with gratitude.

Then, looking at the night sky, you can ask for the secret. This must be done with sincerity, along the way voicing what good things can happen after the fulfillment of desires. For example. Asking for a raise or a good job, you can say that then you could pay for your child's education or buy expensive medicines for parents. Of course, when the dream comes true, and it will certainly happen, then you will need to fulfill your goals: pay and buy. It’s not worth making more than three wishes, otherwise this is no longer a conversation, but “begging”. After the conversation, you must definitely thank the Universe for listening. Stand in silence for a few minutes, try to feel the presence of heavenly power.

During this "conversation" you can also use Christmas conspiracies. Together they will create a synergistic effect and you will certainly get what you asked for.

3. Angel drawing

Even children can cope with this ceremony. They already know exactly what they want. But adults can also try. The ritual is performed before going to bed. You will need:

  • Small thick cardboard;
  • Pencil,felt-tip pen, marker, pen - it doesn't matter

On Christmas, late in the evening, closer to midnight, you need to draw an angel. Clearly articulate and make a wish. Say it out loud and draw the right eye. Remove to a hidden place. As soon as the dream begins to come true, the left eye is drawn to the angel, they say "thank you" and use it as a talisman.

4. Candle flame

For the ritual you will need colored candles. In ancient times, they were made by hand. Added natural dyes and got the color. Now they don’t do this anymore and buy colored candles in the store.

It happens that there are no special desires, goals are quite achievable by one's own work, material goods are quite satisfactory, everything is fine with relatives and there is nothing special to ask for.

Then you can just ask for protection for next year. To do this, you need to choose the most significant area of \u200b\u200blife, light a candle of the corresponding color and turn to heaven.

Color matching:

RedThe color of the family. Gives harmony.YellowBusiness, professional activity.GreenHe althPink Blue Brown Material Problem Solving
Love, relationship.
Inner strength, peace of mind

4. Force of nature

No one has ever argued with the elements. People invented new godscreated new religions, but no one ever questioned the forces of nature. The universe existed when the Atlanteans lived, its laws worked when Zeus and Perun threw their lightning bolts, the Aztecs and Mayans spoke to the heavens. The elements have always existed and for everyone. With the advent of Christianity, nothing has changed: earth, water, fire and air have been since the beginning of time. After all, this is the first thing that God created after the Word.

The rite of the elements, for making wishes, is somewhat costly to prepare, but it's worth it. After all, what is made with the help of nature always comes true for sure.

For the ritual you will need:

  • Sheet of paper;
  • Candles (regular, white and colored);
  • Aromatic oil;
  • S alt water;
  • Symbols of the elements.

You can make your own symbols:

  • Water - a container of water;
  • Earth - stone, handful of earth, sand;
  • Fire - an even number of white candles;
  • Air is a feather.

On Christmas Eve, January 6-7, just before midnight, place a table in the center of the room. Open windows. Exactly at midnight, start the ritual with the words:

"Air, water, earth and fire,
A silver horse gallops across the sky.
I tell you my desires (symbols of the elements are placed on these words),
And the horse I repeat once:
My heavenly horse, ride with the wind,
The river of desires boldly pass,
Burn the bad with a firestorm
Grow strong roots of goals.
May everything come true, whatever I wish.With my word I illuminate your path!”

The arrangement of items on the table is as follows:

  1. Table in the middle of the room;
  2. Place ordinary candles in the corners of the table and light;
  3. Put the colored ones in the center of the table. Do not light;
  4. Arrange the symbols of the elements along the perimeter of the table between the candles.

Layout of items to produce simultaneously with the reading of the plot. Then sit down at the table, silently light the white ones (a symbol of fire), then the colored ones, which are responsible for the desired area, write down the desire on paper. Read it aloud or mentally, referring to each of the elements. Looking at the flame of colored candles, mentally imagine all the stages of execution. Thank you for your help.

Extinguish fire with s alt water. Wipe all the items involved in the ritual with it, and hide them in a secluded place. Remove the note there. On Epiphany, another amazing holiday, take out a leaf and burn it.

If the wish didn't come true

The universe has no forgotten desires. She does everything people ask for. If the dream did not come true, then the time has not come, or the ritual was carried out inaccurately. But you don't need to get upset. After all, everyone can make a wish on Christmas, you just need to have a little patience.

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