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New Year's Eve 2023 is approaching, and with it another reality. Dreams come true, hopes come true, wishes are made. This is repeated from year to year, but every time I want to enter this fairy tale as a queen. It seems that everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The dress is waiting in the closet in the wings, the hair will be light and relaxed, but the makeup will be postponed until the last moment.

In principle, correct, but you need to choose or at least designate a make-up style in advance. After all, it is important not only to please yourself, those around you, to get into the tone of the outfit, but also to get approval from the virtual guest from the Chinese horoscope - the Rabbit. What will be the makeup for the New Year, with such a mood you will meet the holiday. If you want a lot of ideas - especially for you, selections of photos, recommendations, step-by-step master classes.

In this article:

  • Christmas make-up from the point of view of the Rabbit;
  • current trends;
  • general rules;
  • color scheme for brown eyes;
  • Green-eyed advice;
  • blue, gray, blue - emphasize your tone;
  • emphasis on lips - gentle and vamp;
  • bright photo-ideas.

Makeup for the New Year from the Rabbit

New Year 2023 will be held under the sign of the Rabbit. For the next 12 months, we will get a totem that is original in all respects. Outwardly, he seems sweet and calm, but under a deceptive appearance, a violent temper.

The Rabbit “possesses” good taste, knows how and loves to spend money, is a housewife, and is not averse to having a good time exclusively at the highest level. Beautiful makeup - one of the indispensable conditions - should not be a separate stroke, but a spectacular accent of a harmonious image.

A little sparkle is welcome, metallic silver is one of Rabbit's favorite colors. Brown, bronze, sand, peach tones are welcome. But in general, stick to the current recommendations for your color type. Rabbit, with his excellent sense of style, will appreciate the entire rainbow spectrum, in New Year's make-up according to the laws of harmony.

Get your priorities right. Meet the year of the Rabbit and take care of financial well-being - emphasize the eyes. Look for the second half - highlight the lips. One thing is invariable - the make-up should be evening, a simple one in haste will not work.

Christmas makeup in terms of good taste

Fashion makeup today, including New Year's, is clearly divided into two directions. A gentle option is naturalness, nude shades, a feeling of fresh, freshly washed skin. Contrasting style - straight lines, bright colors, juicy lips, clear graphic arrows, smoky eyes in natural dark grayscale.


  • matte;
  • even skin tone;
  • neat lashes;
  • sparkles in the form of single accents.

Gone are the bright bursts from the 90s - blue and green ink, colored arrows, acid shadows, large glitters. False eyelashes, reminiscent of a wave of a bird's wing, will be appropriate on New Year's Eve. If you want to increase the volume of your own - choose a moderate length and good mascara.

The color of the outfit must be taken into account. New Year's dress in pastel colors and nude makeup for a blonde - a complete failure. The girl will simply turn into an invisible person, or rather, into a pale moth. For brown-haired women, make-up of medium saturation is also preferable, but brighter than clothes.

For a brunette - only clear lines and contrasting combinations. This also requires an outfit with character - a red dress. Your favorite color is black, and New Year 2023 is no reason to refuse it - be aware of the insidious features. Dark tones in the face visually add age. But a black dress is chic when paired with a plunging neckline or perfect skin tone.

Steps to perfection: the basic rules of a competent make-up

Before you apply directly to the New Year's makeup, take care of your skin. You cannot boast of absolute smoothness, he althy color, even tone - it does not matter, let this be your little secret. There is time - visit a beautician in advance, with total employment, special care products will save you.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • first, the skin must be well moisturized;
  • concealer is used for correction;
  • highlarter adds shine;
  • all concealers are applied before foundation;
  • transparent powder will help fix the effect.

A good moisturizer works wonders. He will not allow small wrinkles and irregularities to stand out treacherously on New Year's Eve. The concealer is applied dotted and carefully shaded. Dark powder can play its role.

To narrow the nose, apply it on the sides and tip. If you want to highlight your cheekbones, draw in your cheeks and retouch sunken surfaces. If necessary, you can darken the chin, temples, forehead area along the hair growth.

Highlighter will make the face expressive and sculptural. It is applied:

  • on cheekbones;
  • vertically on the bridge of the nose;
  • above upper lip;
  • in the middle of the chin, forehead;
  • under the eyebrow on the upper eyelid.
Highlighter application scheme

The main requirement for makeup for the New Year is durability. Naturalness and clarity should be maintained throughout the night. Do not experiment with new products on the eve of the holiday, use proven and reliable ones.

Which makeup to choose depends not only on the tone of the hair, outfit, but also on the color of the eyes. To help - photo ideas, step-by-step tutorials on applying eye shadow, lipstick, the art of creating arrows, and other tricks forbeginners and experienced makeup artists.

Makeup for brown eyes

Mysterious, deep, tea color requires rich shades. How to create bright accents step by step - a selection of photos will tell. What colors are suitable - choose for your New Year's outfit.


  • pearl brown;
  • silver;
  • turquoise;
  • lilac;
  • bright blue;
  • dark green;
  • blue-black;
  • rich greys.

Combine several shades, apply an arrow on the upper eyelid and do not forget to highlight the eyebrows. In conclusion, powder to match the tone of the face, lipstick matte or with a slight sheen, and your New Year's look is flawless.

How to:

Green eye highlight

Your face already has an expressive accent. To make green eyes even brighter, more mysterious, to complement them with a mystical note on New Year's Eve, the right palette of shadows will help. Best Colors:

  • smoky;
  • green;
  • turquoise;
  • bronze;
  • golden;
  • chocolate;
  • purple;
  • lilac.

Powder is better to choose a tone darker than the skin, matte lipstick in warm shades - brown, coral, for a contrasting look - burgundy. Blushsoft peaches are preferred.

How to:

Christmas make-up for gray, blue, blue eyes

Mysterious gray eyes will fully reveal their depth surrounded by cold shades - blue, lilac, lilac, violet. Chameleon color is interesting in itself and does not require the mandatory application of shadows. Sometimes eyeliner and a light veil in a dusty white tone are enough.

Blue eyes should not be overloaded with bright tones. Choose a calm range for the New Year's look:

  • purple;
  • light pink;
  • champagne;
  • gray;
  • khaki.

Cornflower blue iris is in harmony with the purple and orange palette. Brown mascara and eyebrows in hair color go well with gray and blue eyes. Powder is better to choose a light texture, lipstick nude or bright with shine.

How to:

Nude and vamp lips

Step-by-step photos of the New Year's lip makeup will help complete the look. But remember that only one accent should be expressive. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, lips are sensuality, and they should not conflict. Highlight any areakeep the second in soothing colors. Bright lips and clear-lined eyes are only acceptable in smoky-eyes style.

Lessons on how to create a New Year's make-up are over, it remains to do your homework. Sit in front of a mirror and get started. Successful training will help you meet the magical moment of fulfillment of desires fully armed. Happy New Year and good looks!

Bright Photo Ideas

P.S. And for a snack, we have collected the best photo ideas for you. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Let's go!

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