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Do you agree that winter is the coziest and most romantic time of the year? The time when magical snowflakes are spinning outside the window, the time of magic and the expectation of a miracle. It is not for nothing that so many phrases and quotes about winter have been invented. What can you do this winter to remember it? Little simple joys:

  • drinking cocoa wrapped in a blanket;
  • bake delicious gingerbread cookies;
  • invite friends and make mulled wine together;
  • watch Christmas movies;
  • go to the movies for a romantic New Year's comedy;
  • skating;
  • catching snowflakes with your mouth;
  • launch fireworks;
  • make a snowman;
  • spend a romantic evening by candlelight;
  • walk down the street and wish passers-by Happy New Year;
  • go to a real bath;
  • invite friends and play board games;
  • throw away unnecessary things;
  • ride down the hill;
  • make a wish list;
  • watch the new series;
  • fall in love;
  • walk through the winter park;
  • invite your friends to a slumber party;
  • make a gingerbread house;
  • post a new winter quote every day.

Yes,by the way about this. We have collected a large collection of winter quotes: romantic, smart, funny, tender and simply beautiful. You can send a new quote every day to a friend, girlfriend or loved one. Or change them as statuses in social networks. There is a quote for every taste. Choose! Have a great and snowy winter!

Here's what we have:

  • Statuses about winter and love;
  • Beautiful quotes about winter;
  • Cool funny winter quotes.

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