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For working people, the New Year is not only a home holiday. Already at the beginning of November December, the pre-New Year fuss begins in all companies and organizations: the issue with the New Year's corporate party is being resolved, the New Year's menu is being discussed, and the lovely ladies are concerned about the question: what to wear to the main office party of the year. There is nothing “such” here, after all, because employees and colleagues are people whom we sometimes see more often than our relatives.

In this fuss, don't forget about corporate etiquette: you should definitely congratulate colleagues, clients and partners on the coming New Year, thank you for your cooperation in the outgoing year and wish you new joint achievements.

We have prepared beautiful New Year cards for your organization, they can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. You can accompany the card with an official congratulation or simply send it by e-mail. You might want to print the card on pretty paper and give it to you as a corporate gift. To enlarge the picture, just click on the option you like.

Here's what we have:

  • Christmas cards for organizations;
  • 2023 Happy New Year cards for clients;
  • cards for employees.

Cards for organizations

This section contains universal options for congratulations: with short wishes or just the number 2023. All these cards are official: they have a strict, concise design and no liberties. It is noteworthy that there are postcards for different types of production. For example, with “wooden” numbers 2023 are suitable for carpentry production, with “plastic numbers” they are suitable for plastic-related production. There is also a postcard with a light bulb - it will be suitable for organizations related to electrical installation work.

Christmas cards for clients

Everyone knows that customers are the most important link in an organization, so congratulations for them should be especially warm and beautiful.

For employees

It is considered good form to congratulate colleagues and employees of the company. Our beautiful postcards will help you not to puzzle over how to do it right.

We hope you liked our author's New Year's selection. If yes, don't forget to share this page on social networks. And this … celebrate the corporate party as it should! :)

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!