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Some housewives believe that decorating New Year's dishes is a waste of time, but, for example, a beautifully decorated appetizer pleases the eye and arouses appetite just by its appearance. And at the feast on the occasion of the upcoming 2023, this is also an occasion to appease the patron animal of the next 366 days.

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  • what does the Tiger love?
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What does the Rabbit love - the symbol of the year 2023?

The upcoming New Year 2023 will be held under the auspices of the Blue Water Tiger. This is a predatory, smart and very beautiful animal that does not like boredom and monotony, which cannot but be reflected in the New Year's menu.

The tiger needs to be fed from the heart, so the table should have:

  • various dishes of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits,
  • as well as pastries,
  • nuts,
  • cheeses,
  • chocolate,
  • various drinks.

The patron of next year loves greens and vegetables in all variations, so it will not be difficult to please him. And toto appease her even more, it is worth paying more attention to decorating New Year's dishes.

Decorations for the Year of the Tiger

Dishes with Tiger ears or tiger colors will look original and symbolic on the New Year's table. Serve a treat in this way under the power of every hostess. Any salad, be it Olivier or crab, can be put on a plate in the shape of a tiger's face, eyes and nose can be made from olives, and ears from boiled sausage.

Puff salads, for example, Mimosa can be sprinkled with grated yolks to make the dish look like a cheese head, and tiger cubs or a “tiger” print can already be settled on it. You can make cute edible tiger cubs from boiled quail or chicken eggs. Edible decor elements in the form can be not only snack bars, but also sweet ones. Chocolate covered cherries and cone candy make a beautiful Tiger.

How to decorate a New Year's salad?

Decoration of New Year's dishes is of great importance, because a beautiful presentation can turn even the most ordinary salad into a festive treat. To give the appetizer a New Year's look, an ordinary bunch of greens is enough. With it, a salad can be turned into a lush spruce or a Christmas wreath. Additionally, they can be decorated with pomegranate seeds, corn, peas or stars cut from boiled carrots, beets.

Puff salads can be arranged in the form of a calendar sheet, a clock that is about to show 12:00,boots or horseshoes for good luck. Do not forget about additional elements such as candles from crab sticks, flowers and spruce cones from vegetables, and more. With them, even a salad just laid out on a plate will look more elegant and appetizing.

Delicious snacks

Snacks are designed to whet your appetite before the main course. They are prepared from meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs and seafood. In the New Year, snacks have one more task - they should become a table decoration and give a festive mood. To achieve this, they are made in the form of snowmen, spruce, etc. Even cheese balls can be rolled in herbs, paprika or seeds, which will make them look like Christmas tree decorations.

Beautiful cuts

To please the symbol of the coming new year 2023, there will be a lot of cheese, nuts and fruits on the table. This is an occasion to be more creative in the design of the cheese plate. Various types of this fermented milk product can be cut into cubes, slices, thin plates and beautifully arranged on a wooden plate along with nuts, honey and fruits.

Fromcheese slices, you can assemble a voluminous Christmas tree or put a star, Christmas wreath or other New Year element on a serving dish. Sausage cuts can also be made according to this principle.


Sandwiches - snacks where you can give free rein to your imagination. They can be made in the form of Christmas trees, decorated with greenery or fresh cucumber Christmas trees, folded in the shape of a spruce before serving. Fresh tomato snacks can be turned into funny Santa Clauses. For small canapes, it is better to purchase skewers with stars, then sandwich Christmas trees will turn out to be more realistic.

Delicious fruits on the New Year's table

Fruit cutting on the New Year's table is most often decorated in the form of a Christmas tree. Sliced fruits can simply be laid out on a large dish in the form of a forest beauty. And if you have patience, you can make a voluminous spruce. Its base is usually made from a large carrot and an apple, pineapple or cardboard cone,wrapped in foil.

For a buffet table, you can make small fruit canapes in the form of Santa Claus hats from strawberries, bananas and small zerifirins or marshmallows. To prevent the banana slices from turning brown, drizzle with lemon juice.

Cakes and pastries

Gingerbread and cookies, Christmas adit, muffins, buns and cakes - this is an incomplete list of homemade pastries that the hostess traditionally prepares for the New Year's table. They are decorated with decorative elements associated with winter.

It can be Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, fir cones. Powdered sugar and snow-white icing are also often used because of the analogy with snow. For example, decorating a cake with fruits or berries, they must be sprinkled with ground sugar, like frost.

Christmas drinks

Notonly champagne, from which it is customary to raise a glass to the chimes, but also hot chocolate, mulled wine, cranberry juice and dried fruit compote are New Year's drinks. To make their serving more festive, you should take care of beautiful dishes (mugs and glasses).

The ingredients of drinks themselves can act as decorative elements. Cinnamon sticks will not only add a spicy flavor to hot chocolate or mulled wine, but also a statute decoration. Marshmallows in a mug with hot chocolate will create an analogy with snowballs, which will melt the drink even sweeter.

Decorating New Year's dishes does not require any special tools, a colossal investment of time or expensive products. All you need is beautiful dishes, a little imagination and a festive New Year's mood, and ideas for implementation can be seen in the photo examples provided.

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