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There is a wonderful tradition of decorating your home and giving gifts in honor of the New Year. The decor purchased in the store is usually faceless and "lifeless", so many people use their creative potential to the fullest at this time. So, you can decorate a Christmas tree, a window or an entrance door, as well as make a beautiful New Year's card with the image of the Ox - the patron saint of 2023. The detailed step-by-step master classes and video tutorials collected in this article will help you easily cope with this task.

What is the symbol of the year preparing for us?

New Year 2023 will be held under the auspices of the White Metal Ox. According to the expectations of various predictors, these will be calm 365 days, in which hardworking, diligent and persistent people will definitely receive their reward, because these are the qualities inherent in the animal.

But while someone is making predictions, we can confidently say that the days on the eve of the new year can be devoted to one of the types of creativity - drawing. This will give not only a festive mood, but also help to decorate your home with beautiful pictures of a bull.

Easy Drawings for Toddlers

Drawing for toddlers is not just a way to have funtogether with parents, it is also a fascinating cognitive process during which the child gets acquainted with animals, learns colors and shapes, because simple images are built from simple geometric shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle).

In the process you will need:

  • album or thick paper sheet;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • black gel pen;
  • colored pencils, markers or paints.

Before proceeding directly to creating a drawing, you should tell the baby about the animal, where the bull lives, what he likes to eat, in what fairy tales and cartoons he can be found.

How to draw a sitting bull?

A mischievous calf galloped cheerfully across the green lawn, and then at full gallop ran into a flower on which a butterfly was sitting. In order not to frighten off the insect, he braked sharply, could not resist and sat on his hind legs. Such thoughts come to mind when you look at this picture. To draw it, you need to act as follows:

  1. Work starts from the head. At the top of the sheet, you need to draw an even circle with a pencil.
  2. Then an oval is drawn across the bottom of the circle - the head is ready.
  3. Bottom you need to add a torso, teardrop-shaped, and hind legs to it with a side.
  4. After that, you need to draw ears on the head, and front legs near the torso.
  5. Now the resulting silhouette needs to be animated. Draw dots-eyes, on the muzzle - small circles-nostrils, draw on the legshooves and don't forget the horns and tail.
  6. After that, it remains only to gently erase all unnecessary lines with an eraser, circle the outlines with a black pen and color the bull with pencils.

Spotted cow - easy drawing scheme

If you disassemble this drawing, it consists entirely of circles and ovals. A perfectly even circle is difficult to draw, but small flaws made by an unsteady child's hand can be corrected with an eraser. Working on this image involves just a few steps:

  1. In the central part of the landscape sheet, you need to draw a torso in the form of a large oval.
  2. On the left side, then draw the head in the form of a smaller vertical oval. On the head, the muzzle of the animal is separated by a line.
  3. Now you need to draw the legs and ears of the cow. It is necessary to ensure that they are the same size when correcting the drawing with an eraser.
  4. Next, draw the horns, eyes, nose, tail and hooves. After that, you can start coloring, then you get a goby. And you can draw an udder and spots on the body and head, you get a cow.

Drawing with lumograph

Lumograph is a ruler for drawing geometric shapes. With its help, you can draw a symbol of the New Year 2023, broken down into simple components. First, with the help of a ruler, draw the torso, head, udder and legs in stages. Then a tail, a spot on the back and smaller details are added. Remove the extra lines with an eraser and color the image.

Cow chewing grass

This image is a little more difficult than the previous ones and is suitable for toddlers who already hold a pencil confidently. It can be easily repeated by acting in stages, as shown in the diagram. In this animal, the eyes are not just dots, but have eyelids, eyelashes and pupils. In their direction, you can see where the cow is looking.

Two Circle Bull

To draw a beautiful bull, just draw two circles on the sheet (they are shown in yellow on the diagram), and only then give them the outline of an animal (blue). When all the contours are drawn with a pen, and the extra strokes are removed, you can proceed to the most interesting stage of work - coloring. The brighter the animal, the more beautiful the picture will be.

Spotted calf that sits

Another version of the sitting bull, which is also easy to draw. The sequence of actions is similar to the previous similar master class, but the sizes of the elements should be larger, and there will be slight differences in drawing the torso. In this bull, the belly is completely covered by the front paws. The muzzle and the inner surface of the ears are painted pink, the horns - yellow, the hooves, eyes and spots on the skin - black.

Cute and powerful bull

In the view of most kids, a cow is a kind and affectionate animal, and a bull, on the contrary, is calm, but formidable, ready to rush into battle for his herd at any moment.

Not at all such a representative of artiodactyls from the next master class. This animal, thoughendowed with a powerful, intimidating torso, but the smile on his face makes him sweet and kind.

It is absolutely not difficult to depict him, following the above diagram. As always, work begins with simple geometric shapes - two circles and an oval, and ends with coloring.

A simple algorithm for drawing a spotted Cow

Having mastered simple examples of how to depict the patron animal of the New Year 2023, you can move on to more complex work. First you need to make a sketch with a simple pencil, keeping all the proportions. It is important to draw the attention of the child to the fact that you should not press too hard on the pencil, because these lines will still need to be removed later with an eraser.

How to draw the bull Ferdinant

Ferdinant - the kindest bull in all of Spain, familiar to children, if not from the book by Munro Leaf, then from the full-length animated film by W alt Disney. In this regard, the idea of portraying a favorite children's hero will appeal to kids. You can draw from life, stopping the cartoon at your favorite moment, or use the above algorithm.

Dancing cow

What can a cow do? Graze lazily in a meadow, rest in the shade of a tree, drink cold water from a stream and stand calmly while the mistress milks her? This can be done by an ordinary animal, but nothing prevents a drawn cow from standing on its hind legs and dancing, merrily ringing a bell around its neck. How to draw such a Burenka and a bell can be clearly seen in the master class with pictures.

Drawings for childrenolder and adults

Not only children love to draw, but also adults. Their work tends to be more realistic. Below are master classes that will interest this particular category of artists.

How to draw a cow

This image has volume. If you look at the end result, it seems that now the animal will leave the album sheet. And going back a couple of steps, it is clear that it is absolutely not difficult to repeat the image, it is only important to maintain the proportions and not forget about the shadows when coloring. They will make the cow realistic.


The more details the artist can accurately convey, the more natural the image of the animal will turn out. In addition, it is important to observe all proportions to make it easier, even in complex work they use simple geometric shapes, as in this master class.

Buffalo pattern

Buffalo - artiodactyl animal from the family of bovids is one of the largest bulls. The weight of its individuals reaches 1 ton. The image of such a majestic animal would be appropriate on a postcard or wall newspaper in the New Year 2023.

Work begins with the image of the head and torso, which are interconnected by a massive neck with withers. Next, draw the horns, legs, tail and other smaller details.

Master class on the base grid

When drawing complex images, in addition to using simple geometric shapes, keep proportions,the base grid will help. To build it, you need

  1. On the landscape sheet, you need to draw a rectangle in which the picture will be placed.
  2. Then divide it in half with a horizontal and vertical line through the center.
  3. Draw two more vertical and horizontal lines to split the large rectangle into 16 smaller, identical rectangles.
  4. Next, sketch according to the above diagram, focusing on the location of the image details relative to the base grid.

Gavryusha calf from Prostokvashino

The painstaking detailing of this cartoon character is nothing compared to the flat Peppa Pig animation. But with a certain amount of diligence, you can draw this bull as well, following a step-by-step algorithm. To give the calf a Christmas look, you can hide its mischievous bangs under a red cap or draw a garland on the horns.

Translating the Bull on the window

If a child cannot draw an animal beautifully, you can simplify the task a little: print the image you like, attach it to the window, put a blank sheet of paper on it and trace the outlines with a pencil. After that, it remains only to color the drawing. Such an activity will appeal to absolutely kids who are just learning to hold a pencil in their hands, and adults as a coloring book.antistress.

Video tutorials

Not always a master class with pictures is understandable for children and adults. Sometimes you want to see in what direction the artist draws the lines, in what sequence he does the work, and also to hear, perhaps, some advice. Especially for this reason, we have collected interesting video tutorials on how to draw a bull, cow or calf. Repeating all the actions on the video, in incomprehensible moments you can always press pause or go back a few seconds or minutes.

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