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The Year of the Blue Water Tiger according to the eastern calendar will come only on February 12, 2023, and in the expanses of the former USSR it is unlikely that anyone will widely celebrate it, because we have our traditional holidays in a series of winter holidays, for example, Old New year. How beautiful and original to congratulate family members and friends on this date will be discussed further.

Witty holiday - Old New Year

Everyone knows that the Old New Year 2023 is celebrated on the night of January 13-14, but few people know that the name of this holiday falls under the definition of "oxymoron", as well as the meaning of this term. So, an oxymoron or oxymoron is a witty expression that combines conflicting concepts, a paradox. And really, how can the New Year be old when it's new?

But this holiday is not only an occasion to find out the meaning of an unknown definition, but also to send your witty and kind congratulations to your loved ones. For example, here we have collected cool pictures of congratulations on this holiday.

You can congratulate your loved ones in different ways: verbally in a personal conversation, using postal services (postcard or letter) or using modernmeans of communication that allow you to send each other video greetings. If your choice fell on the last option, then on this page we made just such congratulations.

What is associated with the Old New Year?

Despite the fact that the last big holiday of January is Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 19, for most people the Old New Year is associated with the end of the New Year holidays and holidays. At this time, in many cities, city trees and other paraphernalia are being removed, and people go to work and gradually enter their usual working regime.

But this holiday may also have other associations: generosity and sowing (songs in which they wish he alth, a generous and successful year, congratulate on the upcoming holiday), rich kutia that meets everyone who enters the house, early sowing wheat for prosperity in the coming year. It can also be simpler things: a Christmas tree that has not yet been removed, snow on the street and windows with frosty patterns, and much more.

Beautiful and warm words of wishes can be found not only in our video greetings, but also in electronic cards for the Old New Year 2023. In addition, each of them can be downloaded for free to not only congratulate people dear to your heart on the upcoming celebration, but also to share your joyful mood!

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