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The wonderful tradition of giving gifts for the New Year is often very painful for the pocket. After all, I really want to congratulate almost everyone: parents, friends, employees and even neighbors in the stairwell. A festive table, outfit, New Year's interior decoration requires additional costs. There may simply not be enough finances for presents to “everyone”.

A great solution is to make gifts with your own hands. Just need to take into account one point. In order for the present to please the recipient, it must be of high quality and with a twist. Otherwise, his fate is to gather dust on the far shelf or be thrown out. Sad, right? Of course, relatives and friends will gladly accept a crookedly made souvenir with a slight flaw. But you can avoid this if you opt for simple and at the same time original gifts, the creation of which does not require special talents or practical skills. Our ideas will help you with this.

What will be in the article:

      • Beautiful fragrant soap
      • Original gift of glass bottles, s alt and cereals
      • Magic Candlesticks
      • Edible Surprise
      • Scented bags
      • Champagne bottle decoration
      • Awesome quillig snowflakes
      • Bouquet of fir branches
      • Knitted snowflakes
      • Beautiful design
      • Transforming glass jars
      • Wreath on the door
      • DIY s alt dough toys

    Soap souvenirs

    It's hard for any woman to resist the temptation to buy bright, insanely fragrant and he althy handmade soap bars. From such a tool, velvety skin becomes, complexion improves, its delicious smell uplifts.

    Only this kind of soap is often very expensive. The beautiful half of humanity, striving to rationally use the family budget, only inhales, looking at the window with a seductive product.

    But unusual, natural sticks can be made with your own hands. There are a large number of master classes on this topic on the Internet (on our website, too, here). The necessary ingredients can always be found in the assortment of any hand-made store. A little desire, patience, inspiration and a wonderful inexpensive gift will be ready.

    Present can be made in the form of any cool figure. In the coming year of the Tiger, the soapy cute Tiger cub will please not only the weaker sex. Dad, husband or boyfriend will love it.

    Beautiful candlesticks

    Originally decorated candle,unusual handmade candlestick can transform any interior and become a good New Year's gift.

    It's not so difficult to make an interesting souvenir on your own. Everything that is at home will go into action:

    • small glass jars;
    • pieces of fabric, lace;
    • tape, twine;
    • old Christmas decorations;
    • Spruce branches and cones.

    Don't forget the cinnamon sticks. In the coming year 2023, this is especially true. Eastern astrologers say that the owner of the year, the Water Tiger, must ensure the growth of finances. And what spice money loves the most? That's right - cinnamon. Esotericists even recommend putting it in a wallet, adding it to water when cleaning the house. In their opinion, the aroma of cinnamon attracts banknotes. So let's lure them to our house and loved ones!

    You will find ideas for using improvised material, money spice to make an unusual candlestick in the photos below.

    Watch, get inspired and make beautiful candlesticks for the New Year for yourself and your loved ones.

    Sweet pastries

    New Year's baking is a gift that everyone will be happy with: work colleagues, a strict boss, a teacher at school, parents, friends. Delicious, beautiful, with a magical aroma of ginger, cloves and vanilla, they just ask in your mouth.

    Cookies can be made in the form of Christmas stars, a Christmas tree, a snowman, fairy-tale characters and, of course, the owner of the year - a cute Bull.

    Pastries decorated with multi-colored icing will look great on the New Year's table or Christmas tree. The cost of preparing it will pay off with surprise and a joyful gleam in the eyes of the recipient of the present. And at this link, an amazingly tasty and simple recipe for gingerbread, which everyone gets. Try it!

    Bags of joy and celebration

    No, it's not about a big bag of Santa Claus, but about small sachets filled with fragrant herbs and special oils. They used to be used for:

    • aromatization of the room, clothing;
    • home protection;
    • attracting love and prosperity;
    • relieve fatigue;
    • getting rid of diseases.

    Function depended on herbs, shape, material and embroidery.

    Sachet in the form of a heart attracted the betrothed, harmonized family relationships. Square and rectangular were used to restore he alth. Today, small fragrant bags are willingly bought to flavor cars, houses, linens. Store items are expensive. They are soulless, they smell like synthetic oils.

    You can make a great New Year's gift with your own hands. Fill the sachet with real herbs, rose petals, your warmth and good wishes.

    To make the bag itself, you need any fabric available in the house. You can even use burlap and wool. Collect herbs yourself or buy at a pharmacy. For decoration, buttons, braid, old beads, the remains of ribbons and lace are suitable.

    Choose the shape of the sachet according to the purpose of the presentation. If you want to help your friend meet love, make it in the shape of a heart.

    Choose the square version, the size of a small pillow, in a color that matches the interior design, if the goal is to decorate the home of friends and help them relax after working days.

    Fill the bag with mint, lavender and chamomile. Every time they breathe in the scent of a gift sachet, they will remember you and your gift for 2023 with gratitude.

    Additional ideas for shaping and decorating scented pouches can be found below. Choose the ones you like and delight your loved ones with small wonderful products.

    Magic bottle transformation ideas

    A bottle of champagne is a fairly common New Year's gift. They don't really impress anyone. But you really want to see the surprise and delight from the presented present! Everything can be changed if you turn an ordinary bottle of sparkling alcoholic drink into, say, a pineapple or Santa Claus.

    The easiest and most budgetary way is to paint the vessel with sparkling sparkles, wrapmulti-colored ribbons or snow-white lace (why not an ice pattern?).

    There are many options. See for yourself by checking out the ideas below. Use them and let the masterpieces made by your hands delight you and everyone you care about.

    New Year's quilling

    Decorating the house with paper-cut snowflakes has long been a tradition. The bizarre patterns that appear under scissors are always pleasing to the eye and create a New Year's mood. But snowflakes made using the quilling technique are of particular admiration. They are extremely delicate and original. One hour is not enough to create them. From the first time, few people succeed in such a craft.

    But if you set a goal, you can get a stunningly beautiful snowflake that you are not ashamed to give to a friend or relative as a New Year's souvenir.

    An alternative to the Christmas tree - a beautiful New Year's bouquet

    A bouquet of natural or artificial branches of needles will perfectly complement the usual holiday attributes, if necessary, successfully replace the New Year tree. Such a composition is a wonderful and pleasant gift for both a work colleague and a loved one. To create it is quite simple and inexpensive.

    The bouquet is based on coniferous branches that need to be placed ina vessel with water or a floral sponge. Add cones, tinsel, Christmas balls. Such a New Year's bouquet will delight its owner with beauty and forest aroma, but, unfortunately, not for too long. But the composition of artificial material will last more than one year. What and how to do is up to you.

    Knitted snowflakes

    In skillful hands, from ordinary threads or yarn, in just half an hour, a unique beautiful snowflake is obtained. It can be successfully used to decorate cars, glasses, mugs, workplaces, telephones, Christmas trees, home interiors. Can be used as a coaster for glasses, a key ring, a designer item of clothing, a bag.

    The connected snowflake is an original, budgetary and at the same time a nice present. At the link you will find a master class and many patterns of knitted snowflakes.

    Nashyshushka - DIY home amulet

    Beautiful transparent vessels filled with multi-colored s alt, cereals, grains, pebbles or sand will be an excellent interior decoration. Such a self-made gift will delight your mother, sister or girlfriend.

    And if you remind them that s alt used as a filler has long been considered the strongest protective agent against troubles and misfortunes, cereals, grains are a symbol of prosperity, then the presented souvenir will acquire the status of a home amulet and willappreciated.

    Creating a bulk will not require a lot of time and special cash costs. You will definitely find everything you need:

    • good mood;
    • a little fantasy;
    • desire to please loved ones;
    • gouache or colored chalk;
    • loose ingredients;
    • glass containers of various shapes;
    • beautiful covers;
    • pieces of fabric, thin ribbons;

    Bottles can be filled in the form of abstract stripes or a bizarre landscape. Choose the color scheme according to your taste, taking into account the needs of the interior for which the bulk is intended. Beautifully decorate the lid. The original New Year's gift is ready!

    Beautiful gift wrapping for Christmas

    Interesting packaging is the promise of equally interesting content. To make it unusual and memorable, it is not necessary to use an expensive bright wrapper, or specially designed boxes and ribbons.

    Regular burlap, plain wrapping paper, twine or leftover yarn will do. For decor you can use:

    • spruce branches;
    • bumps;
    • rhinestones;
    • beads;
    • anise stars;
    • cinnamon sticks;
    • bay leaf;
    • nuts;
    • pieces of tinsel.

    Turning on the imagination, inspired by our ideas, you will definitely get an original designer packaging.

    Many faces of banks

    Ordinary glass jars can be the basis for an exclusive handmade gift. There are a lot of options to make a stunning present from such a simple material. In addition to candlesticks and mounds of glass vessels, you will get a convenient and beautiful keeper of bulk products, sweets, cutlery and napkins.

    A little paint, decorative elements and fantasy will turn a simple jar into an unusual vase or a stylish pencil holder.

    DIY Christmas wreath

    Such a wreath has already become an indispensable attribute of the winter holiday. It will successfully replace the Christmas tree in a small room and in itself serves as a stylish interior decoration. Shop wreaths are not always affordable and do not differ in great variety. Meanwhile, making it yourself is quite simple.

    Cardboard frame, wire, glue, items for decoration (ribbons, beads, needles, cones, nuts, etc.) that's all you need to create a beautiful craft. You can glue a coin to the wreath for prosperity, a horseshoe cut out of paper for good luck and other symbols of the upcoming holiday.

    A beautiful handmade wreath is a great gift for loved ones in the coming year 2023. Follow the link - several master classes and a lot of ideas.

    S alt dough souvenirs

    Stunning Christmas decorations are made from s alt dough. They can decorate the main gift (Christmas wreath, Christmas tree composition) or present as a souvenir.

    The dough is very easy to make (water, s alt, flour, vegetable oil). It is a pleasure to sculpt, cut out figures from it, and then decorate them. Fantasy allows you to embody the most daring ideas and get unusual cool souvenirs. Here you will find a detailed master class on making New Year crafts from s alt dough.

    Creating gifts with your own hands is a useful and exciting activity in which even younger family members will be happy to take part. Joint New Year's creativity will be remembered by them for a lifetime. As adults, they will remember him with warmth and love and perhaps pass the baton of making surprises on their own to their children.

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