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Video cards have gained popularity due to two main factors. The first is their environmental friendliness, since not a single tree was harmed during their mailing. The second factor is versatility, because the same postcard can be sent personalized to one person or sent to a whole group. Next, you will find a short story about digital cards and a selection of video cards for Christmas.

History of the digital postcard

The first postcard site was created before the Internet became ubiquitous and truly became the World Wide Web, in late 1994. It was called The Electric Postcard and was absolutely free. From its inception until the end of spring 1996, over 1.7 million digital postcards were sent through it.

Today, the technology of digital greetings has undergone a number of significant changes, as a result of which the following types of electronic cards have appeared:

  • electronic cards are analogues of postal cards intended for printing; these are the cards featured on The Electric Postcard;
  • flashcards are shortanimated clips (often interactive) between 15 and 30 seconds long, which, through watching them, convey the feelings of the sender;
  • mobile postcards are a picture in an SMS that is sent via a phone or other mobile device;
  • video cards that combine text and video to be sent to the addressee as a greeting.

For all digital postcards, the method of sending them remains the same - by e-mail or mobile phone number, if the messenger linked to it is used.

By the way, not only video cards, but also ordinary New Year cards in pictures have become very popular.

Christmas video cards

If you keep up with the times and also think that a digital greeting is better than a paper postcard, then especially for you we have prepared not only beautiful Christmas video cards, but also Merry Christmas cards in pictures. They will help to sincerely and warmly congratulate friends, loved ones, relatives, relatives and colleagues on a bright and fabulous Christmas holiday.

Now the only problem you may face when preparing Christmas greetings is the problem of choice. It will be very difficult to decide which video card to send to a dear person, because they are all beautiful and filled with sincerity and magic. But do not be upset about this, because each of them can be downloaded for free on our website.

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