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The Baptism of the Lord or Epiphany is the holiday that completes the series of New Year's celebrations, because it is on this day that it is customary to burn the Christmas tree and hide New Year's toys until next year. Many interesting customs and traditions are associated with this day. About them and how to congratulate relatives and friends on Baptism in an original and beautiful way, so that January 19, 2023 will be remembered for a long time, we will discuss further.

Epiphany customs and traditions

Besides burning the Christmas tree, there are many more interesting traditions associated with this holiday. So, it was considered a great sin to work on this day, since it is the third most important after Christmas and Easter. Of course, for most working people, the New Year holidays will end long before Epiphany, but if you have the opportunity to take a day off, you should use it to enjoy other traditions of this day.

Interesting fact: earlier Christmas and Epiphany were celebrated on the same day on December 25 or January 6. Now such a tradition of combining dates has been preserved only in some countries (for example, in Armenia).

The main symbol of the Epiphany is water. They consecrate it in temples, bathe in it,despite the Epiphany frosts, it must be drunk in a sip before the festive meal. It was believed that Epiphany water was able to give youth and beauty, so in the old days, girls hurried to the river at dawn to wash in the “magic water”.

Congratulations on Baptism

If there is no inner mood and readiness to swim in the ice hole for Epiphany, you can limit yourself to attending a service in the temple, then just wash yourself with holy water and send beautiful musical cards to friends and acquaintances.

As a rule, a video greeting contains images of biblical scenes from the Old Testament, illustrating typical scenes associated with this Sacrament.

Despite the fact that the weather on Epiphany does not indulge in warmth (there is even a stable expression "Epiphany frosts"), each video card, although replete with beautiful snow patterns, is able to fill the soul and heart with light, goodness, peace and warmth. And also, in order to have more sincere words, we wrote beautiful congratulations on the Epiphany of the Lord.

As a rule, heartfelt words in baptismal cards give such a result. And even if beautiful poems or congratulations in prose have already been written on the postcard, it will not be superfluous to add a couple of lines personally from myself. This will make the message more heartfelt and personal.

Traditional wishes on this day are spiritual cleansing, faith and protection. It is with such and not only words that congratulations can be downloaded for free from the above selection of beautiful musical cards. All of them are able to give a ray of light of faith andwarming hope.

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