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The patron saint of the new year 2023 is the White Metal Ox, therefore, in preparation for the holiday, the usual New Year symbols with images of this animal will be closely intertwined. Of course, you can limit yourself to a small purchased figurine of an animal, or you can sew a textile toy as a New Year's decor - a bull made of fabric, which can become an interior item or a child's favorite toy.

In this article:

  • tools and materials;
  • how to sew;
  • patterns and patterns;
  • photo ideas for inspiration.

Tools and materials

The choice of tools and materials for creating a textile doll with your own hands is a responsible event, because the appearance of the product and how long it will please you depend on their quality.

To sew a bull out of fabric, you will need the following tools:

  • sewing machine - for stitching individual parts, but if it is not available, you can get by with a back-needle manual seam, however, then the work will take longer;
  • sewing needle - for basting and sewing details, sewing on eyes and decorative elements;
  • thimble - an optional item, but it canprotect fingers from injections;
  • scissors - to cut patterns of toys from fabric;
  • chalk or a thin bar of soap - to transfer the paper pattern to the fabric.

As for the materials used for work, the main one will be fabric. A toy in the form of a New Year's bull can be sewn from the following types of fabric:

  • cotton - often dyed in bright colors and perfect for Christmas crafts;
  • knitwear - thanks to its stretch property, it is perfect for toys with uneven outlines and a lot of small details;
  • terry cloth, velor or velvet - suitable for creating realistic animal figurines, imitating their fur;
  • jeans - goes well with any interior details and is therefore suitable for sewing interior dolls;
  • flanels and flannels, ideal for tailoring a bull or a cow with short hair.
  • from felt (we have a separate article about bulls made of felt).

Advice! Beginners are not recommended to use silk or similar fabrics as the main material in the work, because they crumble and slip, they are very difficult to work with.

In addition to the fabric, you will additionally need a filler (synthetic winterizer or holofiber), sewing threads to match the main material, as well as buttons, beads and other decorative elements.

Sequence of work and advice from experienced seamstresses

Generalinstructions on how to sew a symbol of 2023 are as follows:

  1. Selection of the starting material (fabric) and its preparation - washing, ironing, steaming.
  2. Cut all the details according to paper pattern patterns.
  3. Basting and stitching all the details.
  4. Stuffing with filler and assembly of the product.
  5. Final appearance.

Things to consider:

  • When transferring the pattern to the fabric, be sure to take into account the direction of the shared thread or pile.
  • Experienced craftswomen do not always sweep away the details, sometimes they just cut them off with pins or fasten them with special clips.
  • Simple two-piece pieces always leave a hole for stuffing, which is then sewn with a blind stitch.
  • At the places of folds and roundness on the seam allowances, it is necessary to make notches so that the fabric does not pull in these places.
  • Manually, parts can be sewn both from the wrong side and from the front, using different types of seams.

Patterns and patterns of Bychkov from fabric

Any textile toy starts with a pattern. Templates of different bulls and cows can be taken from the selection below. They can be enlarged to the desired size and printed on a printer, or after enlargement, attach a white sheet of paper to the screen and carefully outline the template.

To make it more convenient to work with patterns of bulls, and they last longer, they should be made not from ordinary paper, but from thick cardboard.

Ideas for inspiration

Each hand-sewn fabric bull is unique and reflects the character of its creator, his favorite colors and materials. But it's always nice to look at the work of other craftsmen, inspired by their ideas to create your own unique product.

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