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Somewhere from the beginning to the middle of December for parents whose children go to kindergarten or school, a hot time begins. For various competitions and thematic New Year's exhibitions, winter crafts are needed, so you have to rack your brains to make the work interesting and within the power of the young creator. This article will greatly simplify this task, because it contains all the novelties of various options for such creativity using a wide variety of materials and designed for any age.

There are crafts in this article:

  • From cones
  • From paper
  • From cotton pads and sticks
  • From light bulbs
  • From plasticine
  • From plates
  • From felt
  • From glass jars
  • From sea pebbles
  • From candles

What can be made from cones

Most children enjoy picking chestnuts, leaves and cones while walking. All this we alth they proudly drag home. Adults can appreciate the true value of these materials when they need to make something for school, and there are a lot of options for using cones in themed winter works.

From them you can make:

  1. Figurines of various animals, additionally using pieces of felt (owls), parts molded from plasticine (deer, Santa Claus) or other natural materials (squirrel). If you attach loops to these figurines, you will get beautiful eco-friendly toys for the Christmas tree.
  2. Pendants-Christmas decorations. For them, it is not at all necessary to make some kind of figure out of a cone, it will be enough just to paint it with paints and decorate it with sparkles, bows, beads, pompoms or other affordable decor.
  3. Miniature or large Christmas tree. A well-dried cone opens beautifully. If you fix it vertically on a stand and decorate it (for example, with small colored pompoms or beads), you will get a small Christmas tree. For larger-scale work, you will need to make a base in the form of a cardboard cone, which should then be pasted over with cones. Both the first and second options will be within the power of even a kindergartener, if, of course, help make a cone-base.
  4. Snowman figurine made of cones. It can be made by analogy with a large Christmas tree made of cones, but instead of the base, use foam balls that can be bought at art stores. The head can be molded from airy plasticine or you can use a smaller diameter ball covered with a white cloth on which a snowman's face is drawn.
  5. Candlestick. For the simplest option, you can tie a few cones with twine, and place a candle inside. The second way is to remake an ordinary half-liter jar, which is wrapped in lace and decorated with cones.
  6. Here are other craft ideas fromcones.

Before starting work, it is important to dry the cones well so that later the finished work does not deform and remains just as interesting and aesthetic.

Beautiful paper crafts

Paper is a versatile material with which you can create crafts of varying complexity using various techniques. Without dwelling on paper snowflakes (the first thing associated with winter paper art), all works can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  1. Applications of varying complexity from colored and white paper. Such works are suitable for children who go to kindergarten or 1st grade. In addition to paper, you can additionally use cotton pads, thread pom-poms, sequins, cotton wool and more.
  2. Volume 3D white paper crafts. With the help of office paper packaging, a sharp knife, scissors and glue, you can create whole landscapes with houses, snow-covered firs and trees with your own hands. As a stand for such crafts, a saw cut of a tree will look perfect.

To create a festive atmosphere in voluminous paper crafts, backlighting is often used. She can become an ordinary Christmas tree garland orled strip.

Snow-covered works from cotton pads and cotton swabs

Winter is, first of all, snowy weather. Now, to powder the green beauty with snow, a few sprays from a can are enough, and not so long ago, white flakes of frozen water on thorny branches imitated small pieces of cotton wool.

Such similarity of this material with snow allows it to be used in various winter crafts, whether it is a winter landscape made of cotton pads or a snow-covered log cabin made of cotton buds. By analogy with cotton wool, you can use white threads (preferably woolen threads), cut into small pieces.

Christmas decorations from light bulbs

A burnt out light bulb can still serve as a basis for creating Christmas decorations. There are many options for how to create such a toy:

  1. With the help of sparkles - a burnt out light bulb is smeared with glue and sprinkledcolored sequins, after the glue dries, attach a loop and the original craft is ready.
  2. Decoupage - the light bulb is primed, covered with white acrylic paint, then selected motifs from napkins are glued with decoupage glue, after drying, covered with acrylic varnish.
  3. Artistic painting - at the beginning, the sequence of work is the same as in the previous example, but then a light bulb painted with white acrylic paint is painted in the form of a snowman, a penguin, or as fantasy tells. Additionally, you can make parts from felt or colored cardboard, such as a hat, wings, paws, etc.
  4. Crochet - a light bulb dyed with paint can be tied with a beautiful openwork pattern using a crochet hook.

Important point: small children working with a glass bulb can break it and get hurt, so light bulbs with a plastic bulb are suitable for them.

Plasticine winter

Interesting winter crafts-appliques are obtained from plasticine. To create them, just print the winter picture you like, transfer it with tracing paper to the base (thick cardboard or plywood sheet), and then color it with plasticine. You can simply grind it or assemble a mosaic of small plasticine balls. With the help of stacks, you can create a realistic relief of the plumage of a bird or needles ontree.

Some types of modern plasticine (for example, air) or mass for modeling under the influence of air freeze. This makes them an excellent material for creating three-dimensional figurines, from which you can create a beautiful winter diorama.

Crafts from plates

Unusual, but very interesting crafts are made from disposable (paper or plastic) plates. Such dishes can be the basis for a winter panel or an original canvas on which a young artist can depict what he associates with winter.

The second option for using plates is to create New Year's characters (Santa Claus, deer or snowman) on their basis. For this, in addition to disposable tableware, you will need:

  • colorful gouache;
  • paint brushes;
  • polymer adhesive;
  • various decorative elements (rhinestones, pompoms, bows, felt details).

Sequence of actions:

  1. On the plate with the help of paints draw the face of the selected winter character.
  2. While the drawing is drying, prepare additional elements. For example, cut horns and ears for a deer from hard felt or make pompoms from threads for Santa Claus's beard.
  3. When the paint stops sticking to your fingers, finish the job by gluing the missing parts.

Children who are already attending secondary school can be encouraged to paint a china or ceramic plate rather than a disposable one.

For this you will need:

  • plate;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brushes;
  • color mixing palette;
  • cotton buds;
  • alcohol or glass cleaner;
  • oven.

Painting technology:

  1. First, the dishes must be degreased with alcohol or window cleaner.
  2. Then, with the help of brushes, apply the drawing with paints. If suddenly, some element is drawn incorrectly, you can simply wipe it with a cotton swab until the paint is dry, and after drying - with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  3. The finished drawing must dry at room temperature for 24 hours.
  4. Then put the plate in a cold oven, heat it to 150 degrees, stand for half an hour and let it cool completely in a closed oven.

After that, such a plate can not only be taken to an exhibition of crafts, but also used for its intended purpose. The design will not wash off in the dishwasher or when washing by hand.

Since acrylic paints are translucent, it is better to paint white or plain plates. To make the color more dense, you can mix colored paint with white acrylic.

Kaleidoscope of felt ideas

In children's crafts of kindergarten students, felt is most oftenused for applications. Toddlers at this age learn to work with scissors and glue. School students will already be able to work with more complex tools such as a needle and thread. This opens up more opportunities for working with felt. They can make winter crafts.

To create various felt pendants and other things you will need:

  • sheets of colorful felt;
  • sewing thread and needle;
  • folofiber to add volume;
  • buttons, beads, ribbons and more.

Before starting work, the child needs to be introduced to the two main seams that are used - the “forward needle” seam and the buttonhole, and then proceed as follows:

  1. Draw a sketch of a future toy on paper (you can use the ideas given for inspiration) and cut out the necessary details from colored felt.
  2. Sew the pieces together using one of the two seams.
  3. Stuff the toy with holofiber and attach a loop.

If there are very small details, then they can not be sewn, but simply glued with hot glue.

Here are more ideas for Christmas felt crafts.

Winter fairy tale in a glass jar

In every house there is a glass jar,perhaps even a very whimsical shape that can be turned into a handmade candle holder or an atmospheric winter lamp. For its decor, you can use various natural materials (cones, branches, acorns), as well as paints, burlap, lace.

The idea of creating such lamps is not difficult to repeat, based on a photo selection.

It is only important to remember: an open fire is always a fire hazard, so it is better to take a candlestick with LED candles to school, which are not much more expensive than usual.

If a glass jar has a tightly screwed lid, then you can make crafts from it by analogy with a snow globe. For this you will need:

  • glass jar with lid;
  • white tinsel and silver sequins;
  • figures for composition inside (possible from kinder surprise);
  • glue "Moment";
  • glycerin and purified water.

How to make a snow globe:

  1. On the inside of the lid, glue the figures that will be inside the "ball", let the glue dry well.
  2. Pour glycerin with water into a jar. The less water in the mixture, the slower the snowflakes will fall.
  3. Pour white tinsel and glitter into the liquid, stir and see how the snowflakes come to life.
  4. Process the neck of the jar from the inside with glue and twistlid.

After drying, you can decorate the outside of the jar and you can enjoy the man-made winter fairy tale.

Paintings on stones

During trips to the sea as a souvenir, children, and often adults, grab beautiful smooth stones. Then the pebbles can gather dust for a while in a conspicuous place, and then they remove it away from the eyes. So, the winter time is the time when it's time to get the hidden stones and make new crafts out of them.

Large specimens can be beautifully painted using:

  • acrylic paints and varnish (you can take gouache and colorless nail polish);
  • PVA glue;
  • tassels;
  • Eraser and pencil.


  1. PVA glue should be diluted with a small amount of water and primed with this liquid on the surface of the stone, preferably twice.
  2. After drying, use a simple pencil and an eraser to sketch the future drawing.
  3. Draw all the details with paints, and after drying open the work with varnish.

If artistic abilities leave much to be desired, then you can print the drawing you like on paper, and then transfer its outline to the stone using tracing paper.

Deco and decoupage of candles

Candles in many homes are an invariable attribute of cozy winter evenings. Often they are decorated, so some of them can be called real works of art. Simple decor options can be repeated at home by making an original craft.

For example, a thick candle can be decorated in a circle with cinnamon sticks and other spices and spices (for example, star anise, anise, cloves). To keep everything, tie with twine or lace, a wide burlap ribbon.

The second option for decorating candles is decoupage. To complete it you will need:

  • paraffin candle (the thicker the better);
  • napkins;
  • scissors;
  • white acrylic paint and sponge:
  • spoon and candle-tablet or hair dryer;
  • soft cloth.

Pattern method:

  1. From napkins, select the appropriate image and cut it out. Then stratify the napkin, leaving only the layer with the pattern to work with.
  2. Attach the image to the candle and smooth with a hot dry spoon or heat with hot air from a hair dryer, moving from the center to the edges.
  3. After the candle has cooled down, it must be polished with a soft cloth to smoothness, and go over the cuts of the napkin with a sponge dipped in white paint so that they do not puff up.

Very importantthat children work with heated objects (spoon or hair dryer), and also light candles only under adult supervision to avoid burns and fire hazards.

Winter crafts do not have to be prepared for school or kindergarten, many of these ideas can be a wonderful New Year's gift, home decoration element or a way to have fun with children. You should not completely copy this or that work, it would be better if you allow the child to show their imagination and taste.

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