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If you are going to throw a New Year's "feast for the whole world" with many guests, then you will definitely need nine rules. After all, the best event is a carefully planned event.

1. Compiling the guest list

A house party is not a wedding celebration, and there is no point in inviting a hundred guests. It is important to decide in advance who you are willing to invite. It's not a good idea to invite guests with children unless you are a parent yourself and other guests will be without children. The presence of a child at an adult party is unacceptable. That is why, if you have friends with children, you need to find out if they can leave the child at home. If you are absolutely sure that they will not have such an opportunity, invite them separately, choosing a different date for this. Or you can go the other way: invite all your friends with children and think of a separate program for the children. But then you can't count on a wild celebration.

2. Prepare invitations in advance

New Year's party involves the arrival of guests with gifts that need to be thought about ahead of time. If you send invitations right on the eve of the celebration, your friends willforced to spend the last days in the hustle and bustle of the store and hastily sweep away the first thing that comes to hand. It is clear that at the time of presentation, they will feel embarrassed, because most likely, the maximum that they will be able to purchase is the notorious shower set or a photo frame.

3. Discuss the dress code

When someone shows up to a party in a chic New Year's dress, and the rest of the guests are dressed in simple jeans and a T-shirt, an awkward moment arises again. Just like if one of the guests comes to the party in casual clothes, while the rest are dressed up, everyone, including the owner of the house, will feel uncomfortable. In general, overly elegant dresses do not look quite appropriate at a house party. In any case, it is necessary to think over the issue with the dress code in advance.

4. Christmas table

There is no need to organize a huge table, unless, of course, you yourself express a desire. When thinking about what to cook for the New Year, it is important to check the guest list. See if your friends are from the following categories: vegetarians, allergies, non-alcoholics, always dieters. If there are any, you will have to think about what should be on the New Year's table to please everyone.

5. Entertainment

Parties in the spirit of "just sit, drink, listen to music" - a very sad phenomenon. It becomes even sadder if there are people among the guests who meet each other.first. You yourself will get tired pretty quickly, strenuously trying to portray yourself as a cheerful toastmaster. The best option is board games designed for a large company (mafia, forfeits, etc.). This is a fun and bonding activity that will create a warm atmosphere. In addition, the list of musical compositions for the evening should be made in advance.

6. Shop with a prepared list

Foods and alcoholic drinks are not the main concern. Of course, it is impossible to forget about them. Another thing is garbage bags, napkins (including wet ones, because one of the guests will definitely stain or spill something) and extra dishes (for sure at least one glass will break).

7. Smokers

If you yourself do not smoke and do not tolerate the smell of cigarette smoke, there are two options: ask guests to smoke outside or provide a balcony for this. Still, forcing friends to go out every time is not entirely good, it is better to equip a balcony in advance. For example, you can equip it with a rug if guests take off their shoes in the house, and ashtrays, which should be immediately included in the list along with the products.

8. Notify your neighbors

Even if the party takes place right on the 31st, when the entire population will buzz and light firecrackers, you must warn the neighbors. First of all, this is a rule of etiquette. In addition, the distant rumble from the street and the sounds behind the wall make a big difference.

9. Consider an extra bed

Let you have a small apartment and you are not going to drink a lot of alcohol, and among the guests there are no those who arrive from afar - you still need to prepare a bed for a guest who cannot go home. There is a high probability that someone will stay, especially since the New Year is a holiday that is celebrated until the morning.

10. Tidy up before bed

As depressing as it sounds, waking up among bowls of yesterday's New Year's salad is even more depressing. Therefore, even if you are very tired, try to clear the table, put food in the refrigerator, and throw away what should be thrown away.

11. Isn't it a good morning?

Take care of the contents of your first aid kit in advance: aspirin, anti-hangover drugs. If the New Year's party is too fun, some of those present will suffer from a hangover in the morning. Also, it will not be superfluous to have food poisoning, burns, painkillers and bandages. We hope you will not need them, and the New Year will be carefree and joyful for you!


Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!