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Not a single holiday is celebrated with such scope and fun as the New Year! Every year we make wishes, believe in good things and hope that everything will be better than yesterday. And laughter, as you know, is the best assistant in all matters! That is why we have written funny and funny New Year greetings for you! The upcoming 2023 is the year of the Tiger, so the congratulations were not without the symbol of the year! Send our poems to your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and everyone! And let the laugh on the eve of the holiday knock on everyone!

May the upcoming New Year,
Bad neighbor leave you,
Let traffic jams move to the mountains,
Bad talk there!
also to the moon
Adversity, grief and guilt!
Let them run away without looking back
All the fuss and turmoil!
Let all the taxes and rents,
Do not overeat your salary! May the upcoming New Year, Only good things await you!

Let the tiger in the coming year
Bankrupt the bank of adversity.
Destroy sorrow and pain, Keep sorrows in captivity.

Keep prices in check,
Insolence is also here and there.
On a short leash,Plus on dry rations,

Holds all-all-all hardships,
Resultsbad weather.
Happiness, joy, let them frolic, Let stocks have fun.

Let good he alth
Knows clearly by heart,
What is the whole world for him You can throw a banquet!

It’s not harmful to dream, it’s harmful not to dream!
And therefore I want to wish you fantastic!
Let natural juice in the morning,
The water tap makes you happy!
On weekdays, let it be in the evening,
Only exclusively with beer!
Let it be at four o'clock, on Saturday,
Give you cherry compote to drink!
A on Friday evening, even during the day,
Vodka beats like a fountain or a spring!
And of course, on the very New Year,
Whiskary flows with good exposure!
Oh , and you will also need water,Well, well … let the switch be then!

Let our Tiger gather advice for a festive banquet

Let determination, success
Eliminate interference.
Let confidence, luck Separate with bewilderment.

To this New Year
It is easy and without worries for us
We will not face difficulties And plunge into good luck!

Let the symbolic Tiger cub,
Give you some money.
To coffee in the morning - with luck,
Work - with a bright mood! accept with love,
And do not get tired of worries!
May the upcoming New Year,
Bring success and happiness!
Let the Tiger carefully for you,
Arrange a w altz from surprises:
Finances here, he alth there,
Joy, a generous feast,
Presents all year round ,
So that there are no worries! Let The Tiger protects you with a strong paw in the coming year!
Happy New Year!
Let the fun with a noisy platoon
Burst into life like a hurricane
From wonders like a crazy fountain!
Let success like a giant
You will be caught in his trap. So that in the coming year, Entry is free everywhere!
The New Year is in a hurry already!
Everyone around is on a roll!
The joy of not losing that
I wish again!

Sea of joyful surprises!
And a lifetime visa,
To the world of success and love! Enjoy and live!

Let the New Year be a billion
From miracles, blow up firecrackers!
From luck crackers!So that you do not need anything!
From adversity to rush past,
To be elusive for troubles.

For joy to have fun,
For happiness to cling to
On New Year's flight to you,To make a good year!

Let the New Year draw,
Have a fun flight for you,
Festive landing,
And great fun!
So that trouble gets stuck in traffic!Sadness in a sealed box,
Let it fly to Karaganda,
And grab it on the go,
Everything that can sadden.
Let you nothing gnaws,
Only good things await, In the upcoming New Year!
It's time to step into the New Year!
Forget what you don't need.
Let it go away like a bad dream, Bustle attraction!

I wish the prices,
Don't make a scene:
Don't get bitten again,
And don't upset you at all!
Let success be glad to give,
Annual certificate! For good luck, for luck,Festive mood!

I wish you a marvelous diva in the New Year!
I wish you stable prosperity in the New Year!
Beautiful days and a sea of vivid impressions! Exquisite and stunning phenomena!

Let luck descend in a balloon!
Let happiness play the guitar for you in the evenings!
I wish you to find a treasure in the wall at home! five!
And most importantly, do not doubt anything,
Otherwise, luck can be scared!

In a bottle of cognac, I wish you to find Jin!
Let the home carpet learn to fly!
Let the tablecloth at home become self-assembly!
So as not to cook early in the morning!
Let the headdress become invisible!
There will be too much astronomical finance! Let French champagne flow from the tap! To celebrate the New Year with style economically!
I wish you not to work, to earn!
May prosperity make you very happy!
I wish you to win, not to play!
Always be cheerful and sleep well!
I wish you to have fun, but not to amuse!
I wish you not to exist, but just to live.
Let the New Year surprise you with the arrival, Everything you have planned will come true!
As soon as the New Year comes,
Tailed Tiger will take the throne.
Laughter, good luck, prosperity!
Luck spontaneity,
Happiness bright safety!

I wish you to have time everywhere in the New Year!
I wish you to become the best friend for the Tiger!Calf!
Let there be an assortment of miracles,
Let the annual subscription be happy!
Let the morning please with cheerful rays,
will be with you!
Let the Tiger cub keep you in the New Year.
Let it bring any order to life!
Let it collect happiness like a piggy bank, For you comfort, luck acquires.

Let peace of mind by all means,
The world is affected unusually!
Let the symbol of the year stomp, if anything,If he smells something wrong with his tail.

Let the cute Tirenok,
Save some money for you:
Protect you,
Build a reliable house! do not break through!
Here is such a turn,
In the upcoming New Year.
Definitely expects,
You are pleasantly surprised!

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