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The history of video congratulations began back in 1970, when on New Year's Eve, the current Secretary General L.I. Brezhnev. Such video messages with New Year's greetings received a great response from the audience and eventually became traditional.

Now, with the development of technology, almost everyone has access to the technique to shoot a video greeting Happy New Year 2023, but not everyone has the knowledge and experience or time to edit the video themselves. In this case, the following selection of short New Year's videos with good wishes and congratulations, which can be downloaded for free on our website, will help out.

"Happy New Year!" and “Happy New Year!”

Starting from the last days of December of the year, you can send a video greeting on the upcoming holiday to those who you won’t be able to see on New Year’s Eve at the festive table. Such a gesture will not only be a courtesy, but will also help create a fabulous New Year's mood for yourself and others.

Now that owning a smartphone is not somethingout of the ordinary, a video clip can be sent to anyone through any available messenger. This original greeting will make the New Year 2023 unforgettable and unique.

New Year greetings for mom

From the first minutes of a child's life, mother acts as a guardian angel and a kind sorceress. It becomes clear to already grown-up children who on New Year's Eve hid treasured gifts from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree. The upcoming New Year is a good reason to thank your mother for fulfilling her childhood dreams for more than one year. You can do this by sending her a beautiful video with New Year's greetings.

How to wish dad a Happy New Year

No matter how serious and stern-looking a man is, he is also pleased to hear good congratulations and wishes addressed to him, so you should not forget to say warm words to your dad on the eve of the New Year. This can be done beautifully with the help of a video greeting.

By the way, cool New Year cards - follow this link.

Warm wishes for sister

Happy New Year, love (for girls, women)!

Women never get much attention, they bloom from it like flowers under the warm rays of the spring sun, therefore, having prepared the desired gift for her beloved, it will not be out of place to supplement it with a video greeting, in which words of love and congratulations on New Year will sound in prose or poetry.

New Year's greetings to your beloved man, boyfriend

Video congratulations to your belovedcan be sent if it is not possible to celebrate the New Year 2023 together, but such a gift will please no less if the beloved man is nearby. Here it is important to beautifully beat the very presentation of the video. This can be a message to your phone, email, or a USB stick.

Happy New Year friends!

Friends for the majority is the most numerous category of people whom I want to congratulate on the main winter holiday. This can be done in a personal meeting, in a telephone conversation, by sending SMS or short video congratulations. In order not to forget anyone, you should create a mailing list in advance, and we took care of the congratulation itself by selecting the right video for you.

Cool funny congratulations

Practically everyone has such a close person with whom you can joke on almost any topic, without fear that the joke will not be understood. So why should you give up the pleasure of having fun, congratulating dear people on the New Year? Moreover, cool and funny video congratulations are not inferior in kindness and sincerity to the more familiar ones.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!