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What is the most important thing in the New Year holidays, besides creating a mood, communicating with loved ones and gifts? Of course, congratulations! This is a simple, fast, and most importantly - a completely free way to show attention to a person. Forwarding the same poem to WhatsApp “in a circle” is considered bad form, so we have written for you the best New Year 2023 greetings that you will not find anywhere on the Internet. Send with pleasure! And don't forget to share our nice site with your friends.

The tiger has taken over the reins,
With his bright appearance!
Brings love and peace, A good feast from miracles!

To chic the whole year,
And there is nothing to know about the problems!
The Tiger will protect, And drive away adversity!

The night has come and the chiming clock,
We will be moved a year ahead!
Christmas tree, burning garlands, Colorfully decorate our flight!

In the coming year, let the Tiger,
Protect faithfully our world
Save comfort, love and joy! And turn hardships into sweetness!

The tiger rushed at full speed!
Scared me along the way!
Boredom and a squad of adversities, To have a successful year!

Happy New Year congratulations
Tigrik will bring withrespect!
He will be friendly Protect from all sides!

Let the ocean of money
They will often visit you!
They say happiness is not in them But they are already in a hurry!

Childhood door has been closed for a long time,
Faith in a miracle is hidden by time…
I want to melt that ice, Let a fairy tale into this New Year.

Believe in magic again!
Expect wishes to come true!
Awaken the power of fairy laws! And let the good in immediately!

In the coming New Year
May the Tiger find you!
Bring a lot of gifts
Delicious, colorful and bright!
And he alth , and luck,
To reject all doubts,
Happiness is easy to take by the hand, To live, rejecting pain and boredom!

Happiness boldly with ringing laughter
Let it drive away all obstacles
To enjoy life
And wake up with a smile!
Ride on good luck on horseback,
To make everything a bunch!
Let the tiger break adversity, Happy New Year!

I wish to remember what brings joy!
I wish to remember everything that inspires!
Let there be no place for disappointments in lifeLet all hardships be under arrest !

Let the tears flow from your eyes in the New Year
When the fun visits you again!
May the New Year be really, Reliable, generous and, of course, amazing!

I wish you don't have to endure,
So that sadness does not visit in the future!
Let loneliness for three to nine lands, Leave to live in some tunnel!

Let happiness do not hesitate to come,
I wish peace andjoy to find!
May all good things happen in the New Year, Let the dream find a place in life!

Santa Claus, write an order,
To immediately, this time,
Or rather in the New Year, Let the fairy tale come to the world!

To the world of that, let who in the end,
Read these lines.
A lot of them? No problem here, Enough magic words for everyone!

Whoever reads this,
Let him clearly understand!
You will be lucky in everything, And move forward easily!

To and fro, and so on all this year,
The cycle of working days dragged on!
Let the New Year, which is already in a hurry to us, You will be relieved of fatigue!

Make everything easy and simple!
So that good luck tries to help you!
Happy New Year, Let everything be just as you wish!

I wish fate to accept a present,
Let it be an annual subscription!
No, no, it will not tire, You just need to use everything:

Happiness, joy, whether the visit is fun,
It will be a complete unlimited!
For love, good luck, laughter, luck, For comfort and festive mood!

Let it be heavenly pleasure,
And magical every moment!
Let it be in a wonderful New Year, Surely everything will happen!

The hands of the clock are running,
We are temptingly called,
Take flight with them In the upcoming New Year!

I want to take with me,
A stunning mood,
Peppy days attraction, And a good, sound sleep!

Let hope not languish,
Let love fly likebird!
Brightly positive sparkles, All dreams come true!

To this New Year!
It turned out a round dance
From wonderful generous days, Fascinating ideas!

The chimes will only strike,
Let it shake you up competently!
To wake you up, as it were, To plunge into the atmosphere,

Joy and understanding!
To pay attention
Every day is a great success So that everything goes smoothly!

To this New Year
Give a good "reversal"
To all insults and hardships And sad bad weather!

The New Year has come, and happiness has come with it,
And let it drive away boredom and bad weather!
Let miracles attract a good mood, And only faithful people surround!

Let the world wrap you in mutual understanding,
Let joy surround you with devoted attention!
Let a good mood come, Carefully protect you all year long!

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