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Setting the New Year's table is of great importance in creating an appropriate festive one, and dishes play an important role in this. Champagne is the traditional drink of this winter holiday, and one way to emphasize and highlight this is to decorate glasses for the New Year. How to use cones, spruce branches, paints, rhinestones and beads, glitter, lace and twine for this will be described later. And after viewing the photo ideas of the New Year's decor, there will be no doubt that this activity should be included in the preparation for the celebration.

In this article:

  • How to decorate with Christmas trees and cones
  • Christmas ribbon decor
  • How to paint glasses with paints
  • Spectacular glasses decorated with glitter, stasas and beads
  • How to decorate with lace and twine
  • Photo-ideas of decor for the New Year

How to decorate with Christmas trees and cones

On the eve of the New Year, shops for creativity, shops for creativity amaze with an abundance of various artificial coniferous twigs, cones, snow-covered bright berries, angels and other analogues of natural materials that will retain their attractive appearance for many years. Suchdecor is perfect for decorating glasses that will stand on the New Year's table.

To arrange dishes for a festive feast in this way, you will need:

  • alcohol or other degreaser;
  • glue;
  • various decorative elements - cones, twigs, berries, wire beads, ribbons, small figurines and more.

How to decorate:

  1. First, you need to carefully consider the composition, where and how its elements will be placed (on the bowl, on the leg or at the base). Decor should not interfere with drinking from dishes.
  2. Next, wipe the glass with alcohol and glue decorations to it.
  3. Then you should remove excess glue, let the work dry.

The decoration of the finished glass will not be superfluous to check for strength so that nothing falls off during the celebration. To do this, it will be enough to vigorously shake it several times.

Christmas ribbon decor

You can quickly and easily decorate glasses for the New Year with your own hands using satin ribbons. The easiest option is to tie a beautiful bow on the leg, or you can approach the issue more thoroughly and place a composition of satin ribbons in the form of a snowflake made using the Kazan technique on the bowl.

A traditional bottle of champagne decorated with ribbons, similar to glasses, will look very beautiful on the New Year's table. Red, green, white, blue and blue ribbons are suitable for decor,because they echo the colors of spruce, snow and Christmas and New Year decor. But if other colors are chosen for decor, then they can be safely used in the design.

Combinations of ribbons of different colors, widths and textures in one composition will look original. A small New Year's bell or a beautiful massive crystal can add festive chic to a bow tied on a leg.

Advice! Frayed edges of satin ribbon can ruin the look of your work, so they should be hidden or carefully seared to prevent fraying.

How to paint glasses with paints

Even if you drew for the last time at school in drawing lessons, you can still beautifully decorate glasses for the New Year. This process is not difficult, but incredibly exciting.

Regardless of the chosen technique, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • paints - acrylic, stained glass, contour, special markers for glass or regular nail polish;
  • degreaser - anyone will do, you can take ordinary medical ethyl alcohol;
  • artificial hair brushes (they don't crumble as much as natural ones), cotton buds;
  • cotton pads to remove flaws in the process of drawing.

You can draw a picture in several ways:

  1. Points withusing cotton swabs. The dots simply arranged with paints on the stand, stem and bowl of the glass will look very impressive, associating with champagne bubbles, but you can make a whole picture out of them, for example, a Christmas tree or Santa Claus climbing the stairs. This method is good because you can draw with a regular cotton swab.
  2. Using a stencil. You can buy ready-made stencils in craft stores, and simple geometric patterns can be applied to glass using ordinary masking tape. To apply beautiful fantasy patterns, you can use a piece of lace.
  3. Using a background sketch. On the inside of the vessel, you can stick the drawing you like with adhesive tape, and then draw it with paints, repeating the lines on the sketch behind the glass.

Color painting sequence:

  1. Wash well and degrease the glass.
  2. Fix a stencil or background sketch on it.
  3. Then, use brushes or cotton swabs to apply the pattern.
  4. Let paint dry.

Glass markers will dry in a day, and acrylic and stained glass paints will need to be baked. To do this, the glasses should be placed in a cold oven, turn on the heat to 130-150 degrees and hold for half an hour. Then turn off the oven and leave the glasses in it until they cool completely.

Advice! The drawing on the cup of the glass should not reach the edge by at least 2 cm, so as not to touch the paint with the lips while drinking.

Spectacular glasses decorated with glitter, stasas and beads

Glitter is an easy way to beautifully decorate glassware, but in order to please the dishes for as long as possible, you should thoroughly prepare and purchase the following tools and materials:

  • alcohol or other degreaser;
  • etching gel;
  • glue for glass or ceramics;
  • sequins, glitter;
  • masking tape or glass stencil;
  • foam sponge and brushes;
  • aerosol clear glossy acrylic lacquer.

Work sequence:

  1. Wash and degrease wine glasses.
  2. Separate with a stencil or adhesive tape the surface on which the pattern will be applied. Then apply an etching gel on it. It will roughen the glass, so the glitter will stick better.
  3. Rinse the gel into a stainless steel sink, let the glass dry well. Then, with a foam brush, apply glue in two layers.
  4. Apply glitter on the second layer of still wet glue. Let the glue dry afterwards.
  5. Finally, brush away excess glitter with a fluffy brush and cover the decoration with spray varnish on top. After it dries, the dishes can be used for their intended purpose.

To decorate dishes for the New Year with rhinestones and beads, you don’t need complex compositions, it’s enough to have a degreaser and a glue gun on hand, ifrhinestones and beads are not applied adhesive composition. It is necessary to wipe the glass with alcohol and glue the decorations, as fantasy or design examples in the photo suggest.

How to decorate with lace and twine

Excellent materials for creating New Year's decor for glasses - lace and twine. White airy lace patterns create an analogy with frosty patterns on glass, and twine, despite its grayness and inconspicuousness, looks good in rustic compositions. These materials can be used individually or together.

To make the simplest decoration for the New Year from lace, you need to degrease the glass, then glue a lace ribbon in the center of the bowl, tie a satin bow over it and decorate with beads or a small boutonniere.

The base, night and / or part of the glass bowl are wrapped with twine. Attach it, as a rule, on hot glue with a gun. Here, the masters advise to start winding moving from top to bottom. After winding is completed, other elements of New Year's decor (cones, fir branches, beads, lace, berries, etc.) can be glued on top.

Photo-ideas of decor for the New Year

There are different techniques that allow you to decorate glasses for the New Year with your own hands using various toolsand materials. Do not be afraid to experiment and use several techniques and materials at the same time, for example, sequins and satin ribbons, paints and lace.

This will create not only unique dishes, but also a unique festive atmosphere at the table. Get inspired to create your own masterpiece with ideas from our selection of examples of finished work.

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