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The soothsayer Vanga is the most sensational and significant figure among all the prophets who lived in the twentieth century. Her gift was discovered and noticed during her lifetime, which made her known literally to the whole world. Many pilgrims turned to her to lift the veil of secrecy over their future, but her eyes were also turned to much larger, global problems.

The clairvoyant saw the fate of entire countries and peoples, and even in those distant times she knew what awaited the world in the third millennium. There are Vanga's predictions for 2023 - even such a distant future did not hide from the seer of great spiritual power. Whether they are true and how accurate, time will tell, but looking at the accuracy of her predictions, there is no doubt about it.

Table of contents:

  • Virus Predictions: A Feast in the Time of Plague
  • Financial turmoil
  • Will 2023 be difficult for Russia
  • Vanga's predictions: who will be happy in 2023

Virus Predictions: A Feast in the Time of Plague

Changes in the world that the coronavirus has made have affected almost every person. And this disease could not hide from the insight of Vanga, who said literally: "There will be a feast during the plague."The soothsayer said that a disease previously unknown to science would come at the beginning of the third millennium - either from the East, or from Africa. Scientists from all over the world are still arguing about this, and they can’t come to a consensus. Apparently, this will remain a mystery and no one will be able to accurately detect the source of the disease.

The seer's prediction of a feast during the plague is understandable: while some pharmaceutical companies are trying to rid the world of the coronavirus, others are just trying to get rich by taking advantage of the moment and producing low-quality vaccines, as well as making crazy mark-ups on life-saving drugs . However, people have not changed since ancient times, and there have always been plenty of people who want to get quick and easy money, even if they are obtained on someone else's mountain.

More interesting are the seer's words about the spread of the disease. Vanga's prediction for 2023 about the virus, on the one hand, cannot be called comforting - she claimed that people would get used to the deadly disease and it "would become common, like a cold." But perhaps this should also be interpreted as the fact that the invented vaccines and herd immunity will make it possible to cope with the coronavirus, and it will become no more dangerous than the mentioned ARVI.

In any case, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will have to live with this disease in 2023. It will not disappear anywhere, and therefore it is better to get used to the new reality, which was predicted by the clairvoyant a very long time ago.

Financial turmoil

Another exciting question for many is whether 2023 will be financially successful. Vanga said that the world would be divided into rich and poor. The difference in we alth will be huge, which will continue in 2023 as well. One cannot but agree with this trend: in the lists of the richest people on the planet there are people whose we alth exceeds the we alth of many states. It is unlikely that anything will change in the coming year.

In addition, the Bulgarian soothsayer claimed that “money will be divided into 2 streams flowing east and west and in the opposite direction, both will flow into Russia, but people will be fabulously rich, even without holding money in their hands "".

The power of the East, constantly increasing its economy, forces even the superpowers to reckon with it. It is hard to believe that all relations with Russia and the West will be terminated - and especially economic ones. At the same time, cooperation with China and other Eastern countries will continue to expand.

But the interpretation of Vanga's prediction about people who will be fabulously rich without money is also twofold. On the one hand, it can please us that in 2023 human values that have nothing to do with money - kindness, love, friendship will not disappear anywhere. People who cherish these concepts are truly rich in their own way.

But some see Vanga's far greater insight in this statement - and they say that the soothsayer means electronic money. The world will continue to be flooded with payment systems thatallow you to abandon cash in favor of electronic money. And that is why the person who does not even hold a single banknote in his hands can be fabulously rich.

Will 2023 be tough for Russia?

Regarding Russia in 2023, Vanga spoke rather restrainedly and at the same time meaningfully: “She withstood this, she will also withstand this. The country will change, but the people will remain the same.” In modern realities, when changes can be the most unexpected and at the same time not always good, it is hard to disagree with such a prediction.

Want to check what came true and what didn't? Read the predictions for last year.

Vanga's predictions: who will be happy in 2023

When asked which of the people would be happy in the world she predicted, Vanga said: “Who will be able to distinguish truth from lies and be able to attach good fists, but it will be more and more difficult with time.” In 2023, the era of the advent of information technology will continue. Increasingly valuable are not only real resources, but also pure information. With its help, you can manipulate people's minds, ideas sell as well as other goods, patents allow you to earn money even without producing anything.

But in all this information flow, it will be more and more difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Information is easier to manipulate than to make a fake for any product. And therefore, only those who can distinguish truth from lies, who will be able to turn to a reliable source of information, will win. Moreover, such a judgment will be fair ininterpersonal relationships. Being sincere, people can be happy. But relationships built on lies will never be the key to happiness.

The second part of the prediction concerns "good with fists." The strength is in the truth, but even so, you will need to be able to protect it. Only this will help a person to maintain his happiness. But the powerless people, unable to resist the constant changes in the world, will face sadder times.

Vanga's predictions for 2023 say that even with the disease, many will come to terms. However, at the same time, you will need to remain strong in order to find your happiness and be able to protect it. Of course, this will require a lot of additional spiritual energy from people, but the main thing is that even in such difficult times it will be possible to become truly happy. Although the world remains unstable, human values remain the same. And this allows you to adapt to life in such a way that every person, if desired, can find their place under the sun.

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