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The approach of the New Year is a rather troublesome time. You need to have time to redo a lot of things: think over the festive menu, choose a spectacular outfit for the celebration, invite guests. And most importantly - do not forget in a series of troubles to congratulate all loved ones and present gifts that will delight for a long time after the end of the festive season. Today we will try to figure out what to give for the New Year, so that a new round of life will bring more joy and good luck to the house.

Article content:

  • Good Luck gifts
  • gifts for the year of the Rabbit to zodiac signs
  • Small homemade souvenirs
  • Presents to colleagues
  • And friends
  • How to please your soulmate
  • gifts for loved ones
  • What is better not to give for the Year of the Rabbit

Good Luck gifts

The patron of the coming is the Black Water Rabbit. The creature is good-natured, sympathetic, capable of appreciating fidelity and sincere feelings. Sometimes a star patron can be too humble and slow, however, he always remains true to his friends and work.

Sign of the Rabbit - Yin, symbol of the femininestart. He appreciates simple and elegant things, not overloaded with details. gifts for the year of the Rabbit can symbolically reflect the patronizing water element:

  • clear glass vases, colored and clear;
  • gem jewelry;
  • seascapes decorated with sparkling crystals;
  • aquarium with fish;
  • miniature fountain;
  • presents of blue or blue color, one way or another connected with water.

gifts for the year of the Rabbit according to the signs of the zodiac

The rabbit, with all its inherent meticulousness, will choose a gift that suits a person according to his interests and inclinations. We offer ideas on what to give for the year of the Rabbit according to the signs of the zodiac in order to attract good luck, success and happiness.

Aries is an example of diligence and responsibility. He is able to inspire people by showing them how to work. New Year 2023 will bring new ambitious projects, for the implementation of which Aries will need all their determination.

You can give them:

  • set of whiskey stones;
  • magnetic hourglass;
  • handmade chess.

Taurus is a hardworking, diligent, responsible sign. It is worth remembering that there is a lot of interesting things happening around, you just need to see it. Suitable gifts:

  • poker set with chips and cloth;
  • quadcopter;
  • retro tube phone charger;
  • ecocube with a sprout.

Gemini are wonderful family men. The rabbit is favorable to them. The twins' interests lie inareas of high arts: literature, music, theater. Their eloquence can charm anyone. Presents can be the most diverse:

  • wall clock-safe;
  • florarium with succulents;
  • gold-plated wireless karaoke microphone.

Cancer is a rather controversial sign, it sometimes complicates life for him and his loved ones. However, he has attractiveness, both external and internal, which makes him the center of attraction in the company, everyone is interested in listening to his entertaining stories. You can give crayfish:

  • engraved drink bottles;
  • portrait in historical costume;
  • high-end coffee set;
  • jumping alarm clock;

Leo is solidity itself, but at the same time he is generous to those who are smaller and weaker than him. They will be able to get along well with the Rabbit, and their tandem will bring success in business. Leos love to take risks, sometimes they do it in vain.

A gift for a person who is sure of her royal origin will be:

  • wine cork collection stand;
  • personal diary with cover photo;
  • picnic set with skewers in leather case;
  • powerful external battery for recharging gadgets.

Virgo is always on her mind. Sometimes her impeccability can be annoying. However, only she is able to listen and give advice: both in personal life and in business. Present to the maiden:

  • inflatable ring for swimming;
  • vintage wine in a plywood gift box;
  • modelship or aircraft;
  • folder cover for documents.

Libra - the soul of the company, very solid nature. People around appreciate them for their ease of communication, the ability to correctly place accents. They are well versed in finance, they know where to invest money.

Will be delighted with such gifts:

  • thermo mug;
  • pencil, with a seed from which you can grow a whole tree;
  • automatic shooting range.

Scorpio is sometimes harsh and aggressive. Can convince anyone of anything. Grievances and petty quarrels are quickly forgotten. Can do work that requires thinking outside the box. A gift for the New Year can be:

  • thermocup;
  • motivational poster "100 things worth doing in life";
  • desktop humidifier;
  • chocolate puzzle.

Sagittarius is charming and friendly. He can invest his last savings in a dubious project and not be upset when he loses everything. His optimism always helps him to get up and start over. Present Sagittarius:

  • electric corkscrew;
  • exotic tea gift set;
  • shark slippers;
  • purse.

Capricorn is a sign whose representatives are often not understood by others. Their super ability - to calculate the moves of a possible opponent in advance - in the new season will allow them to reach career heights. Perseverance and determination are their strengths. Sometimes they should see around not only opponents, but also interestedfriends and potential romantic relationships.

A gift can be:

  • beautiful modern service;
  • USB Mass Storage;
  • cute stationery (if we are talking about a woman);
  • gift certificates to an interior, renovation or any hypermarket store (Capricorns value practicality).

Aquarius cannot sit idle. Able to perform the most tedious and painstaking work and succeed alone. Sometimes it pays to come out of the shell and enjoy the sun.

It is not easy to find a gift for them:

  • personal finance or investing book;
  • table golf;
  • selfie stick;
  • ebook;
  • an online course on a topic of interest to Aquarius.

Pisces - swim freely in any element where they can benefit. But you should not think of them as exclusively mercantile persons. They will carry out any assignment without noise and fuss, and will succeed in any new field.

A gift may be unexpected:

  • plaid with sleeves;
  • collectible glass goblet;
  • perpetual wooden calendar;
  • Deluxe edition of your favorite book.

Small DIY gifts

Rabbit is a kind and generous creature. He knows the value of manual labor, therefore he recognizes the ability of others to create. As an idea for a hand-made gift for the celebration of the New Year 2023, you can choose:

  • sets of gingerbread, cookies, packed in themed bags, boxes,sachets.
  • small cupcakes or cakes will not leave anyone indifferent. You can give them a twist by decorating with carrots made of marzipan, mastic or tinted protein cream;
  • hand-made sweets from he althy (and tasty!) ingredients will delight everyone without exception - after all, even those who try to limit themselves in sweets cannot help but succumb to temptation on New Year's Eve. The simplest recipe for rabbit sweets: finely chop dried fruits (prunes, dates, dried apricots, dried berries), mix in an arbitrary proportion with nuts, seeds, granola (can be replaced with oatmeal flakes), add liquid honey at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. into a glass of raw materials, mix, roll balls with your hands, roll in coconut or cocoa powder;
  • for those who know how to knit, it will not be difficult to create individual scarves, hats, mittens from colored woolen threads;
  • set of soap in the form of sweets. The main thing is not to confuse and not to eat, succumbing to the alluring aroma;
  • A bottle of champagne will become not just a traditional symbol of everyone's favorite holiday, but an element of New Year's interior decoration, if you “dress it up” with your own hands. Do you want - a rabbit, you want - Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, any suitable character. “Clothes” can be knitted (knitting or crocheted), sewn from bright scraps of fabric, cut out of paper.
  • you can decorate a box of chocolates or cookies in the same way.

However, remember that handmade gifts should only be given if you are really good at themdo. In any other case, only our relatives or relatives will be pleased to receive them.

What to give colleagues

If you want to present small gifts to employees with whom you spend a lot of time discussing work routine, you should give up boring calendars and diaries. Rabbit recommends being imaginative in choosing souvenirs for colleagues in 2023.

  • spoon with chocolate - you can eat it and then use it;
  • USB keyboard backlight is useful and looks attractive;
  • set for growing a plant, which includes a seed, a small pot and a handful of earth;
  • 3D constructor;
  • clothes folder;
  • mini tool kit;
  • creative umbrella;
  • fun stationery.

What to give to friends?

Friends are an integral part of the Rabbit's life. The hero of the year will remember everyone and choose an original and memorable gift:

  • chameleon mug that changes pattern depending on the temperature of the drink. Of course, without sultry beauties. Topics can be very diverse: from Star Wars to a star map;
  • 3D deer head paper construction set;
  • anti-stress pillow filled with granulate;
  • decorative moon night light;
  • piggy bank of Lego blocks;
  • alarm clock with projector;
  • popcorn machine;
  • neon interior lamp;
  • punch bag.

gifts for the secondhalves

For the symbol of the year 2023, choosing and presenting a gift to a loved one is not a trifle. This is the case when it is worth spending time and money thinking about and looking for an unusual present that can truly please your loved one.

Girls of any age should be presented with gifts that will remind you of the giver and a fun holiday for a long time. You can donate for 2023:

  • a set for brewing tea in the form of a songbird that will make a melodic trill when pouring tea leaves;
  • berry flower bouquet in a hatbox;
  • toy-pillow (in the form of a rabbit, of course!);
  • heart-shaped umbrella;
  • animal soap dispenser;
  • a set of chocolate-covered strawberries (and it's winter!);
  • stabilized sky blue rose, covered with a glass cap;
  • LED bedside book lamp.

Boy for the Year of the Rabbit can choose:

  • jar of marmalade from…beer or something stronger;
  • three-dimensional lamp in the form of a character in a computer game or favorite movie;
  • stylish desktop globe bar;
  • globe or model of the starry sky, which rotates under the influence of Earth's gravity;
  • wooden puzzle constructor;
  • rock climbing, wake surfing in the pool;
  • retro style tube clock;
  • wireless headphones;
  • ballooning, paragliding;
  • table football.
  • magnetic board on the fridge to play inchess or checkers.

gifts for relatives and family

The tradition of celebrating the New Year with the family appeared for a reason. In ancient, harsh times, clan members needed to stick together to repel attacks from enemies. Now, on the eve of 2023, this tradition is designed to preserve and strengthen real values, namely family ties, mutual assistance and support for all generations of the family. The rabbit is an example of a wonderful family man. Let him be somewhat old-fashioned and gifts may not choose the most progressive, but he perfectly understands the hints of household members. And the gifts that he will present to all family members will be the most desired.

Practical gifts can be presented to parents for the Year of the Rabbit:

  • biofireplace to spend cozy winter evenings and watch the flames play;
  • thermal pot - it is enough to boil water in it once, then it will automatically keep it hot. To pour water into a cup, just press the button;
  • ultrasonic humidifier-purifier;
  • a family photo with all the rabbits, oh, that is, the grandchildren, printed on canvas or wood;
  • bedding set;
  • beautiful modern service;
  • certificate to the Ikea store;
  • any interior stuff and accessories to create comfort in the house.
  • furniture (yes, the Rabbit welcomes such gifts).

Children receive a gift for the New is especially important. Moms and dads rabbits, in order to please the child, can put such a gift under the Christmas tree, whichit will be possible to play with the whole family:

  • constructor from which you can assemble a radio-controlled robot;
  • board game (only, mind you, don't give in!);
  • cube projector for sharing cartoons;
  • art kits;
  • scratch-map on which you can "open" new lands;
  • family travel backpack;
  • sets for chemical experiments;
  • magnetic drawing tablet;
  • set of artistic markers.

What is better not to give in the year of the Rabbit and in general

Rabbit can't stand waste of money and time. He has the same attitude towards gifts. Not worth giving:

  • gritty magnets with banal wishes;
  • "disposable" New Year themed items: lighters, pot holders, towels;
  • hygiene products are not a gift at all. Giving this is bad form;
  • the same applies to practical household gifts - you should not present the hostess of the house, no matter how wonderful a cook she is, frying pans, spatulas, pots;
  • definitely don't make real fur gifts.

The most important gifts you can give yourself and your family for the New Year are sincere hugs, warmth and mutual support.

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