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Beautiful Christmas lights are not just lighting. Flickering and iridescent lanterns, garlands, stars, sparklers create that same fabulous atmosphere that everyone, young and old, looks forward to every winter. Candles in New Year's decoration occupy, perhaps, a central place. Their trembling flame promises the fulfillment of all cherished desires, fills the house with light, and fills the heart with hope and faith in miracles.

In this article, we will look at how to make a variety of candles with your own hands, what type of wax is suitable for crafts. Also on our page you will find tips on how to mix wax and simple recipes for making holiday candles. Let's start preparing for the holiday and make New Year's candles!


  • Best evening waxes
  • Easy homemade candle for beginners
  • Christmas orange candles
  • Coffee candle
  • Candles dressed with lavender, vanilla and magnolia
  • Two-Wick Spa Candles
  • Magic Christmas Glitter Candles
  • Candles in cups
  • Striped candles with wax crayons
  • Pumpkin Candles
  • Candles made of foundation
  • Festive candlestick withglitter

Best evening waxes

For the manufacture of candles at home, several types of wax of various origins are most often used. Let's analyze each of them in detail.


Paraffin is a wax-like product obtained during oil refining. The most versatile substance for making handmade candles. Food paraffin is perfectly purified, safe and odorless, it is used in the production of cosmetics and food. Melting point 45-65 °C. Candles of any shape can be made from paraffin: carved, dipped, container and others.

Paraffin for candles can be purchased in two types:

  • layered to be crushed before melting;
  • scales (small chips) that do not need to be crushed.

Tip: Paraffin sheets can be easily crushed with a screwdriver and hammer.

Soy wax

Soy wax - a product of completely natural origin, it is extracted from soybeans. It is suitable for the production of vegan products. The melting point is about 50 °C. Soy wax mixes well with fragrances, perfume compositions, essential oils. It is better than other brands for making scented candles, because when melted it forms a wide pool from which odorous substances evaporate well.

Note how foreign manufacturers label soy wax and paraffin blends:

  • soy wax - if the content of the product itself in the mixture is more than 51%;
  • blend - if the soy portion is less than 51%.

Gel Wax

Gel wax is a patented mixture of polymer resin and mineral (synthetic) oil, transparent. Maybe:

  • soft, jelly-like consistency to simulate liquids in containerized candles (water, beer, wine, etc.)
  • more dense, to create molded products.

Great for creating compositions with the inclusion of sand, shells, decorative crystals, stones. Another distinguishing feature - candle gel burns much longer than natural wax or paraffin.


Beeswax is a waste product of bees. The color depends on the degree of purity: the most refined is very light, almost white, the less refined saturated yellow, brown, mustard color. Beeswax has a subtle, sweet, honey-like aroma, as it is extracted directly from the beehives. The most ancient are the candles found in the Egyptian pyramids.

Melting point 62-68 °С. Available in granules, plates, cubes. Foundation deserves special mention - thin sheets of natural wax, embossed in the form of honeycombs. Initially, such sheets were used in beehives to speed up the production of honey by bees. From wax, candles are obtained not by melting, but by twisting, after inserting the wick inside.

Tip: formelting natural beeswax, it is worth getting a separate dish (pan), because it is very poorly washed.

A powdery, light coating may appear on the surface of the beeswax plates, which can be easily removed by hand or with a rag. This is not a marriage, but occurs due to natural processes. Wax becomes plastic already at a temperature of 35 ° C, the candle can be bent in your hands.

Easy homemade candle for beginners

To make a candle you will need:

  1. wax (paraffin) about 200 g;
  2. wick;
  3. container (a glass jar with a lid will do, do not forget to wash it well so that there are no ugly stains on the glass);
  4. dye (optional);
  5. you can add flavor.

You can use ice cream sticks or barbecue skewers to fix the wick.

A step-by-step master class on creating an original and at the same time simple homemade candle.

  • Melt the wax in a water bath or microwave.
  • Add coloring and flavoring to the mass.

  • Place the wick on the bottom of the jar (container).

  • Carefully pour the melted mass into the container.

  • Fix the wick between the popsicle sticks by placing them next to each other over the rim of the can.
  • Wait for complete solidification, remove the sticks. Done!

Christmas orange candles

Materials for candles:

  1. whole oranges;
  2. soy wax;
  3. orange essential oil;
  4. candle wicks;
  5. wick holder;
  6. refractory glass bowl (such as a baking dish);
  7. small saucepan;
  8. rosemary (several branches) - optional.

Instructions on how to make spectacular orange candles.

  • Cut the oranges in half with a sharp knife.

  • Scrape out the flesh with a spoon, leaving only the rind. The pulp can be used to make juice or elegant holiday jelly.

  • Put the wick holder on top of the “cup” of the peel, insert the wick.
  • Melt soy granules, add essential oil. In a thin stream, pour the mass into the "cup" to half. Place the “candlesticks” themselves in a refractory form beforehand so as not to spoil the surface of the table with wax.

  • Put sprigs of rosemary, add wax to the top.
  • After hardening, remove the holder, trim the wick if necessary.

You will be interested: how to make Christmas soap with your own hands.

Coffee candle

An unusually fragrant and elegant candle can be made in a glass. This master classsuitable even for beginners, and not only avid coffee lovers will like the delicate smell of coffee!

We will need:

  • soy wax or paraffin;
  • vanilla flavor or essential oil;
  • coffee flavor;
  • coffee beans.

Everything is simple here: melt the wax, add flavorings. To make the aroma pronounced, you need to add 4-6 drops of perfume per 100 g of wax. It is better not to overdo it, even if the aroma seems insufficient at the stage of creating a candle. There is a risk of getting a sharp, unpleasant smell in the finished candle.

Next, pour the mass into a regular glass beaker. Don't forget to insert the wick. When the mass hardens a little (not completely), press a few coffee beans on top - for decoration and additional aroma.

Candles dressed with lavender, vanilla and magnolia

To create scented candles you will need:

  1. wax;
  2. flavors and essential oils;
  3. glass;
  4. holder;
  5. wick;
  6. pre-printed labels. Since you are already celebrating the New Year, you can prepare themed labels: with snowflakes, Christmas trees, friendly wishes.

The ratio of essential oils for candles will be as follows.

• 2 parts lavender;
• 3 parts vanilla; • 1 part sandalwood.

• 2 parts vanilla; • 1 part orchid.

• 3 parts vanilla; • 1 part magnolia.

Fix the wicks in the containers. Pour the prepared mass, let it harden. Wrap jars with paper labels, stick on.

Two-Wick Spa Candles

For the manufacture of spa candles, it is better to take relaxing, sensual fragrances: patchouli, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, exotic flowers. Wide, flat tins (containers) with lids are ideal.

The technology for creating spa candles differs only in that it is necessary to insert two wicks. Next, the wax mass is poured, left to harden.

Magic Christmas Glitter Candles

There is never too much magic for the New Year, so it makes sense to make more wonderful sparkling candles with sparkles. Take small silver jars and glitters (loose sequins) in different colors.

Add your favorite aroma (optional) to the melted wax mass, pour it into molds. Sprinkle glitter over the surface before the wax has set. Leave to dry, after strengthening the wick.

Lids will also be useful to decorate. Print suitable motifs on self-adhesive paper, cut out and carefully glue, smoothing out the wrinkles.

Candles in cups

Another festive candle decoration idea is to make them in cups with an exquisite pattern. The manufacturing method will not be fundamentally different from those described above. Wax must be melted, poured into cups with pre-inserted wicks, cool. Exquisite and unusual decoration for an aristocratic tea party is ready!

Striped candles with wax crayons

Children's wax crayons make an excellent dye for wax. Melt wax (soya is good) together with crayons (they must first be broken into small pieces).

Pour into clear cups or glass jars in layers. Each layer must be left to harden. The work may seem painstaking and slow, but the result will be colorful decorative candles, as well as enthusiastic looks from guests.

Pumpkin Candles

The process of making candles from decorative fruits of miniature pumpkins is similar to making candlesticks from oranges. Be sure to remove the core with pulp and seeds, as this is the first part of the pumpkin that starts to spoil.

Next, melt the wax and pour it inside the pumpkins, leave to dry.

Candles made of foundation

Wax candles are perhaps the easiest homemade decorative candles to make. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, foundation is a finished sheet, usually made from natural beeswax. Wax can also be colored, flavored. It is easy to cut to size and create a collection of candles of different heights and diameters.

How to make wax candles step by step.

  • Cut the wick slightly longer than the height of the future candle.

  • 2. Put the thread on the edge of the foundation sheet and begin to twist a tight "roll".

  • 3. You can stop and cut off the foundation at any time. It is best to use a cutter or a sharp knife and a metal ruler to get a clean edge.

  • 4. When you have finished twisting, gently smooth the cut with your finger to secure the edge.

  • 5. Trim the base of the candle with a sharp knife so that it sits flat on the table.
  • 6. If necessary, shorten the wick at the top. May be completed with a label.

Festive glitter candle holder

As already mentioned, the holiday is the time to sparkle, and there will not be too many sparkles! The easiest way to add chic and sparkle to a holiday is to decorate candlesticks. Make some candles in cups using any of the above methods.

Then apply a thin layer of glue (such as PVA) or quick-drying varnish to the bottom half of the container. Pour the glitter onto a tray or plate and roll the candlestick so that they stick. Shake off excess glitter with a small brush. Let's start celebrating!

Handmade candles will become a cozy element of winter decor. You can also give them to loved ones with the warmest New Year wishes.

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