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New Year 2023 is Coming! I would like to fill the December days with the expectation of a miracle and magic and create a festive mood for yourself! We've put together a large collection of Christmas drawings for you to sketch so you can get ideas and easily bring them to life.

In this article:

  • Ideas for a sketchbook with markers;
  • Christmas watercolor drawings;
  • Winter drawings with colored pencils;
  • Mini drawings for Bullet Journal or diary;
  • Black and white drawings in the style of minimalism.

Ideas for a sketchbook with markers

These drawings are so beautiful that they resemble a fairy tale. Although those who prefer to draw with markers already know this. Markers are capable of creating stunning fills in both rich color and subtle shades. Drawing a Christmas tree, a deer or a kitten in a hat is a sure way to create a New Year's mood for yourself! Or maybe draw an amazing handmade card for friends or relatives!

If you're just getting started with markers or are inspired by looking at these drawings right now, here are some tips.

Paper for drawing with markersmust be special (it is sold in the form of sketchbooks). It must have a density of at least 100 g/mm. Ideal - 120-140 gr/mm. If you take paper of a lower density, it will be rubbed, besides, the markers will be very translucent on the back of the sheet. Thicker paper is also undesirable, as it will absorb ink heavily, which will ensure their accelerated consumption.

Drawing on plain paper will not work: firstly, it will not be able to provide smooth transitions, and secondly, it will simply have a hole in it if you try to mix several colors.

In general, drawing with markers is quite an expensive hobby. One marker for drawing costs from 80 to 500 rubles. You can, of course, take Chinese analogues from one well-known site, but the quality will be terrible, the palette is incompatible. With this alignment, there is a risk of being completely disappointed in this matter.

Normal markers have refills and replaceable ink cartridges. Therefore, you can start with a small palette of 6-8 pieces, gradually buying more of them.


Christmas watercolor drawings

Watercolor paint is the most affordable painting tool. However, this does not mean that the drawings will turn out worse. Vice versa! With the help of watercolor (or gouache) you can create magical winter images. The main thing is to choose good paper. Watercolor paper should be at least 140 gr/mm thick. Less dense paper will be strongly deformed and covered with spools. If you can't buy this paper, look for the thickest paper possible.

The most commonly used colors in New Year's drawings: blue, lilac, yellow, orange, green. Therefore, before proceeding, check if they have ended in your set.

Christmas snowmen

Christmas tree in watercolor

Winter drawings with colored pencils

Colored pencil drawings are the easiest option that you can draw in stages. Get it even for beginners. First, it is better to make a sketch with a simple pencil, then circle it with a black pen or liner, erase the rest of the sketch with an eraser, and only then proceed to coloring.

Remember that the strokes of the pencil should follow the contours of the subject, then it will turn out beautifully. For example, it is better to paint a New Year's ball in a circular motion, and a Christmas tree trunk - vertically. Also don't forget to add highlights on the subjects. To create a highlight, you can work with an eraser, erase the shading in some places. There will be a bright spot. You can try to draw highlights with a white gel pen, but it does not fit well on a pencil.

Mini drawings for Bullet Journal or personal diary

The Bullet Journal planning system is little known in Russia, but in the West it is a cult! Keeping a diary or personal diary has become a creative and exciting activity. Many elements are used there: borders (separators), frames, inscriptions, banners and much more. See how creatively you can arrange a spread of your personal diary! In addition, Bullet Journal uses small, cute and simple drawings that are great for beginners.

A brief about the planning system

The bottom line is that you have one single notebook and all the things, ideas, thoughts, etc. you write there. This is a notepad to the point that allows you to distribute the space of your diary the way you need it and customize it for you. It is handwriting that allows you to use specific areas of the brain and promotes calm and relaxation.

Main Sections of Bullet Journal

  1. Turn tomonth (it is customary to decorate it colorfully and beautifully).
  2. Habit tracker (allows you to track the development of new skills).
  3. Reversal for the day.
  4. List of books to read.
  5. List of movies.
  6. Work or school schedule.
  7. Notes (things that come up during the day that “get in line”.
  8. Ideas (all the ideas that came to mind during the day).
  9. Other sections that you personally need.

At the end of the day, you can view the spread for the day, mark the completed tasks, move the unfinished ones and draw a spread for the next day. A very productive and calming habit before bed.

New Year's drawings in a notebook.

New Year's pictures for sketching with a pencil

Christmas animals

Black and white minimalist drawings

Not everyone likes to draw in color, many prefer to do black and white in a sketchbookoutline in the style of minimalism. We have put together a collection for your inspiration. Such sketches with a white pen on black paper look especially unusual: they resemble a chalkboard. These small pictures can be attached as tags to your New Year's gifts.

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