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In the New Year's time, I want to decorate the house and the space around me. Waiting for the main holiday of the year makes everyone a little magical. You can create a unique decoration for an apartment or office from simple, and sometimes unexpected materials. We invite you to try yourself as a creator. A little patience and we will see … a pasta tree! In this article you will find ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to make a variety of Christmas tree crafts.

Table of contents:

  • What does it take to make it work?
  • Master class on making a Christmas tree from a glass
  • A simple master class on how to make a Christmas tree from pasta
  • Master class on making a multi-tiered Christmas tree
  • Simple flat Christmas tree
  • Tips on how to decorate a pasta Christmas tree
  • Not only pasta trees, but…
  • Photo ideas for inspiration
  • Video Workshops

Make it all go well…

Christmas tree of pasta is quite easy to make. A variety of shapes and textures of pasta makes the flight of fantasy simply limitless. To make such a craft, you will need thick paper such as whatman paper for the base. You can take cardboard if it is not hard - we need tothe material held its shape well, but was malleable and did not break. Old unwanted shoe boxes or candy boxes will do.

Glue must be with good adhesive properties and dry quickly:

  • Moment (Crystal or Gel);
  • hot-melt glue (from gun);
  • super glue.

The finished toy can be painted with acrylics, gouache or spray paint (automotive or graffiti).

Master class on making a Christmas tree from a glass

To make a pasta toy for the New Year with our own hands, we need:

  • disposable plastic glasses with legs;
  • farfalle (bows);
  • glue.

Step by step instructions

  1. The first step is to disassemble the glasses - to separate the top from the stem.
  2. Paste the cone (upper part of the glass) in a spiral pasta.
  3. We connect two legs together (see photo).
  4. Glue the base to the cone.
  5. Apply paint, let dry.

A simple master class on how to make a Christmas tree from pasta

For this Christmas tree you will need:

  • shell pasta;
  • cardboard for base;
  • paint;
  • glue;
  • decor.

This method is very simple, even a child can do it, of course, with the participation of adults. Do not let young children use quick-drying glue on their own.


  1. Twist a cone out of cardboard, fixedge with glue or tape so that it does not disperse.
  2. Starting from the bottom, row by row, glue the shells with the hole up.
  3. After the glue is completely dry, you can decorate. In our master class, a golden bead is glued to each shell, and a bow on the top of the head, also made of pasta, of course. You can act on your own.

Master class on making a multi-tiered Christmas tree

To create this grand Christmas tree will require a lot of products and time. However, the result will certainly be worth the effort.

  1. Make 4 cones (change the number as you wish). Draw the bottom in the form of a wave.
  2. Connect the cones together, leaving the lower ends free.
  3. Starting from the bottom tier, start gluing pasta. In this case, smooth horns.
  4. Take your time to cover all the tiers of the tree with pasta.
  5. Paint the tree green with some silver frost on top.
  6. Decorations can be made from colored bows or round colored candies.

Simple flat Christmas tree

To make a flat pasta Christmas tree, for example for decorating a wall or as a Christmas tree pendant, you can cut out a template from cardboard. On thecarefully glue the pasta of different shapes on the template, paint with suitable colors.

The task can be complicated and connect the parts without a cardboard pattern, simply by fastening them together with glue. Please note that you can decorate (paint, add rhinestones, beads) such a toy only after the glue has completely dried.

How to decorate a pasta Christmas tree

The pasta tree is strong and stable. The craft can withstand a fairly large load, so you can not skimp on decorations. For decoration, almost everything that is in the kitchen, in a desk or a handmade box will fit.

Paper confetti or sugar candy sprinkles in matching colors will do.

The golden Christmas tree will be decorated with bright red beads and gilded wire.

Bows and rhinestones will look good on the Christmas tree.

Decorations for the New Year's pasta tree will be other intricately shaped pasta, painted with durable colors.

Christmas beads can hang not only on a real tree, but also on a pasta tree.

Notonly pasta trees…

Pasta is such an interesting, malleable material that you are unlikely to stop after making one Christmas tree with your own hands. Pasta crafts can be made not only in the form of the main symbol of the year. For the New Year 2023, you should make a lot of different gizmos - decorate your home with them or present them as a gift to friends and acquaintances.

Sometimes it's just impossible to guess what your Christmas ball is made of. As a basis for decoration, you can take a purchased foam ball - it is durable and lightweight, the necessary elements will stick to its surface without difficulty. Also suitable for gluing:

  1. old plastic or glass balloons;
  2. wreath rings cut out of cardboard;
  3. objects of any shape - the main thing is that you like them.

The technology for making toys from pasta is the same as for Christmas trees. Pasta should be placed close to each other, paint after the glue has dried.

You can also make a wreath by sticking products on a cardboard ring. To hang the wreath on a door or window, do not forget to tie a ribbon or ribbon.

Photo ideas for inspiration

Here are some interesting examples of Christmas trees and other pasta crafts that you can create yourself by following the tips given in this article.

Video Workshops

Finally, watch an inspiring video tutorial on making DIY Christmas crafts. As you can see, the pasta tree is easy to make, very entertaining and fun.

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