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Smart, decorated with lights and toys, the Christmas tree is the main symbol and attribute of the Russian New Year. Gone are the days when everything that was found in the house was hung on the forest beauty, and under it they laid out tinsel and put Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Now the Christmas tree is a fashion accessory, part of the overall holiday composition. And it is necessary to decorate it in accordance with the concept of the solemn decoration of the whole house or apartment. So today we will take into account all the traditions and fashion trends, and the object of our close attention will be the bottom of the Christmas tree. In the article you will find ideas and tips for decorating the bottom of the Christmas tree in different styles and traditions.

Table of contents:

  • Rug for decorating the bottom of the Christmas tree
  • Christmas bag
  • Wicker basket
  • Metal bucket
  • Wooden box
  • Box
  • Decorative pillows
  • Plaid for… Christmas tree
  • Fake gift boxes

Rug for decorating the bottom of the Christmas tree

Let's start with simple ideas. The rug will allow not only to disguise an ugly stand or cross on which the tree stands. It will serve as an excellent photo background, on which you can capture the whole noisy, friendly company that has gathered foroccasion of the New Year.

Christmas tree rug - bedding made of dense fabric, often square or round, with a slot in the middle. A winter tree is inserted into the hole, then the slot is tightened to hide the attachment point. You can purchase this rug from holiday supply stores or make your own.

According to the overall design of the rug, you can choose:

  1. concise, one or two colors;
  2. with shiny jewelry;
  3. embroidered, ruffled, country style;
  4. canvas - for a minimalistic eco-interior.

The rug is sometimes also called a Christmas tree skirt - because of the similarity in shape and the way it is “put on”. This is a very easy way to drape the bottom of a tree for a finished, neat look.

Christmas bag

Or maybe Santa Claus will bring you not only a bag of gifts, but also a forest beauty in a bag? In fact, decorating the bottom of a tree with burlap is as easy as shelling pears. You can either sew a bag of coarse canvas, or use a real bag: from under flour, potatoesor even coffee. If there are also some stamps on the bag, it will generally look stylish and cool.

The second way is to wrap the bottom of the trunk with burlap and secure with pins or clerical clips so that the folds do not spread.

By the way, canvas can be bought at a regular fabric or art supply store. An addition to the rough texture of burlap can be materials in the same style:

  1. natural linen lace;
  2. strings;
  3. woolen threads, brushes, pom-poms of them;
  4. wooden beads and buttons;
  5. cardboard figurines of animals or Christmas angels.

Or, conversely, graceful:

  • velvet and satin bows and ribbons;
  • shiny jewelry: bells, balls;
  • mother-of-pearl beads;
  • gold or silver toys.

Wicker basket

The wicker basket is a stylish addition that can be used in almost any style of home decor, from rustic rustic to scandi or even luxurious luxury.

You can buy a special basket, without a “bottom”, in place of which there is a hole for the barrel. You can even weave it yourself, not only from a vine, but also from paper or newspaper tubes. Fortunately, there are many descriptions and master classes on the World Wide Web.

You can choose a pot-bellied basket, with even walls or tapering on one side. As fantasy tells, orwhat is in the barn. It does not matter if there is no basket of a suitable color. It is easy to paint from a spray can or regular acrylic paint. Voila - a beautiful and unusual decoration for the bottom of the winter tree is ready!

Metal bucket

A galvanized tank or a bucket a few decades ago were firmly registered in the kitchens of our grandmothers: they boiled clothes there, heated water. Now such a “rarity” can be bought at a hardware store or found at the same grandmothers in the attic. Today, retro and immersion in the past are fashionable as never before! And a basin that is shiny or even faded from time to time will be very useful to us.

If the bottom has not collapsed over time, you will have to carefully make a hole to fit the trunk. Then insert the tree, and only then fix it in the stand.

Although you can do it easier, and just put the tree in a bucket, and pour sand or stones for stability. Thus, a completely budget item turns into a stylish and fashionable decor element.

Wooden box

You can also install a live Christmas tree in a wooden box, along with the root system (if it is not very large, of course). The box will have to choose a large and strong.

For a lightweight artificial Christmas tree, a box will fit any size and thickness. You can buy a decorative box made of thin plywood, or find a fruit box made of thin birch lamellas near the store.

The box will serve as a disguise for the unsightly bottom of the trunk. Wood and plywood are a fertile material for creativity. The box can be further decorated:

  • paint with plain light paint or paint with all the colors of the rainbow;
  • stick suitable pictures, stamps, old postcards;
  • it is easy to decoupage on a flat wooden surface - primed with white, stick suitable motifs cut from ordinary table napkins, do not forget to varnish for durability;
  • Children can stick glitter, small pictures cut out from magazines or self-drawn on the box.

The box for the bottom of the Christmas tree can be put together from rough, unfinished boards. Another trendy theme is old boards, with a history, for example, from a collapsed house, a barn, or boards tanned with water from an ancient wooden boat.


We continue the list of budget ideas on how to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree. Cardboard boxes are usually available at home in assortment: from shoes, household appliances, toys. You can choose a box that is suitable in size and shape. If you haven't found it, don't worry. Let's make a new box… from old ones! Choose stronger boxes, carefully disassemble them. Then you need to figure out what size the base is needed, cut out the “details” from cardboard. Glue the parts with tape or with a hot glue gun.

It is worth considering that such a "stand" is very light, and it will have to be filled with something. Then you can leave everything as it is, if you like the natural look of the cardboard. Or start decorating. The box can be decorated in different ways:

  • pasted with cloth;
  • wrap with foil;
  • stick postcards, pictures, sparkles;
  • paint with gouache.

And you can make gift wrapping for the New Year tree! To do this, the base box must be wrapped with festive wrapping paper. You can choose winter, New Year, Christmas print. Or take plain or multi-colored paper, suitable for the general theme of the holiday. Additionally, you can glue a large bow or ribbon.


You can close the bottom of the Christmas tree with pillows. To do this, you will have to collect all the pillows from sofas, armchairs, chairs and even beds and build a kind of snowdrifts. Most of all, children will enjoy this decoration. After all, you can jump into such snowdrifts or arrange a winter battle with them. True, there is a risk that nothing will remain of the idea of \u200b\u200bcovering the base of the tree, but how much joy and fun this idea will bring.

If, nevertheless, pillows will be part of the decorative decoration, you can approach this idea with all seriousness and choose the most suitable "instances". Pillowcases can be covered with themed New Year's pillowcases. Or dress up pillows:

  1. decorative winter cover can be made from faux fur;
  2. knit from thick, fluffy yarn;
  3. decorate with embroidery with snowflakes, winter characters: snowmen, gnomes, Santa Claus and gifts;
  4. a traditional Norwegian pattern with deer, snowflakes, or an ornamental jacquard pattern will do.

Plaid for… Christmas tree

Winter and New Year's time, which many people spend at home, are strongly associated with comfort. And what could be more comfortable than a warm blanket, which is so nice to wrap up and watch the snowfall outside the window or once again watch your favorite New Year's movies. The Christmas tree can also be wrapped in a blanket, immediately making the atmosphere in the house warm and calm.

Plaidyou can take ready-made, which usually lies on your sofa or bed. A large knitted tippet or a wide scarf can serve as a blanket for covering the bottom of the trunk. A large piece of textured fabric will also work. If there is no desire to process the edges, then make a small fringe. If you have time to do needlework and some skills, you can create a unique handmade blanket:

  • knit from thick wool melange yarn;
  • weave by hand or machine;
  • Another option is to knit "on hand" from thick, unkempt yarn in skeins; such knitted things - scarves, hats, capes - are now at the height of fashion;
  • you can use patterns as for themed New Year's pillows: deer, snowflakes, traditional rhombuses and squares;
  • from thick soft fleece you can cut a square and decorate with ribbons, braid, fringe, embroidery.

The plaid does not have to be plain. You can use any drawing. A win-win option is a woolen tartan. Choose the color and texture of the fabric that you like: natural jersey, thin flowing silk or rough, durable linen.

Fake gift boxes

Finally, a classic of the genre. Colorfully wrapped Christmas gifts are traditionally placed under the Christmas tree. This idea can also be used to simply cover the base and bottom of the tree if nothing else works. All different-sized boxes and boxes that have been accumulated at home during the year will come in handy. They need to be wrappedwrapping or colored paper, tie with ribbons, add other small decorative elements: bows, beads, labels, shiny toys.

Then, the fake boxes are stacked in tiers: the largest and widest at the bottom, the smallest at the top. You can “dilute” such a composition with figures of the symbol of the year, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, gnomes, snow-covered houses, gingerbread men.

The biggest difficulty, perhaps, is to explain to the household that the presents are not real and they will have to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus with a bag of gifts behind their backs. Well, let's start learning New Year's poems and counting the days and hours until the main holiday of the year!

Preparing for the holiday - buying gifts for loved ones, preparing treats, decorating the Christmas tree and at home - this is the time that you can spend with family, children, friends. Sincere fun, laughter, smiles and joyful memories for the year ahead - that's what the New Year's time is. Choose which way to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree to your liking. And may the coming New Year bring warmth and true happiness to your home.

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