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New Year's feast in our country is unthinkable without splashes of sparkling champagne! The New Year comes to the crystal clinking of glasses filled with a fragrant drink with bubbles. If you show imagination and have a little time left, the bottle will turn into a fabulous, central element of the festive table decor. Today we will figure out how to decorate champagne for the New Year. An elegant bottle will serve as a decoration or become an original present for loved ones.

In this article:

  • Add some holiday sparkle
  • Dress up a bottle of sparkling wine in different clothes
  • Make decor from paper and Christmas decorations
  • Champagne decorated with sweets
  • Knitted Christmas outfits
  • How to decorate sparkling with threads
  • Painting bottles
  • Champagne decoupage
  • Photo ideas how to decorate champagne
  • Video Workshops

Add some holiday sparkle

Glitter and radiance for the New Year 2023 cannot be much! The first way to decorate New Year's champagne is to stick a large amount of sparkles. Doing it yourself is quite simple. You will need:

  • a bottle of champagne, and better andnot alone. By the way, you can find mini-bottles with a volume of 0.33 liters in the store. Several of these vessels, picturesquely displayed on the festive table, will be able to surprise guests. For information on how to choose champagne, read the link;
  • glue. Glue in a spray can is optimal - it is most convenient to apply it, but if there is none, it’s not scary, take any and apply with a brush;
  • actually sequins. Glitter powder is sold at art supply stores. You can find any shade, according to the plan;
  • additional decorative elements as desired: ribbons, cocktail tubes, Christmas decorations.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Cover the bottle with an even layer of glue. It is convenient to do this over an unnecessary box so that the spray does not fly in all directions.
  2. Glitter must be applied before the glue dries. They can be scattered on a sheet of paper, rolled champagne. The remaining unused particles from the sheet can then be shaken back into the jar. Additionally, glitter can be applied pointwise with your fingers.

You can decorate New Year's champagne with sparkles. To do this, treat the bottle with glue and until it is dry, roll in glitter and sprinkle with them. Powder colors may vary.

You can decorate with ribbons, bows, tie a small greeting card with a wish. If you add a paper or plastic straw, then such a bottle of champagne will turn intoa charming present.

Gold decor in the New Year looks very stylish and appropriate.

Champagne glitter can be any size and color.

Dress up a bottle of sparkling wine in different clothes

You can make a funny New Year's character out of a container with a drink. Make a hat from an old sock, cut off an even strip from an unnecessary T-shirt with a suitable print, attach a fringe - the scarf is ready.

A great way to give the holiday a new flavor is to decorate the bottles in the form of Santa Claus reindeer. Make horns from fluffy brushes for children's crafts. Eyes can also be purchased ready-made, or drawn on paper and cut out. A red deer nose can be made from a pom-pom or a large button.

Make decor from paper and Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations - balls, beads, tinsel - for the New Year can be seen not only on the festive tree. Collect all the toys on a thin strong wire and tie it to the neck of champagne.

It is worth adding to the New Year composition to the balls:

  • bumps;
  • berries;
  • bows;
  • pine, fir twigs (natural or artificial);
  • gold ribbons;
  • thematic pictures.

Corrugated (crumpled) paper is a soft, plastic material. You can literally wrap it aroundchampagne, then smooth with your hands. The combination of red and gold resembles the rich fur coat of Santa Claus. If you add gold buttons and a hat with a pompom, then the resemblance will be complete. Bows, tiny balls and bells will become an additional decor.

Champagne decorated with sweets

What is the New Year without sweet gifts?! Another unusual idea is to decorate champagne with sweets.

The very shape of the sparkling vessel resembles the contours of a Christmas tree. Arrange the sweets in colorful wrappers in tiers, tie a suitable gilded bow to the neck. You can make a lot of such "New Year's beauties" and present them, for example, to colleagues at work or place them on the New Year's table.

This idea, by the way, is suitable for decorating children's gifts with their own hands. Naturally, "wine" for them should be special, for children - non-alcoholic.

If you want to impress your guests or create a masterpiece gift, arrange champagne in the form of an exotic fruit. Fragrant pineapple on the New Year's table will remind you of summer and vacation in the tropics. In addition to a vessel of wine, you will need:

  • round sweets in gold wrappers;
  • squares of yellow or orange thin paper - according to the number of candies;
  • green foliage paper;
  • bow, ribbon, twine;
  • hotmelt.

Master class on how to decorate champagne:

  1. Glue each candy to the center of the paper square.
  2. Paper squares with candy glue to the container, starting from the bottom.Be careful not to burn your fingers.
  3. From green paper, cut out a "panicle" of leaves, like a real tropical fruit, glue them together so as not to fall apart.
  4. Tie the leaves to the neck of the vessel with a bow or ribbon. Done!

Knitted Christmas outfits

If you have basic knitting skills, use them to create a unique outfit for New Year's champagne. You can knit a cover in the form of an elegant Christmas tree - with balls and a bright star on top.

You can knit a “sweater” in the form of a snowman or Santa Claus with knitting needles. Knit the main part with the front stitch, and decorate the top in the form of a stand-up collar, tying it with an elastic band. A pom-pom nose, beady eyes, a little jewelry and fantasy - here we have a charming guest of the feast.

How to decorate sparkling with threads?

One of the easiest ways to interestingly decorate champagne is to wrap the bottle with thick and strong threads. The technology for making such a thing is simple. Secure the end of the twine with glue, then wrap the bottle around the wash in even turns, sometimes smearing it with glue for strength.

The end of the rope can be hidden under a bow, ribbon or small toy. The finished craft can be painted with durable paints, such as acrylics. And additionally decorate in the New Year theme: bells, wooden Christmas trees, cones, shiny beads.

Glass or marbleballs glued in the form of a bunch of grapes will remind you of the hot summer and the sweet raw materials from which the main winter drink is made. Such ornamental material can be found in stores called "marbles". Plastic or paper green leaves and ribbons will complement the natural look of the vine.

Painting bottles

You can draw on champagne containers. The drawing can be anything, the main thing is that you like it. New Year's characters and attributes will look appropriate: Santa Claus, snowman, snowflakes, Christmas trees.

Empty bottles can be decorated in this way. By the way, it is better to remove the labels before painting so that the surface is even and smooth.

Champagne decoupage

Decoupage technique will allow you to decorate a bottle if you don't have the ability to draw. A little preparation and you will create a whole collection of elegant New Year's containers. Decoupage is also called napkin technique, since pictures are usually cut from suitable napkins. So, for decoration you will need:

  • bottles with all labels and foil removed;
  • white decoupage primer or acrylic paint;
  • suitable themed prints cut from napkins;
  • PVA glue;
  • tassels;
  • finish polish.

Decoupage technology is simple. Prepare all the necessary materials in advance so that you do not get distracted during the manufacturing process.

  1. Cover the glass surface with ready-made primer or whitepaint, dry.
  2. Smear the picture from the napkin with PVA glue, diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1.
  3. Spread the pattern on the bottle with a wide brush, smooth it out. Dry. You can use several different pictures.
  4. Additionally, the edges of the picture can be covered with a layer of paint - in tone or contrast. If the drawing is rather dark or bright, you can splatter white paint on top to create an imitation of snow.
  5. After complete drying, the product must be coated with acrylic varnish for strength. This composition is odorless, absolutely harmless. The varnish also needs to dry.

You can decorate the bottles with decorative details: hats with pom-poms, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, pieces of fur.

Photo ideas how to decorate champagne

Here are collected original ideas with which you can decorate any container yourself. Look at the photos, get inspired and create!

Video master-classes

Video tutorials will show you exactly how to decorate champagne for the New Year. The video gives detailed instructions and tips. The most important thing for creativity is to have a good mood! Create your own unique Christmas decorations and give them to the joy of loved ones.

Chimes strike, champagne opens… Happy New Year! With new happiness!

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