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Bought gifts for the household for the New Year? Where are you going to put them, do you think? Skirt for the Christmas tree - a cute and stylish rug on which to place gifts will be doubly pleasant! In stores for holiday goods, you can buy a skirt in any style and any size, but it is much more pleasant to make such an item of New Year's decor yourself. You need to focus on the general concept of festive decoration and interior color.

Today in the article you will find several step-by-step master classes on how to create a skirt for a forest beauty:

  • With stars
  • With snowballs
  • With bells
  • With braid
  • Concise Scandinavian style
  • Another scandi piece skirt
  • From fur
  • Eco-style linen
  • With scales
  • Christmas style tricolor rug
  • Patchwork style

Christmas tree skirt with stars

For the first version of the outfit for the Christmas tree you will need:

  1. a square cut of natural fabric. Suitable linen, cotton or a mixture in any proportion. The natural, unbleached color will be in harmony with the noble brilliance of the golden stars that we will place onskirt;
  2. self-adhesive film in gold color. You can take any material on an adhesive basis: cardboard, foamiran (foamed cardboard), thick craft paper. If there is no cardboard with an adhesive layer, it's okay, take any, but you will have to additionally stock up on elastic strong glue. You can take Moment Crystal or hot glue gun;
  3. scissors;
  4. stencil of stars printed on life size paper;
  5. braid for finishing the edge - optional.

Getting Started:

  • 1. Cut out a circle from the material, cut a hole for the barrel in the center.

  • 2. The edge, if desired, can be folded and sewn on, or a braid of a matching color can be sewn on.

  • 3. Then we circle the stencil and cut out the stars - the quantity is up to you.

  • 4. Glue the stars to the bedding on the front side.

  • 5. We spread a rug under the Christmas tree, lay out gifts. Done!

Adorable snowball skirt

Snow in the New Year's time is everywhere. In an apartment, it will look great - artificial, of course. We will make it … from soft cotton balls. Their shape and snow-white color are the best for creating such a snowy decoration.

As a basis for Christmas clothes, you can take an old rug or round mat.

Step by step master class:

  1. From the fabric cut out a circle a little larger than our base. It is better to choose a color from a cold winter palette, so white “snowballs” will look more mysterious and contrast.

  • 2. The edge is wrapped around the edge of the mat, secured with double-sided tape.

  • 3. Glue cotton balls-snowballs with a glue gun, let cool completely.

  • 4. Dress up the Christmas tree in a skirt.

Skirt with bells

The gentle ringing of bells heralds the approach of Santa Claus in a sleigh. And he carries a bag of gifts for everyone, everyone, everyone! So let him put them on a rug under the Christmas tree, which we will also decorate with original bells. Braid with dense pompoms will cope with the role of bells. You will need quite a lot of it, and before you go shopping, you should accurately measure the circumference of our skirt. Better buy with a small margin. If not needed, this piece can be used to decorate a gift box.

For bedding, you will also need a large piece of soft white felt to make it look like snow under the Christmas tree. You can buy it in craft stores or fabric stores.

So let's do it. From soft felt or fleece we cut out a circle with a slot in the middle, everything is as usual. The highlight is in the decor! Felt is a soft, pliable material. Its undeniable advantagein front of the fabric: the edge of the felt does not fray and does not fray, it is easy to work with it. Even a child can cope with such a master class, with the help of adults, of course!

Gently glue the tape along the edge. You can sew by hand with small stitches, or on a typewriter. We enjoy the result! Do you hear the bells?

With braid

Braid is the easiest way to enliven and decorate any textile item in the interior: plaid, pillow, curtains. Since today we are talking about rugs-skirts, we are decorating the bed under the Christmas tree.

This tutorial uses small tassels, but you can use any: pom-poms, beads, fringes. The braid is neatly adjusted along the edge of the rug. Simple, fast, but how effective and beautiful! A unique piece of festive decoration - a Christmas tree skirt - ready!

Concise Scandinavian style skirt

Scandinavian Christmas tree style will suit any interior. It will not require material investments, but it will look fashionable and appropriate.

For this craft you will need gray felt or fleece. A circle is cut out of it. To do this, the square is folded 4 times diagonally, it turns out such a triangle. Using a ruler, the required radius is measured, you can draw a line with a marker.

Further along the edge, scallops are made. So that they are the same size, it is worth taking a template. In thatquality, you can use a cardboard reel from the tape or a small box, for example, from processed cheese. The template is applied and circled with a marker, as shown in the figure. Then, with sharp scissors, the scallops need to be cut out. This operation can be entrusted to children, let them take part in creating decorations for the house.

You can stop here, or you can go a little further and trim the openwork edge. A wave of white will look good. On the reverse side, you can make a Velcro fastener.

Another scandi piece skirt

It will take a little more time to create an unusual skirt from small patches, and not simple ones, but with a pattern!

You will need:

  1. natural color canvas fabric;
  2. white acrylic paint. You can take a special one for textiles. Or you can use the usual one, for example, for furniture or walls. We don't have to fasten it for stability, so take the one that is;
  3. paint brushes. While the paint is not dry, it can be washed out with water;
  4. measuring tape;
  5. tailor's scissors;
  6. tailor's crayon or bar of soap for drawing details;
  7. sewing machine;
  8. matching or contrasting threads.

How to:

  • 1. On pieces of fabric you need to apply a pattern with acrylic paint. The drawing can be traditional New Year's: snowflakes, figures of winter characters, animals, birds. Either just geometric or abstract. Focus on your taste andpreferences. Leave to dry. Acrylic paint dries quickly, but can ruin good things if not washed off in time. Be careful and careful.

  • 2. Further, a “mosaic” is assembled from the pieces. You can cut with scissors suitable segments.

  • 3. Then all the pieces are sewn together on a typewriter. You can lay a line on the front side to create a rough, rustic texture. Or hide all the seams from the inside - for a flat surface.

  • 4. We cut a hole in the resulting panel, process the edges - bend and sew. Or leave a picturesque fringe.
  • 5. Cut in the middle, sew on a zipper or Velcro.
  • 6. Dressing the Christmas tree in homemade clothes.

Fur skirt

Don't worry, no animals will be harmed in the making of this rug! The modern textile industry offers a huge range of artificial fur with imitation of any kind of skins, so you can choose any. In our case, the traditional white color is used, it goes well with iridescent gold and the sparkle of Christmas garlands.

To make such a skirt is incredibly simple: you needcut out a circle and fix the edge so that the "fur" does not fall. Can be sewn by hand or machine, or carefully glued.

By the way, the bottom of the Christmas tree can be decorated not only with a skirt, but also with a rug, box, box and gifts. See more ideas here!

Eco style linen skirt

The growing popularity of eco-style is not only natural materials and natural shades. It is also the concept of non-waste production. So for the manufacture of this outfit for the Christmas tree, scraps and shreds that are left over from other crafts will be used. And since a lot of material is required, it will be possible to “attach” all the unnecessary pieces that once the hand did not rise to throw away.

As a base, you will need a circle cut out of felt, thin drape or cloth.

Linen, burlap, chintz or other fabrics must be cut into strips of the same width. It is most convenient to cut on a special rug (mat) with a textile cutter. It will allow you to quickly cut the required number of parts without scissors. If there is no cutter, then we take ordinary scissors and cut it.

From the fabric strips we form waves-frills and pin them to the base with tailor's pins. Thus, we form all the circles of frills, then attach them on the machine. Don't forget to remove all pins!

The cutout for the trunk is also wrapped in a thin strip, sewn on.

You can use pieces of jute twine as ties, attaching them to the back of the rug.

Skirt with scales

A beautiful Christmas tree skirt with spectacular scales is sewn from a two-layer fabric. The bottom one is a lining fabric, and the top one is large circles of thin plastic attached from one edge. Such material is used for sewing decorative interior elements, such as sofa cushions.

The algorithm for making a rug is the same as for other materials. As a substrate, you can take an old, worn-out rug, or sew a circle from scraps. A hole must be made in the center.

We lay out the fabric with scales on the prepared circle, fix it. A fantastic outfit for the Christmas tree, which simultaneously resembles a snowdrift and a mermaid's tail, is ready!

Christmas style tricolor rug

Traditional colors of New Year and Christmas - green, red, white. A little gold décor adds a touch of chic to traditional holiday decorations.

It is worth making a simple, but incredibly beautiful and noticeable three-color mat for a forest guest.

You will need:

  1. felt or fleece in three colors (green, red, white);
  2. gold braidfor strings;
  3. scissors;
  4. stationery knife;
  5. pencil;
  6. a round object for making a template, such as a glass or a jar;
  7. glue gun.

How to:

  • 1. Using the round glass as a template, trace around the edge to form scallops.

  • 2. We cut out three circles with a patterned edge: white is the largest, green is smaller, red is the smallest. However, the alternation of colors may vary, at your discretion.

  • 3. We fasten the layers with a glue gun, wait for it to cool down
  • 4. With a clerical knife we make small cuts - for fasteners.

  • 5. We insert a gold ribbon into the slot, make a beautiful lacing.

Patchwork style

Patchwork is an art for patient needlewomen. However, the New Year is a great opportunity to try to create something new and original with your own hands. Try this vintage yet trendy craft and make a patchwork Christmas tree outfit for your home!

Below is a scheme for assembling multi-colored shreds. The work will be really painstaking, but what a result! Christmas tree bedding can be made in the traditional round shape, in the form of a Christmas star or a polygon.

Color can be anything - from traditional"triads" of Christmas - green, red, white, to blue-blue shades of gzhel or a combination of different floral prints.

Patchwork style rug will immediately fill the house with warmth, comfort, anticipation of a real New Year's fairy tale.

Choose any master class and create to your he alth! A DIY Christmas tree skirt can serve as a great decor for many years in a row, and if you get bored, you can use our recommendations and create a new, unique gift for your home.

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