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New Year is the most fun and noisy holiday of the year! On the main night of the year, no one sleeps. From young to old, people gather in companies, some with family, some with friends, to make their most cherished wishes and congratulate their loved ones to the sound of the Kremlin chimes. To add sparkle and liveliness to the celebration, we invite you to make crackers for the New Year 2023 with your own hands. How to create them quickly and safely, we will discuss in today's article.

Table of contents:

  • Safe balloon popper
  • DIY Confetti Popper
  • Christmas glitter crackers
  • Origami crackers and patterns for them
  • Video instructions

Safe balloon popper

To make a Christmas cracker with your own hands, you will need:

  • thick roll from toilet paper or paper kitchen towels;
  • shiny Christmas tree "rain";
  • ball;
  • scissors;
  • color wrapping paper. You don't have to use a whole sheet, scraps left over from last New Year or other holiday events will do.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a craft:

  • First of all, you need to finely chop the rain. The more pieces you get, the more effective the “shot” of the cracker will be.

  • Tie the ball in a knot and cut off the round "top" with scissors - we don't need it. Pull the rest of the ball onto a cardboard sleeve.

  • Glue a piece of bright festive wrapper on the tube.

  • Through the hole, fill the tube with the resulting shiny confetti. Note that the end of the tube remains open.

  • For a bright "explosion", pull back on the rubber tail and release quickly!

DIY Confetti Popper

To make another version of the DIY holiday cracker, you will also need a cardboard roll. In addition to it, prepare:

  • premade confetti or handmade. To do this, you can cut the rain, as described above, or use a figured hole punch and stamp confetti of any shape from colored sheets;
  • paper for wrapping needs soft, which is easily torn, for example, crepe paper. It can be successfully replaced with table paper napkins with suitable prints;
  • sharp scissors;
  • ribbon ties.

How to:

  • 1. Prepare confetti.

  • 2. Cardboard rollercut down the middle with scissors.

  • 3. To wind the tube, you will need a piece of crepe paper 2 times longer than the sleeve itself.

  • 4. Tie a wrapper on one side, sprinkle confetti inside, then tie on the other side in the same way.
  • 5. For cotton, pull the tails in different directions, while twisting the clapper a little. It is better to hold the toy higher so that the flight of confetti is more interesting and beautiful.

As a "filler" for a New Year's toy at home, you can use chopped crepe paper. To quickly get a large amount of confetti, fold the sheet like an accordion and make cuts - you will get long strips. Then “cut” these strips with scissors from one edge to make squares.

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Christmas glitter crackers

If you want some real holiday sparkle, we recommend making a glitter cracker. Just keep in mind that it’s better to blow it up on the street so that you don’t have to remove fine shiny dust from everywhere in the house for several days after the holiday.

So, you will need:

  • balloon,size and shape are not important. Please note that a foil ball will not work. Here the main condition is to fill the balloon with air so that it inflates;
  • funnel;
  • small sequins (glitters) - one or more colors;
  • toothpick.


  1. Insert the funnel into the ball, fall asleep through it sparkles inside.
  2. Inflate the balloon. Care must be taken here to avoid accidentally inhaling small particles.
  3. Tie a balloon.
  4. Poke with a toothpick and enjoy the sparkling "snowfall" of bright sparkles.

For another option, crafts will come in handy:

  • sleeve;
  • cardboard circle, slightly larger than the diameter of the sleeve;
  • color packaging;
  • glue;
  • big needle;
  • strong thick thread;
  • "filler" - confetti, sparkles, serpentine.

How to make a cracker with your own hands:

  1. We pierce the cardboard circle with a needle in the middle, leave one end of the thread free, glue the second.
  2. Gently glue the circle around the perimeter to the tube.
  3. Glue the bushing, fill it with “stuffing”.
  4. Make a cone out of paper, bury the open end of the tube with it.
  5. At the solemn moment we pull the string, the bottom comes off, the confetti spills out. Hooray!

By the way, you can easily make paper for Christmas crackers yourself. Children will be happy to participate in this process. Takeordinary office sheets and color it with suitable drawings. You can, for example, print the pattern you like on the printer and color it with bright felt-tip pens, pencils, paints, apply glitter glue.

The round bottom can be cut out of dense foamiran (foamed cardboard) in a contrasting color. Instead of a thread in this master class, a lace is used, tied with a knot on the inside. The bottom is glued to the sleeve with a hot glue gun.

In the same way, you can make crackers with your own hands from crepe paper:

  1. A bottom equal to the diameter of the sleeve is cut out of cardboard, pierced with a needle. From the outside, a large bead is put on the end of the thread, a toothpick is tied to the inside to fix it.
  2. The bottom is glued with crepe paper and glued to the sleeve. Please note that all protruding parts must be tightly wrapped with tape (see photo).
  3. The sides of the tube are closed with a colored wrapper, glued.
  4. Then the toy needs to be filled.
  5. Attach a strip of double-sided tape to the open end of the tube, then wrap with crepe paper.

Pull the string with the bead to activate the clapperboard.

Origami crackers and patterns for them

Who didn't make simple firecracker bombs in school days to scare the teacher or classmates! To celebrate the New Year, you can remember the forgotten skills and build such a firecracker. BUTthose who do not know how, the instructions below will come in handy for those.

Please note that the toy is made from a rectangular sheet of paper. A double sheet torn from a notebook was perfect for this purpose! You can take any paper, just keep in mind that the cracker can work several times, and for this it is better to take dense material and fold the toy exactly according to the drawing.

  1. So, at a rectangular sheet, bend the corners inward with a “house”.
  2. Bend in half.
  3. Fold the triangular edges in front of you.
  4. Then the resulting square must be folded in half so that the triangles remain outside. Iron the toy well to release all the air.
  5. Then grab the free end with one hand and shake well. A loud sound resembling a shot is evidence that you passed everything correctly! And by the way, they also went to school for a reason!

Here is another diagram of how to make an origami clapperboard for the New Year. In this example, the folding order is slightly changed, but the result is the same - a fun, loud holiday craft.

Video instructions

The final section contains detailed video tutorials. Looking at the picture, you can easily make a lot of interesting and diverse devices for calling on a festive night.

Make Christmas crackers with your own hands - with your children, friends, and maybe colleagues at lunchtime. May the New Year 2023 bebright and joyful!

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