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Christmas decoration at home is unthinkable without a smart Christmas tree. She attracts all eyes, beckons with her sparkling outfit, bright lights. In the New Year, I want everything in the house to sparkle, shine, shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. And there are not enough decorations on the forest beauty? Maybe add more? Yes, not simple, but created with their own hands, with warmth and care. Foamiran Christmas tree toys are made quickly and easily. So call all the household members, grab a good mood and winter inspiration. Let's start creating!

In the article you will find detailed descriptions and new ideas on how to make unique Christmas tree decorations from this malleable, plastic and pleasant to the touch material:

  • Magic Houses
  • 3D balloons, stars and Christmas trees
  • Christmas tree pendants in a ring
  • Candy
  • Easy flat crafts
  • Video Workshops

Magic houses are the best decoration!

Master class from Alesya Gor.

To make Christmas tree toys-houses, you will need:

  1. small ready-made balls with a loop. You can take already covered with glitter or paint it yourself in the required colors;
  2. foamirantone-on-tone or contrast;
  3. thick needle or awl to make holes;
  4. scissors or cutter;
  5. glue (Moment or hot glue gun);
  6. beads, beads, ribbons, other decorations.

Step by step instructions

  • 1. From glitter foamiran, you need to cut a rectangle measuring 10x4.5 cm. Bend in half, cut a “wave” along the edge with sharp scissors. This will be the "roof" of the house.

  • 2. A hole is made in the center with a needle, a rope from the ball is pulled through it. If there is no attachment, you can insert any suitable ribbon or thread.

  • 3. With a few drops of glue, the foamiran roof is fixed on the ball.

  • 4. A tight roll is twisted from a 10x2 cm rectangle.

  • 5. The edge is cut at an angle. The "pipe" is glued to the roof of the house.

  • 6. A “door” is cut out of a 2x3 cm rectangle. For an example, look at the photo.

  • 7. Next, you need a thin strip offoamiran, size 14.5x1 cm. One long edge is figuratively cut out.

  • 8. The door is glued to the center of the front of the craft, the strip is from the bottom.

  • 9. Then, if desired, you can add additional shiny elements. Glue beads, rhinestones, tinsel around the door and below.

  • 10. On the front of the house, you can place a star, snowflake, other decor.

  • 11. Ready! Hanging a toy on the Christmas tree!

By the way, at the link you will find a large number of New Year's houses of their cardboard for every taste!

3D balloons, stars and Christmas trees

Volumetric toys for the Christmas tree are made simply and quickly. So you can make a lot of the same type of decorations at once and decorate them not only with a New Year's beauty, but also hang them, for example, under the ceiling, like garlands, or in a window opening.

To speed up the process even more, it is worth cutting out one template that can be applied to the foamiran and outlined. Recall that it is impossible to draw on foamiran with a pencil or pen, it will be impossible to get rid of these traces. The contour can be applied with a toothpick or an empty rod from the pen, then cut with sharp scissors.

Master class from MARLENA-Hand Made.

You can trace any round object, for example,glass or cup. In this master class, the size of the ball is 6 cm. This is the average size of a Christmas tree toy. You can focus on the size of your Christmas tree: for a large tree and toys, you should do more. For a ball, the diameter is 8-12 cm.

  • 1. So, for one ball per Christmas tree, you need 10 parts of the same size. You can combine several colors, two or three, to make the Christmas craft more interesting and colorful.

2. All round foamiran blanks are bent in half and glued in pairs. Please note that you only need to glue the halves, alternating parts of different colors.

  • 3. The result should be a closed ball, the edges of which resemble the pages of an open book.

  • 4. A circle with a diameter of 2 cm is cut out for the suspension.

  • 5. A thick thread or rope is threaded into its center, a piece of ribbon of a suitable color, the end is tied with a large knot, for reliability it can be glued.

  • 6. A small circle with an eyelet is carefully glued to the center of the balloon (see photo).

  • 7. Along the edge, you can add tinsel or a fluffy silver or gold chenille brush.

  • 8. Volumetric decorations in the form of a Christmas tree and stars from foamiran are made according to the same principle.

  • 9. The hanging ribbon can be additionally decorated with a small bell or bead at the bottom. To do this, before gluing the last parts, the rope must be passed through the center of the toy, fixed with glue for strength.

Christmas tree pendants in a ring

Simple, but very effective Christmas tree toys can be made from thin colored strips of foamiran. They turn out to be very openwork and are suitable for decorating windows and walls. You can take any colors, the most expressive combinations are obtained from bright or dark shades and dazzling white. In addition, the white color will remind you of real snow outside the window, and the Christmas trees will turn out as if powdered with snow.

Master class from Victoria Kovalenko.


  • First you need to connect two strips of foamiran of different colors. It is optimal if one is with an adhesive layer. If this is not the case, do not worry, take any strong glue. The size of the strips is 30x1.5 cm.

  • 2. Bend the resulting two-layer strip so that the resulting accordion resembles the outline of a Christmas tree.

  • 3. The next stage is the manufacture of the suspension. You will need a piece of plastic Christmas tree garland or ribbon and a piece of foamiran 5.5x1 cm.

  • 4. The end of the tape is glued to the thin end of the strip, then the strip is tightly twisted, its edge is fixed with glue.

  • 5. The resulting "roll" with a flat end is glued to the "crown" of the Christmas tree.

6. Next is the ring. How two contrasting stripes are connected in the first paragraph.

  • 7. Then you need to act carefully and carefully.

  • 8. The Christmas tree is wrapped in a ring, its edges are fixed just above the top point of the Christmas tree (so that it can hang freely).

  • 9. It is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the workpiece. Cut the fastening tape to a length of 10 cm. Then wrap the end of the suspension with a strip of 5.5x1 cm to make a loop out of the tape.

  • 10. Optionally, you can add a bow with glitter to the foamiran craft or glue an asterisk, a bead.


Candy toys

What is the New Year without sweets. But let's take care of the figure, and the Christmas tree with sweets. Looks bright and elegant, and at the same time zerocalories!

To make beautiful and festive sweets from foamiran, you will need material of two or three colors.

How to:

  • 1. Strips of the same width are folded together and twisted to form a tight and tight circle. The edge of the circle can be additionally wrapped with a strip of foamiran. All edges must be glued together.

  • 2. To make a "wrapper" square 5x5 cm in size, you need to fold it with an accordion from one edge and fix these folds. Then glue 2 identical elements to the circle on both sides.

Connections can be masked and additionally decorated with:

  1. bows;
  2. beads;
  3. ribbons;
  4. snowflakes cut with a shaped hole punch.

By the way, these sweets can decorate a carnival headband.

Simple flat foamiran crafts

Simple crafts don't mean boring. Fantasy, inspiration, and "addition" of other New Year's elements, and here we have beautiful, bright, elegant and completely boring New Year's decorations.

The easiest way to make such crafts is to cut out two identical parts using a template. Decorate the front side additionally, tie a ribbon. Even kids can handle such crafts.

In the center, you can leave a "window" through which you can see, for example, colored inserts from the inside, or balls.

SuchNew Year's crafts can be made in the form of funny little animals, lollipops, familiar silhouettes:

  1. bell;
  2. mittens or felt boots;
  3. trees;
  4. houses
  5. much more.

This way you can create a whole gallery of Christmas decorations in the same style. And hang them not only on the Christmas tree. Let there be no empty place in the house where the smallest New Year's toy would not hang! You can decorate with flat products:

  • walls;
  • door;
  • children's furniture;
  • herringbone;
  • windows.

With such small light toys you can decorate a New Year's wreath or a table composition, make landing cards for guests at the table. Or place a small wish, a poem on the reverse side - and now a unique handmade postcard is ready. Guests will surely be delighted with such a small and warm gift.

Video Workshops

It will be even easier to create unusual toys for the Christmas tree using video tutorials. From foamiran, you can make jewelry of various shapes, sizes and colors. There are never too many Christmas decorations. In addition, the New Year's Eve is a great time to create new products, interesting, unusual crafts. Take note of the tips and master classes from the article, embody your own ideas, celebrate the holiday in your cozy, beautiful home. Happy New Year 2023!

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