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“If only you knew from what rubbish poetry grows…” These lines by Anna Akhmatova are filled with a special meaning, in fact, they can be paraphrased as follows: we sometimes do not notice that we ourselves can create beauty from what is nearby , at hand. In order not to go far: we throw away the cores of rolls of kitchen towels, toilet paper and adhesive tape - after all, they are garbage. But if they fall into skillful hands, then fabulous New Year's crafts from bushings are obtained, surprising with their festivity and extraordinaryness.

In this article:

  • Why is this good?
  • Wreaths, snowflakes and stars
  • Christmas tree
  • Toys
  • Figures
  • gift boxes
  • Crackers
  • Flashlight
  • Advent calendar
  • Memo for moms and dads

Why is this good?

A little about why it's worth stepping back from the usual approach to New Year's decor and paying attention to what we usually throw away. Cardboard tubes can be used to make fun, cute and original crafts that are warmer than industrial toys and decorations.

If you need motivation for this - here you arean incomplete list of the advantages of this activity.

  1. Sustainability. No matter what they say about the rapid decomposition of cardboard, only a fairy tale quickly affects, and the matter of returning cellulose to nature is actually not soon. You will relieve the environment of additional burden.
  2. Frugality. It has nothing to do with greed and stinginess. A diligent housewife manages to save extra money without denying herself the pleasures of life, one of which is a hobby with handicrafts.
  3. The opportunity to express yourself and show your imagination. A finished toy or decor is a thing that remains only to be used. Here you can also turn on your imagination and make a garland, a wreath, a figurine, a Christmas tree toy - and even the Christmas tree itself out of ordinary adhesive tape! And at the same time paint it in your favorite color, add any accessories, etc.
  4. Originality. In factories, jewelry is produced in millions of batches. What you do will be one of a kind. Author's work!
  5. Memory. In many years, you, your children or grandchildren, preparing for the New Year, will say: I remember this snowman from childhood.
  6. Joint activity with children. Even high school students will be captivated by the idea of such creativity together with their parents. It will be useful for smaller children to understand that you can do something with your own hands. Strengthen the family with joint creativity!
  7. Speed and simplicity. All crafts are born easily and quickly, the longest is the time until the glue dries.
  8. Utilitarian advantages: this decor does not break, does not break, weighs little, it can be easily movedanywhere in the room and easily attach to any surface.

Wreaths, snowflakes and stars

To make original decorations, you need to slightly squeeze the roller and cut it into equal circles (you will get geometric shapes resembling petals). Next, the main thing is glue and clothespins.

We choose the desired scheme or come up with our own, we begin to gradually assemble the entire structure, gluing first two petals, and then composing large parts from these parts. We squeeze each gluing with a clothespin, which we remove when the glue dries. The finished New Year's craft can be painted, treated with artificial frost from a spray can, dip the edges moistened with glue into a layer of small sequins.

Ribbons and bows, cones, paper flowers, small twigs treated with silver or gold paint, etc. are used for decoration. If the star is to be hung, we glue a thread loop of sufficient length, but if we need to put it, then we take another roller as a stand.

We choose the desired scheme or come up with our own, we begin to gradually assemble the entire structure, gluing first two petals, and then composing large parts from these parts. We squeeze each gluing with a clothespin, which we remove when the glue dries. The finished New Year's craft can be painted, treated with artificial frost from a spray can, dip the edges moistened with glue into a layer of small sequins.

Ribbons and bows, cones, paperflowers, small twigs treated with silver or gold paint, etc. If the star is to be hung, we glue a thread loop of sufficient length, but if we need to put it, then we take another roller as a stand.

Snowflakes and stars

Christmas tree

Instead of buying a green tree every year, you can make original and interesting Christmas trees from cardboard sleeves.

Small trees

A lot of funny round plump trees made of paper towel bushings will decorate your home and bring a lot of positive emotions. Needles can be depicted with paper ribbons cut at the ends, fabric draped skirts. Branches cut from the tube itself (for this you need to make triangular cuts and bend them outward) can also be decorated with something, stick cotton, sequins, sequins. For a stylized craft, a thread of fluffy rain is taken and glued onto a green-painted tube in a spiral.

Big tree

If you collect empty bushings for a whole year, you getA wonderful handmade Christmas tree. It is assembled according to the principle of a pyramid: first they make up the bottom layer, gluing the side surfaces of the tubes (we use the same clothespins so that the glue grabs). Then we place a glued row on top, where there is one less detail - and so on to the very top, which can be decorated with a star, also made from a roller. Such a Christmas tree can be painted, decorated with a garland and rain and moved from place to place.

Another option is to fold the Christmas tree from large wide bushings from adhesive tape. And then in each such circle you can put something from the New Year theme: a Christmas tree toy, a cone, a large candy or a small toy - a gnome, a forest man, an angel, a soft animal. This craft can be floor or wall.


Boundless field of action for children - making a variety of Christmas decorations. You can give them creative ideas, but usually the youngest generation gushes with ideas. In addition, a child is always more interested in the transformation of an object than the utilitarian functions of an already finished product. Therefore, do not be surprised that sometimes a beautiful toy car stands in the corner, and the son, with a satisfied look, drags a shoe box around the apartment by a string.

A car for the Christmas tree and for playing can be made by pasting the roller with bright paper and attaching four wheels on the sides, the circles for which we cut off from the same cardboard tube. It can be a truck, a fire engine (wrapped in red), a milk truck, even a racing car.In the same way, a train with trailers is made.

A cute owl is obtained from a vertically placed sleeve, you just need to paint it or paste it over with paper. Glue the eyes and beak, and you're done!

An unusual forest house will turn out from a wide sleeve from towels: for the roof, you can tie a small strip of gathered fabric with a ribbon and place it on top, and decorate the walls themselves in any way, fabrics, paper, paints, felt-tip pens and sequins will come in handy.


A new look at the New Year's decor - the manufacture of bushings of a variety of figures, people and animals, birds and fabulous creatures. Even Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden can appear after a roll of kitchen towels is used.

The easiest way is to draw a picture on a cardboard tube and cover it with something. Painting crafts can and should be entrusted to children: believe me, you will not see such Christmas decorations anywhere else. It is best to use felt-tip pens of various thicknesses and multi-colored markers for this.

The top can be crowned with hats of various styles - from hats made from a piece of faux fur to tiny hats crocheted in five minutes. Hair from rain or a knitted bundle of woolen threads is also suitable (for female characters, they can be braided).

You can decorate such figures with patchwork clothes, ribbons,tiny beads.

Christmas angels are especially elegant, draped with white cloth or paper, decorated with beads and fluff. The material for the wings will tell your imagination.

If you set out to make a little animal out of a cardboard roller, you need to take care of the paws and ears (for some, horns). Animals are interesting in that the child will color the craft, trying to achieve believability.

Boxes forgifts

Christmas crafts from bushings are an opportunity to decorate all corners of the apartment in an original way: decorations can be hung not only on a Christmas tree or walls, but also placed on window sills and window glass, placed on a festive table or used as tiny toy containers for real sweets:

  • kegs;
  • baskets;
  • bucket

and more.

Children's New Year's joys cannot be imagined without sweet gifts and other delicacies. To make the pleasure even greater, nuts, dragees, small sweets and the like can be poured into cylindrical containers made of cardboard sleeves sealed at the bottom. The material for such a bottom needs a dense one.

If it's a barrel, just wrap it over and fill it with something. We attach a twine handle to the bucket by threading it into the holes made or gluing it on the sides. For such crafts, the rollers need to be cut in half so that they are not too deep, and use a fabric for interior decoration, and make a handle from a cardboard circle cut in half, which we cut off from the same roller. Such a basket looks most beautiful with nuts, some of which can be wrapped in colored foil.


An indispensable attribute of the New Year holiday can be made independently, and in several forms. Consider the simplest.

A balloon popper.

Source material:

  • cardboard core of any paper roll(toilet, napkins);
  • small balloon;
  • Christmas foil rain;
  • bright colored wrapping paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

To stock up on perfectly safe noise toys for the New Year, set aside a few used paper cores for a cracker shell to be filled with glittery stuff.

We will not inflate the balloon, it is needed for something else: we tie the tip in a knot, and cut off the top to get a rubber bag of the desired length, which we put on a cardboard tube. We glue the entire product with wrapping paper or any other, colored and thin, leave the other end of the tube open.

Silver and other rain eventually loses its presentability, gets confused, torn. These old threads need to be collected in a bundle and finely cut. We fall asleep this shiny crumb in the middle of the cracker. The peculiarity of this product is that it must be stored in such a position that the foil does not spill out.

When it's time to pop - pull the tail of the ball, then release. The rain flies out, everyone is happy. It is better to do this not on the carpet, otherwise it will take a long time and difficult to clean.

Confetti Popper

An equally interesting idea for creativity is a craft made from a tube cut in half. For her we take:

  • cardboard roll left over from toilet paper;
  • pack of ready-made confetti;
  • crepe paper;
  • ribbons;
  • scissors.

Cut the roller in half, after which we measure out a piece of crepe paper, twice as long as our homemade cracker. If the roller is small, you can take a napkin with a pattern instead of paper. We wrap the folded halves, fold from one end like a candy wrapper, and tie with a ribbon. Inside we fall asleep the desired confetti and tie the second end. To make the confetti fall out, you just need to pull the cracker by the ends. You can add some rain and glitter to the filling.

Advent calendar

This New Year's attribute came to us from the West, where such a calendar is hung on the wall to count down the days until the holiday. Usually this is a funny craft or a purchased item in the form of a house, some kind of animal, tree, etc.

Hollow tubes from under towels or tape are quite suitable for an advent calendar. To get a nice stylized hut, you need to collect 31 rollers. We seal one open part with thin paper with a drawn date (from 1 to 31). We glue the rollers with the side surfaces so that we get some kind of decorative panel with numbers. From above we attach a roof from two strips of cardboard. Decorate - whatever your heart desires.

As soon as a new day comes, we joyfully pierce the paper with the number. The countdown to the New Year takes on a material shape!

Memo for moms and dads

Praise the children for their hard work (andclose your eyes for possible stains of paint and glue or spilled glitter). Each child will be very proud that he was able to make crafts for the New Year with his own hands. The main thing parents need to watch out for is safety while working:

  • no combustible or flammable materials;
  • scissors - only with rounded ends;
  • preferably do without needles and pins;
  • use ordinary glue with a brush for gluing, not a gun (this thing is extremely tempting for kids, they will probably try to glue something else).

Child-made New Year's crafts from bushings - no matter how they look - should definitely take their place among the rest of the decorations.

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