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With the advent of the New Year, I want to give the house an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. After all, even if you do not decorate the Christmas tree, small decorations placed on tables or shelves will still create a festive atmosphere.

If you have shelves, great. Now interior trends are such that everything that can be closed and hidden inside is closed. On the one hand, this is convenient: when there are no open surfaces, less dust collects at home. Yes, and you have to wipe open shelves almost 10 times more often. However, the shelves allow you to add important accents to the interior, creating the mood of a particular event.

Decorating shelves for the New Year is easy enough. But to do it concisely, beautifully and stylishly, without overloading the interior with decor, is not an easy task. Therefore, we have collected successful interior solutions so that you can be inspired and come up with something of your own, suitable for your living room, room, TV shelf or kitchen.

Decorate the shelves in the kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the house, one way or another, each member of the family spends time there, so you can pay special attention to it. You can decorate the shelves in the kitchen not only with the help of figurines and Christmas trees, but also with New Year's dishes. Moreover,you can pick it up in those shades that are in harmony with the entire interior.

How to decorate a shelf with dishes

How to decorate a rustic shelf

In the kitchen there is a place for small garlands and stickers in the form of snowflakes. Only it is better to hang the garland so that it does not interfere with cooking.

Shelf decor in Scandinavian style

A festive and laconic effect can be achieved simply by placing Christmas tree branches in enameled buckets. This technique is especially suitable for Scandinavian-style interiors.

New Year's corner

Provence style shelf decoration

How to decorate the living room shelves for Christmas

Often, to celebrate the New Year, guests gather not in the kitchen, but in the living room. Garlands, candles, Christmas decorations and balls will become your helpers in decor.

You can hang a garland in a cabinet with glass shelves. It looks very cozy!

The bottom shelf of a coffee or portable table can be decorated with gift boxes (fake or real).

Here are some amazing ideas with IKEA paper toys.


Fireplaces are quite rare in apartments and private houses, but if you are a happy owner of a fireplace, then you definitely need to pay attention to its decor, because it occupies a central place in the interior of the room.

mantel decoration

How to decorate the shelves in the bedroom: New Year's dreams about a dream

Agree, it's so nice to fall asleep or wake up when it's not the gray sky outside the window, but the warm lights of the garlands. Therefore, by decorating the shelves in the bedroom, you will create an additional touch of warmth and comfort in the house.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own unique DIY decor!

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