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Class hour is a universal event that mainly performs educational tasks. But the teacher can make this hour not official, but exciting. Especially when it comes to holidays. The class hour for the New Year 2023 should be organized in such a way that it is interesting for both younger grades and older children. It should include competitions, competitions for dexterity and ingenuity, various quests and other tasks so beloved by children, the purpose of which is not only to give children the opportunity to show their abilities, but also to enjoy participating in a mass event.

How to prepare for the New Year's homeroom?

The teacher and his student assistants need to prepare a classroom or other room for a full classroom hour:

  1. move tables and chairs against the walls to make room if motor competitions and dancing are expected;
  2. bring, arrange and spread out the necessary equipment and handouts (stands, bag, box, basket, paper, pencils, etc.);
  3. for musical accompaniment, you need playback equipment or a laptop with the right tracks, all thisinstalls and connects the teacher;
  4. if possible, decorate the room according to the New Year theme (glue snowflakes, put a small synthetic Christmas tree, etc.), students can do this in advance.

Holding New Year's quests and contests involves not only completing the task itself, but also the final reward (team or single, depending on the competition) in accordance with the selected scoring system.

To make progress more visual, it is better not to write a table on a blackboard or a large sheet of paper: for each point you can put a pine cone, painted with golden paint, or the same walnut in a basket or bowl. This will make the atmosphere more festive. You can use colored balls or Christmas balls for this, or candies or other small prizes.

Important! All equipment and handouts must be safe for contestants - for example, balls that will be used to score points must be unbreakable. Now a lot of Christmas decorations are made from unbreakable materials.

At the end of the class hour, everyone will have a sweet table, which is prepared at the discretion of the class teacher. This is tea and some sweets (cookies, sweets, cake, etc.). For tea drinking you will need a kettle, enough dishes, paper napkins and a tablecloth.

How are contests run?

All contests can be divided into several types:

  • intelligent;
  • physical;
  • creative;
  • quests.

Competitions can be group and individual.

Intellectuals are offered to solve riddles and show their ingenuity and knowledge in every possible way. Agility competitions include throwing paper balls into a basket for accuracy, and the ability to remember a target on a piece of paper and hit it with your eyes closed, and simply arm wrestling and much more.

For creative competitions you need to be able to sing, dance, draw, compose poems and stories.

Quests are a team task that combines various genres and requires the efforts and coordination of a group of children, self-organization and the ability to solve problems.

Competitions should be rotated so that children do not get tired of the same topics. Between various tasks and quests, the teacher can make small information breaks, during which he tells the students interesting facts about the New Year. For example:

  • when the beginning of the year is celebrated in different countries, and what year according to their chronology;
  • what are the signs of different nations - what to do under the New Year's clock;
  • which city in Russia celebrates the New Year first and where the holiday comes last.

Follow this link you will find questions that you can use:

  • Christmas quiz for elementary grades
  • New Year's quiz for grades 5,6,7
  • Christmas quiz for older students

You can involve students in such pauses by giving them texts in advance that they will tell. For the class hour for the New Year 2023 -year of the Rabbit - stories about the eastern calendar and twelve animals representing it will be appropriate (if there are no tasks on this topic in the competitions).

Competitions for New Year's Homeroom

This is an approximate list of competitions that can be taken as a basis, modified and supplemented.

Find a couple

Before the class hour, postcards or just color pictures on the New Year theme are cut along a wavy or other winding line (they must be made of thick paper). All these halves are put into a bag or box, from where everyone pulls one at a time. Then you should find the one who has the missing half. The first found pair gets 3 points, the second gets 2 points and the third gets 1 point.

Find the balls

The class is divided into three teams, each gets the same list of clues indicating the place where Christmas balls are hidden (the total number of them is known in advance). For example, a quote from Pushkin's poem suggests that the ball is not far from his portrait in the classroom, etc.

You can build such a quest and according to the good old rule "hot, even hotter". One team hides 2-3 balls, which are then searched for by one representative of the opposing team. When the seeker approaches the place where the ball is hidden, the observing team shouts: "Hot!", And when he moves away - "Cold!" Then the teams switch places.

Dance like…

Wishing to show their choreographic talents, they approach the same bag or box and draw lots from there, on which different animals are indicated (for example, the same 12representatives of the Chinese calendar). After that, the dancer needs to be shown how a tiger (rabbit, snake, pig, monkey, etc.) dances to the music that starts to sound. In this competition, each participant receives 1 point, then these points are added to the team standings. To make the competition more spectacular and comical, it is important to choose the music: it will be very funny for a monkey to dance to the dance of little swans or a pig to tango.

Walk like…

Here, the participants will need the talent of reincarnation - to show the gait of a character. Each participant receives 1 point.

Those who wish draw out cards with tasks, after which they need to show:

  • a warehouse guard in severe frost;
  • Michael Jackson;
  • seller of balloons;
  • cat walking through puddles;
  • girl in very high heels;
  • sleuth following human;
  • Charlie Chaplin;
  • duck hurrying to cross the road in front of the car;
  • woman with heavy bags;
  • man on ice.

All this can be changed and supplemented.

A pear is hanging - you need to eat!

A fruit (3 pieces) is hung on a stretched rope or string and three participants from each team go out to eat it as quickly as possible without the help of hands. Winner - 3 points, second place - 2 points, third - 1 point.

Hold the orange

A participant from each team puts an orange on his head and he needs to walk (or run) from the starting line as quickly as possibleto the finish line without dropping the fruit. Rewarding - as in the previous competition.

Guess Santa Claus

Knowing the names of Santa Clauses in different countries is required.

Teams are given cards with the names of New Year's grandfathers, now they need to correctly find the one that indicates their homeland among the cards hanging on the wall.

The team that completes the task first wins.

Put a tail on the fox

A fox is depicted on three large sheets, it lacks a tail. Such a tail made of faux fur with a pin at the end must be stuck into the image - only this must be done blindfolded. One person from the team comes out, first they examine the drawing, then they blindfold them, twist them around their axis several times - now you can pin the tail. The one who is the most accurate wins. But it will be funny anyway.

Letter to Santa Claus

Each team is given a large scroll of clean paper, on which they need to write a letter to Santa Claus in poetic form and decorate it with New Year's drawings. It will be fair if all participants receive the same number of points for their work.

Congratulations for the gift

Each team is given an object, the most unexpected - for example, a carnation, a clothespin, a baby rattle, a dumbbell, etc. You need to arrange this item as a gift (each team has a set of materials - wrapping paper, tape, scissors, glue, etc.) and compose a congratulation text.

It needs to explain what it isthe item really and what magical power is hidden in it, and why this is the best gift for the New Year.

Movies with a New Year story

You need to remember the names of the films that take place on New Year's Eve. Any are suitable - old and new, domestic films and foreign ones. The winner is the one who remembers the most films.

Draw the symbol of the year

Teams are given a large sheet of paper on which they need to draw the symbol of the New Year 2023 - the Rabbit. You need to meet the given time and try to make the rabbit funny and funny. You can additionally come up with a condition: the rabbit must sit in an armchair and read a newspaper, water flowers in a flower bed, treat children with carrots, etc. Participants are awarded an equal number of participation points.

Christmas song

Each team must sing a song about the New Year in chorus. It can be either a performance without accompaniment of any song, or a karaoke of the selected song with a printed text - it all depends on the conditions of the competition and technical capabilities. All are awarded.

In the New Year's forest

Assignment: to figure out what to take with you to the New Year's forest. Each team composes a story about what needs to be taken to celebrate the New Year in the forest, and draws on a large sheet of all those items that need to be taken. The story begins like this: I put a bunch of bagels in my bag - I will need them in the New Year's forest so that … And so everything is told. The one with the most interesting bag and interesting stories wins.

Guess the animal

Members fromteams draw cards with the name of the animal and they need to depict it in front of everyone so that the rest guess. You can’t make sounds: everyone understands that a pig can grunt, so the one who shows the camel will be in a losing position. The one who guesses the fastest wins. The winner gets 3 points, second place - 2 points, third place - 1 point.

Find the hare

Three toy bunnies are hidden in the classroom. Sheets of paper with letters are attached to the board, which should form the name of the place where the toy is hidden, but the order of the letters is mixed up. To find a hare, you need to correctly collect the word.

Playing a song

A New Year's song is taken - for example, "A Christmas tree was born in the forest." The team is given cards on which the names of all the characters are written - a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a furry horse, a hare, a wolf and even a snowstorm. And now you need to perform a scene in faces to the music. For other teams, songs are also selected - “It's cold for a little Christmas tree in winter”, “Tell me, Snow Maiden, where have you been” and others.

I believe-I don't believe

A contest that can be considered a pause after quests. Teams need to listen to the teacher's questions and answer "I believe" or "I don't believe". For the correct answer - 1 point. Questions can be very diverse, but certainly related to the New Year, its celebration and New Year's customs.


  • New Year in Russia began to be celebrated on January 1 under Peter the Great (yes).
  • Snegurochka is Father Frost's daughter (no, she is his granddaughter).

Ends cool tea for Newyear 2023 sweet table with tea. In addition to sweets, you can treat yourself to fruits - what a holiday without tangerines and an orange.

If the event is held on the last day of school, before the start of the New Year holidays, junior classes can receive sweet gifts (they are discussed with parents the day before).

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